Confirmation of the level of existing games 2017-18gg players.

Sunday 26 February, 2017

According to the rules of training in the Academy of Leela, all existing players,

must undergo an annual verification of the level.

Our development can only go in one direction (up or down). There are times in the game of ups - the so-called boom mercy Consciousness that lift us up and during recessions, when passions snake lowered us down.

The level of the game player is not assigned once and for all.

It must confirm that it is not every year, but every day, every minute of the game.

During the verification of the level of the game player can be upgraded to the level of the game, remain unchanged or fall.

During the verification of 2017, tests will be given to the player, which will be evaluated its compliance with the game level.

For existing players Leela Academy, verification will take place during the period from 1 January to 8 March 2017.

If a player does not pass verification in this period, the previously obtained level is lowered to the level FINDER.

Registration for the event is open from January 1:

Confirmation of the level of existing games 2017-18gg players.

More specifically, information about the game sublevels (Hunter * Warrior * Missionary * * Formless player), you'll learn in the process of verification.

Be very attentive to all his actions. As long as you feel like a man - you collect all the consequences of their acts, even the most insignificant!
Therefore, be attentive to your thoughts, speeches and actions of the body.
Behind every movement in consciousness you are responsible!
Many listening to the truth of the higher teachings fall into irrationality, creating chaos in their lives. When life ends, the soul enters the abode of misery, reaping the fruits of his actions, caused by dark ignorance.
Many of the higher teaching of listening, go this way, since the absolute conception of life mixed with the behavior, committing evil deeds.
Do not create hell with his own hands!
Everything is an illusion, you say? Everything is a dream, you say?
Still hungry for pleasure and avoiding pain, subject to fears, not controlling your mind, attached to the property and money of pathetic how dare you speak of illusions ?!
Your idea of ​​the illusion itself is an illusion. Karma does not sleep, and like a predator goes after you, repeating, multiplying and returning to you your deeds.
While there is the size of a hair identification, be humble like the sand under your feet, and do good.
While there is a subconscious desire - discipline yourself, practice detachment (vairagya) and discrimination (Viveka)!
As long as there is the slightest idea of ​​himself, dropping to the feet of the Guru and do according to His instructions.
Do not overestimate your opinion! Do not underestimate their behavior!
You run to death, but live like you're immortal king of the gods, received the blessing of Brahma.
While samadhi is not recognized in the waking, dream, dreaming, and deep sleep - consider yourself a beginner in yoga!
While past trends have power over you - consider yourself a beginner in yoga!
While you are exposed to even the slightest fear or desire - consider yourself a beginner in yoga!
As long as your attention wanders uncontrollably - consider yourself a beginner in yoga!
Retaining balance views and behavior, you will manage to subdue their pride and izbegnesh pitfalls on the spiritual path.



The Leela.



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