The game is always a challenge FORCE or impossible possible!

Monday 03 April, 2017

Education Academy in Leela is the main goal, to accompany the students to the status of "Liberation".

This status is checked very simply:

Emotions, thoughts, feelings (which compose any state) can not affect the player. It is firmly established in the Knowledge (Dare), which allows it to be immune to the entire time.

Level Hunter.

Education in Leela Academy begins with a training track down most of these states, which capture students and in fact, are the cause of mental suffering, which is the belief in their reality, feel attracted to one states and aversion to others, thus becoming involved in the ongoing struggle for a sense of comfort, a false idea: "I know how things should be."

Learning the basics of tracking yourself - is the key to a successful game on the formless levels of players, so the essence of the game at this level is reduced to track down all sorts of absolutely all states and disidentification with them.

Level Warrior.

Once you have learned the basics of tracking, you will notice that the basis of all the states that bring suffering to the mind, are destructive emotions (resentment, guilt, shame, fear, shame, anger).

There comes a stage where you not only as a hunter tracked down their prey: a destructive condition, but also have to join the fight for power and change their perception of reality (the assemblage point), to see the world not as much as you would like it to be, and so he there is. To do this you need to learn multiple ways of transformation that the Academy Lila studied at and hunter and warrior.

At the level of the Warrior * A player must learn all the ways of transformation and clearly and accurately learn the three practices of the Warrior:

The recapitulation of life stories (transformation)
Equipment not-doing

These three practices constitute the gaming activity of student Lila Academy during the day. Such a system of practices performed continuously, leads to the fact that the student is a daily hunt for power and battle for the possession of her.

Force is the knowledge that the player gets as a result of the transformation and awareness, improvement of which is the consequence of this continuous play.

As a result of the game is a constant transformation of the Player.

When the Warrior * Learn the basic practices of the system and learned to play it in everyday life, for it become relevant such jokes force, which he can devote all his time and Hunt tussle for the Force.

There comes a time when the Warrior * realizes that his personal power is never enough to the events of life to prevail over the destructive conditions and reactions of the mind (attraction and repulsion), and it makes him look more powerful ways of accumulating personal power and once he realizes a willingness totally immersed in the hunt and fight for power.

So he prevraschetsya ** in Warrior, which is clearly for himself realizes that to substantially increase personal power, you need privacy and the continuous practice of the Hunt at her transformation.

The Academy Lila has created a playing field, a center for individual retreats "Samadhi", where the level of Warrior ** players can perfectly immersed in a process of increasing personal power (Mindfulness).

Gradually, a continuous game leads to the fact that the Warrior ** opens more and more blind spots and once he sees that his degree of awareness has increased so much that he can claim the power to participate in even more vigorous force drawing where With impeccable, he will have special conditions, in order to erase its history of life (past), through repeated, conscious of its experience in the practice of recapitulation.

When the past is erased, there is only the present, only the force that is awareness.

This is the period when a player becomes a warrior *** and is able consciously to sink a 10 day retreats "Samadhi".

It must be said that neither hunters nor warriors and warriors * ** do not have personal power, the degree of awareness to play a joke. The ability to play such long-intensive drawings is a long-term process of transformation of consciousness and the transformation of the player.

Once the player is exploring all the ways of his resistance, he clearly knows all the tricks of the mind how to argue with reality. He is determined to stop this resistance and is already able to devote the morning and evening to practice not mennee 60 minutes.

This is the time when you can qualify for a new draw-out forces to the level of the missionaries.

With Missionary level are opportunities to participate in longer retreats from 21 days or more, participate in the gaming journey.

For this purpose, the construction of the retreat center, "Nirvana" is already running at Leela Academy.

All players need to understand that learning Leela Academy is built on amounts payable personal power. You should already have the power to (a certain degree of awareness), to qualify for a new frontier forces.

For personal power, before it becomes a force that relates your maturing as a person. You must turn from a human victim in person who takes responsibility for all your actions.

Moreover, the mature person is a person that implements given to him by God the talents and implements them every day in the workplace.

Each player, gradually gaining the level of personal power, gaining freedom from social conditioning and finds it is this freedom does not escape from the society in the so-called safe spiritual world, and through its own transformation and transfiguration, as a result of which, to replace fear and mistrust, the player finds the force, which ensures its freedom from the conditioning by society, which, in turn, in general, is also a kind of freedom is not generated by the conditioned mind.

Since 2017, all students of the Academy of Lila after Passed Verification will be sent to participate in the conductor appropriate to the level of personal power draws.

For example players who have mastered the practice of the Warrior *, you must participate in the retreats "Dive into yourself", which are both a test. If a player passes easily draw this power and is able to for three days to work flawlessly, it has matured to the Warrior *** means.

Players who have mastered level Hunter and Warrior * * - *** is very important to periodically participate in the Skype-retreats, as it will allow to identify blind spots, pass difficult areas in the subconscious and continue to build personal strength and that is important: to implement it in their daily lives .

The player who understood the system of training in the Academy of Lila and uses it to full volume, can progress very confident, demonstrating its continuous dynamics of the game to increase personal power (ie consciousness).

We released a little time to travel in this body, and challenges faced by the player Leela Academy truly great.

And the need to have time until the body young and strong, to accumulate so much personal power that once this force precisely directed conductor, to release the player from the ignorance of maya, and he is fully awake.


Let's play!

The Leela.



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