Treatment of vegetative-vascular dystonia (Individual consultations with Rama).

Thursday 19 October, 2017

Continuation of the article Vegeto-Vascular Dystonia or failure of compensation of the nervous system.

Continuation of the article Vegeto-Vascular Dystonia or failure of compensation of the nervous system.
For successful treatment of vegetative-vascular dystonia, it is highly recommended to modify the lifestyle:

  • Daily meditations (morning and evening).
  • The mode of work and rest,
  • Welcome to playing sports in the game mode, but not in a professional,
  • Swimming, running, aerobics, fitness, contrast showers, outdoor activities, healthy eating,
  • Sleep 8 hours a day,

But most importantly,

to understand how the disruption of compensatory activity of the autonomic nervous system occurred and how a person maintains such a pathological condition.

  •  Remember, all of the above modifications of the way of life will be vain, against the backdrop of the continuing cause of the failure of compensation. Precisely because the true reason for the disruption of compensation and its support is generally not established at all, the disease has

prolonged course, perhaps for years (decades), with periods of remission and exacerbations, leading subsequently to real destructive organic changes in organs.

In the causes of the disease, only an "experienced" psychotherapist can help a person understand.

Psychological correction will require a certain time, since the causes of failure of the compensatory activity of the autonomic nervous system in humans are always quite stable and strong,


the person himself without understanding this, defends these ways of reacting his psyche to certain life situations, considering them correct and fair,

but only an "experienced" psychotherapist,

can show him that the cause of vegetative-vascular dystonia are their own destructural forms of response to the patient's life.

  •  As a rule, the true causes of such destructive reactions are hidden deep in the subconscious of the person and from there, the cause leads to a destructive attack on the life of man.

For a patient with vegeto-vascular dystonia, it is important to translate this unconscious cause to a level of awareness and the most important question that must be solved is, it's strange not that

  •  "how can I clear all the symptoms and cure the disease,"
  •  but in "how do I see that I myself actively create these symptoms and disease" and stop doing it.

    Be healthy!



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