ॐ Before ॐ or afterword to the autumn retreat.

Wednesday 09 October, 2019

Last weekend, Vladivostok hosted the final retreat of this full-time meeting with Rama.
The main theme of the retreat concerned the transpersonal level of Consciousness, when a person is no longer identified only with the body and personality, but has not yet been identified with the true essence of himself.

For many of us, being in the human body is the result of the decision taken on the eons ago to be present on Earth at a very important moment for it. And part of the decision so long ago was the agreement to test during this period everything that is necessary to solve the task that is now facing you.

At the beginning of the cycle of reincarnations, you agreed in each new life to receive a certain lesson in order to prepare for this, the most important incarnation.

in one life you learned to sacrifice,
in the other - to be true,
in the third - to communicate with people, and so on.

So you got all the necessary lessons and studied all areas of human experience.

Then you made the decision to return to Earth again and in this life all aspects of your being have already been touched - spiritual, creative, emotional and so on. Probably, many of you think that in this incarnation you have already lived not one but several difficult lives.

Now, in this physical incarnation, it is time for you to concentrate, to gather together all the threads of the past and through one powerful effort to unravel them.

Then you can reconnect with the vision, because of which you decided to go to Earth.
Many of us tirelessly work on ourselves to heal the wounds received in the past.

Sometimes we feel pain and despair when these wounds open again and again. It seems to us that the struggle will never end. It's like riding a train somewhere in the mountains: as soon as the train leaves the dark tunnel, dazzling daylight bursts through the window, but your eyes do not have time to get used to it, as the train drives into the next tunnel and everything again plunges into darkness .

Do not despair!

Remember that you are waiting for something very important, a task that can not be solved in a few days.
With each tunnel you are a little higher, slightly closer to the top of the human spirit.

Think also about the fact that these tunnels are the safest parts of the path, and the darker they are, the better, because only in absolute darkness you are alone with God and rely only on it.
After all, if there is even the slightest gleam in the darkness, you immediately rush to him in the hope of finding a way out.

Just think how much energy you could save if you did not writhe in pain and did not rush into futile efforts to understand what was happening, but simply fell into the loving embrace of God as you sink into a warm bath or favorite chair after a hard day.
You are disappointed and doubtful when you see people around you who do not seem to be working on themselves, but nevertheless easily reach all that you so persistently, but vainly strive for.

Their life seems so easy compared to yours. But do not puzzle over this mystery. You do not get what you want, not because injustice prevails in the world.

In fact, you can have everything you want, just on the level of the Higher Self, you have chosen the path in which all your needs satisfy the Divine Law, and not the power of your will.

!! Just do not confuse the spiritual path with the path of self-healing, which by its nature is more psychological and does not always give you what you want, because it affects the mind and heart only to the small extent necessary for healing the wounds of the soul.

The path of self-healing is the preparation of the soil, the removal of weeds and stones. When the soil is prepared, you sow seeds into it and take care of the shoots to get a plentiful harvest.

This is the spiritual path, and the harvest for which you work is your self-realization, which will bring you satisfaction of all your needs, although perhaps not all desires.

You have to go through the spiritual path yourself - no person and no book can help you.

Of course, there will be moments and even whole periods in your life when you are tired of fighting and want to live like everyone else. But even in these hard times of despair and doubt, you will gradually approach the goal. Even if it seems to you that your efforts do not bring any results, God sees that you are trying your best.

Never condemn or blame yourself, and never give up.

Just look in your heart and find there the intention from which your journey began - it will give you courage and optimism.
And, of course, do not forget to congratulate yourself on the fact that time has been chosen so well, not only for the embodiment in the physical body, but for everything that you have already accomplished and do in this life.
Believe that everything in your life will happen and manifest at the right time.
Do not doubt that God is never late, but resign yourself to the fact that He never comes too soon.

Imagine a spring garden.

  • Warm sun rays awaken the earth, all the living things in it.
    Soon, the first shoots appear on the surface, but growth begins deep in the soil, in pitch darkness.
  • After the seed awakens, a sprout emerges from it, which makes its way in the dark, but somehow always knows the right direction.
    Then comes this magical moment, when the germ breaks through the soil and comes out into the light.
    Now he not only sees the sun to which he has been dragging all this time, but also discovers that he is not alone, that there are other sprouts around him that have traveled the same way in darkness.
  • But this is not the end of the road, for now it must grow stronger and learn to resist the wind.
    And only when he is strong enough to cope with any element, a bud will appear, and then a flower.

    Your journey, which began at the moment when you moved from the spiritual world to the physical body, like the journey of this sprout.
  • Growth in darkness is a time when you did not yet know why you were on Earth and where you are going; at best, you only vaguely realized what kind of power is driving you forward.

    You felt lonely and special, although you did not know why, And you could not even imagine that somewhere else there were others - the same as you. And then came the moment of truth - you first met with something or someone spiritual. You saw the light and thought: "The end of the road! Here I am at home! "You met others, they looked like you and did the same thing.

And suddenly you realized that you are not at home yet, that your pain has not disappeared, that the journey to the sun brings you new trials and misfortunes. And for many of you this journey continues.

Never doubt that the moment of flowering - that is, self-realization, full disclosure of your potential - is approaching and sooner or later it will necessarily come, for how can a flower not open to the warmth of the sun's rays?

You do not need to know when this moment will come, for blossoming always comes at a time that God has appointed.
Nobody can promise you that you will not feel the pain, but the bud, in order to turn into a beautiful flower, you need to break the shell that protects it.

Whisk away the web of illusions, throw away the masks and forget the fear, otherwise you will not be able to show your beauty and fulfill your destiny, you can not endow the world with the fragrance of your soul ...
Having adjusted in this way, the players, having overcome the instinct of self-preservation, boldly and with full confidence entered the zone of the deepest fears and discovered their illusion, advanced in self-consciousness of themselves as that which can not be affected either by thoughts, emotions, or sensations.

About how the retreat took place, it is better to tell these words, from the song of the awakened Before:

  • Before you enter into a situation and try to solve it, find in it God and his Divine Game, try to see it through the eyes of a saint, through the eyes of a jnani (jnani is both the highest and the witness, he is both being and awareness) or, at the extreme (sadhu) is called ascetics, saints and yogis who no longer aspire to the realization of the three goals of the life of Hinduism: kama (sensual pleasures), arthi (material development) and even dharma (duty). And then any situation will be favorable.

Прежде чем общаться с другим человеком, поищи, найди и обнаружь в нем Бога, или, по крайней мере, его божественную душу. И тогда общение будет чистым и благим.

Before manifesting yourself outside, find, discover, sense, feel in yourself God or, at least, your Divine soul. And then the manifestation will always be favorable.

Before you think, find the one who thinks. And then the thought will be in your power, and you will be able to think about any things of the world

Before you look, see who is looking. And what I was looking for will appear. Before fulfilling the desire, find the One who is detached and independent, enjoys all the desires of the world. And then the desire will not have power over you and will not hurt you.

Before you think about anything, look for and discover the One who is the source of all intentions. Then it will come true.

Song of the awakened.



The Leela.



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