The essence of the starry soul. (3/3)

Saturday 03 February, 2018

Our path lies from the depths of dark matter to the light of the stars. The matter of the Earth is inert, unyielding, it misses few spiritual rays. Our star souls, clothed in dense bodies, plunged literally into darkness, into the swamp of semi-animal existence, when the issues of physical survival, sustenance and mating become pervasive.

For beings of a light, spiritual nature, like most cosmic souls, on the earth, the infernal conditions of life are simply unbearable. The body and physical needs are like fetters that do not allow the perfect soul to breathe a full breast, depriving it of the freedom of creativity. Every day of our earthly life we ​​have to endure great inconveniences in tight shells, not intended for our nature. Of course, each of us volunteered for such a sacrifice. And now, after centuries of work, the hour has come when the Creator calls all the guests to return Home. It's time for us to return to our native worlds.

What are we really like? Let us reject all the hardships of material existence and try to realize our true essence. Who are we? How do we look? Than live? The essence of the star soul that has come into the dense world of the Earth is light and creativity. Of course, we all came to Earth in light bodies. However, we could not come to this world in the star luminous shells, because for the earthlings they are radioactive! When there is too much fire and light, fire and blinding are obtained. But when we take in hand a torch or a lamp, it illuminates the way in the darkness. So say my Teachers - the ancient wise men of distant stars.

That's why each of us was forced to lower his vibrations and enter this world as an ordinary person, so as not to shock and not push the inhabitants of the Earth with his dazzling radiance. And in order to understand how earthly people live, we were forced to hide most of our creative talents in order to penetrate the earthly mentality, otherwise we could not join the society to provide the necessary assistance.

We are beings of light and fire. This light and the fire of a stellar nature, but different levels of vibrations, of varying intensity, of different colors. Today, thanks to our centuries-old work in the world of matter, humanity has a chance to find light bodies similar to our starry ones. This is a great happiness for us. People of the Earth, having passed through the purifying Fire, will find their first bodies of light, which will greatly accelerate the world evolution. This is happening now. Starry souls and people of the Earth are awakened synchronously, assimilating the waves of cosmic Fire. Zemlyan assimilation of stellar rays is given more heavily, but still the process is on.

Cosmic souls in dense bodies exist much more difficult, because these bodies are alien to us by nature. But when we return to our native worlds, these hardships will disappear. Why is awakening so difficult? Why do we often experience uncomfortable conditions that affect our mood and physical well-being?

The soul's exit into the open Cosmos is like putting the rocket into orbit. In the beginning, when we take the first steps, trying to tear ourselves away from the Earth, the force of attraction prevents each of our movements, the consciousness does not obey, constantly recoiling to the comfort zone of the usual earthly life. This inertia of the earthly body and astral structures belonging to the subtle world of the Earth prevents our mind from gaining freedom of action.

Therefore, there is a situation where you seem to know that you need to work out yourself, but you do not want to. Suddenly, there is laziness, fatigue, a desire to distract yourself and not think about anything. There are excuses like "I'll start tomorrow," "I can not, I need to find a group," and the group is never found. The earthly part of the personality finds a lot of reasons, only to prevent the awakening of the Spirit. But awakening occurs only with hard work on oneself, through struggle with one's weaknesses and vices, through self-transcendence and asceticism. Through this self-overcoming, but only physically, every cosmonaut goes into orbit. And we overcome the gravitational force of the surface layers of the Astral. This layer can not be avoided without effort, only if Teacher does not help you in this. If a person does not want to consciously work on himself, in the form of an additional stimulus there is a disease or other serious trouble that makes you change the habitual rhythm of life and adjust to new vibrations.

Now, what do you need to overcome the power of inertia of the mind and the habit of everyday thinking?

Here you can not do without willpower. We turn on will power and literally force ourselves to engage in useful practices. It can be reading, creativity, meditation with visualization, singing mantras, etc. Of course, without a theoretical basis, you can not go far, for an unprepared person is easy to lead from the path of Truth, having instilled false values ​​into him, substituting Good for evil in his unripe consciousness.

Therefore, first of all you need to learn, read the scriptures, teach, meditate and meditate on incomprehensible phrases. This is the experience of our ancestors, which consisted for centuries. This is the legacy of our predecessors, who took care of us, leaving us with their wisdom and instruction, how to act properly in this or that life situation. This is a great help and can not be ignored. Now everything is given for a person to draw knowledge, work on himself and wake up. The main obstacle is laziness and apathy, but they can be overcome.

Just imagine an astronaut, flattened in the cabin of the ship, he has NO BACK. Overloads will not disappear only according to your desire. They must be overcome and endured. But then you will experience the bliss of NEVOSOMOSTI. That's what you need to think about when it seems that it's too hard :-)

Difficulties of understanding the Star Souls on Earth.

The conditions of existence for man on Earth are complicated by the difference in vibrations between representatives of different evolutionary rays. Not all of them are compatible with each other, because before this space mission each of us lived in his own world and was not closely acquainted with the traditions and beliefs of his distant stellar neighbors.

And now, having lost the memory of the Spirit, people from different worlds, meeting in terrestrial reality, argue with each other, whose faith is more correct, whose evolutionary path is true.

If the beliefs of your fellow are different from your own, it is only because you are representatives of different, far apart starry worlds, and the vibrations of your souls do not match. This is normal, because the rainbow has more than one color, but seven. Remember that each of us is unique, unique and not obliged to change our faith and the way of spiritual development, only if it does not lead to disastrous consequences. A degrading individual you must save and pull out of the swamp of illusions, but do not press on a soberly thinking and spiritually advancing person.

On Earth, aliens learn to respect each other's opinions, enrich their experience with new knowledge that was not previously available on their home planets, teach each other. This is a positive moment of the joint existence of different cosmic civilizations within one small world. The main thing in any relationship is love, mutual respect, tolerance for each other, warmth and participation in the affairs of others.

The most difficult thing is to find a common language for representatives of polar vibrations - red and violet evolutionary rays. Therefore, one should not seek understanding from a person who simply is not able to understand you by nature. Do not forcefully attract and continue the relationship, if they did not evolve from the beginning. It will be better and more beneficial for development if everyone finds their own circle of communication, close to the ideological spirit and the vibrations of the soul.

Daria Sibirskaya




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