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What rudraksha?

Rudraksha - plant Elaeocarpus ganitrus (Latin name).

Its fruits are used to make beads, beads, amulets and charms.

Products made of Rudraksha are worn around the neck, wrists, ankles, waist.

Rosary beads of rudraksha are considered sacred. 


Reading them gives mantras and prayers is the highest result.

The word "Rudraksha" has two roots, "Rudra" and "Aksha" or "aaksha."

Rudra - one of the names of Lord Shiva. Aksha - eyes. Aaksha - tear.

Hence Rudraksha is translated as the eye of Shiva and Shiva's tears.

There are several legends about the origin of the tree rudraksha.

Deity Shiva - creator of Rudraksha. Shiva is all powerful and is present in every atom. His consciousness pervades the entire universe. He controls the cycle of birth and death. Shiva - creator of the language, art, dance, music, yoga and the ancient healing science - Ayurveda.    

 In the first legend, Shiva practiced austerities for thousands and thousands of years and was in deep samadhi. When his term of meditation came to an end, he opened his eyes, giving the accumulated energy for the benefit of the whole world. A few tears rolled from the eyes of Shiva and fell to the ground. These tears have turned into a tree rudraksha. It is the fruit of Rudraksha seeds are used as a sacred talisman of Shiva.

 The second legend tells that once Siva saw the suffering of the people wept. Tears he fell to the ground and turned into a tree rudraksha. It is believed that these trees grew where the tears dripped Shiva when he was aware of the suffering of living beings.

 The third legend is told in the Padma Purana.

It was in Crete-south (in the Hindu mythology, the first of the four periods of human development, "golden" age).

There on the ground and became the demon Tripura it is absolutely invincible, received this gift from Brahma himself. He terrorized the people and the gods, driving them off their land. Humans and gods had nothing to counter the accumulated power of the demon. The gods went to Brahma, but he sent them to Siva, saying that only the great god-destroyer will be able to overcome the terrible demon.

Shiva pulled his unbeaten bow and arrow killed the demon Tripura. From the applied force, a drop of sweat on his body. These droplets fall to the ground and sprouted Rudraksha tree.

 Fourth legend says that aaksha - this is not the tears of Shiva pity for living beings, the tears of a long trataka when Shiva gaze burned some of the city.



Rudraksha and its value.

In Hindu iconography, Shiva is often depicted with beads Rudraksha on the neck and arms, and the tree itself Saivites compared with the "Wish Tree", which gives knowledge, devotion, mystical forces, and health and promotes the implementation of all earthly desires: to achieve happiness, wealth, peace, comfort and good reputation. Shaivites believe that the man who wears Rudraksha gets to "reward" (or "pulls") the religious knowledge and wisdom, long life and a special blessing of Shiva.

Rudraksha medicine

Rudraksha is used in traditional Indian medicine: According to Ayurveda, wearing necklaces, beads and bracelet on the body good for the heart and nervous system, reduces stress, anxiety, depression, pain, pressure and improves concentration, protects against "evil eye", the negative impact and obstruction by some planets. Wearing Rudraksha slows aging.

Rudraksha beads work on different levels: physical, emotional, planetary, karmic.

Rudraksha protects a person, and that belief comes from the ancient times. 



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