Giri Pradakshan. Retreat in Thira 2018 (3rd edition).

Sunday 04 March, 2018

By the time this article was published, the second week of the retreat in Tiruvannamalai had gone.

And the players have already passed Giri Pradakshanu, bypassing Mount Arunachala during the full moon.

Usually, on the day preceding each full moon, pilgrims go around the temple and the hills of Annamalai in worship called Girivalam, a practice that takes up to one million pilgrims a year. The value of Girivalam (Bypass). The way around Arunachala is 14 kilometers.

History says that even today on the mountain dwell siddhi. The time of each full moon is favorable for the performance of "Girilvalam" which is of great benefit. This is because during the full moon active movement of the siddhas, and the whole atmosphere will be filled with the aromas of medicinal plants. This will give peace and good health to the body. Every day of the full moon hundreds of thousands of devotees go around the hill to get all the benefits, praying to Lord Annamalaiyar.

Sri Ramana Maharshi once explained the meaning of this word pradakshina and how this should be done with the help of a devotee: "Letter"

  • Pra "means the removal of all sins;
  • "yes" means fulfilling desires;
  • "Kshi" means freedom from future births;
  •   "on" stands for giving deliverance through jnana

If you go by Pradakshin, one step gives happiness in this world, two steps, gives happiness in heaven, three steps, gives bliss to Satyaloka, which can be achieved.

  • You have to go around either in mouna (silence) or dhyana (meditation) or japa (repetition of the name of the Lord) or sankeertana (bhajan) and, consequently, think of God all the time.
  • It is necessary to go slowly, like a woman who is in the Ninth month of pregnancy. "

Passing with Rama, in the day several times fine tuning, on their game, the retreat participants continue to play in the style of total surrender of the intellect before reality with all its manifestations such as it is.

It is noteworthy that the right practice and to results leads by all means. So one of the players on the eve of Pradakshana felt pain in the ankle joint and flowed away. Naturally, the campaign of this participant around the mountain was questioned, since the journey was 14 km. But having clearly understood the psychosomatic reason for the manifestation of this symptom, and accurately doing the inner work, the player went through Pradakshan on an equal footing with everyone, and the next day he was discharged on his leg and the symptom practically disappeared ...

During the day, players also find time to practice spoken English. So, after a story in English about what players are eating for breakfast, Rama learned the ration of the players.

Since the retreat was declared as an additional tool to increase the sattwic guna - a mono-raw diet (mostly fruit), the players had to follow the sincere practice of English :),

  • do doneshin and courageously part with the delicacies brought, giving out chocolate, cheese, coffee, bread - to local people who gladly accepted these gifts.

Also, the ayurvedic Shirodhara massage session was introduced into the retreat program.

In combination with a retreat program in which players are in continuous meditation both at rest and in motion, this procedure allows a deep relaxation of that part of the intellect that is always tuned to criticize reality and reject it as it is.

All players during the retreat undergo certain tests that translate the game of each participant from the theoretical listener to practical testing and demonstration of knowledge in practice.

But we will not talk about these tests ...

Players are eagerly preparing for a meeting with Sri Bhagavat and very soon Rama and the players will continue the retreat in the Shri Bhagavat Ashram, where the theme of "Enlightenment" will be clearly highlighted in front of each player.

Well, the grace of consciousness manifested itself in the reality of the players' playing fields and they were in the right place at the right time.

And our next broadcast will take place from the Sri Bhagavat Ashram.


PLAY :)).



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