The difference of psychogenetic analysis from the simple Genetic.

Monday 10 June, 2019

On the first channel, in the broadcast of Elena Malysheva "Live Healthily", famous people: actors, singers, give saliva for analysis, in order to undergo a genetic examination.

Yes, modern medicine using DNA, the epithelium of the cells of the cheek region, can determine

  • Where are you from? Your genes will tell about it. Where did your ancestors live?
  • About his past and about what awaits in the future. What diseases do you have a predisposition for, and which ones, most likely, do not threaten you?

Having looked at several programs, you will notice that the ancient past is similar in many of us. So the analysis of genes shows that the origins of mankind originate in Africa (many thousands of years ago) and then people spread around the globe.
Let's note, what is the difference between the Psychogenetic Analysis and the simple genetic analysis?

The main difference is that Genetic analysis reveals the presence of genes (both good and bad), while psychogenetic analysis reveals the psychological or psychological manifestation of such genes that are fixed in a person in a certain behavior, thinking and emotional response and so like genes, such forms of mental activity are transmitted from generation to generation.

So, for example, in one of the programs, one of the subjects (Larisa Verbitskaya) did not have a gene for early graying.

That is, in this example we can say that genetics explains why some people turn gray early, and others late, because some people have this gene, others do not.

That's all that genetic analysis does.

Psychogenetic analysis goes deeper:
He explains that the gene of early gray hair, fixed in the genotype of this genus through selection of many generations and a certain psychological vulnerability, stress of instability, was fixed by such manifestation-attribute (early gray hair).
If at a psychological level to disassemble a person with early gray hair, we find that such people are more prone to stress, they are more vulnerable, but like everyone, they try not to show the mind.
The stress energy in this case must somehow be realized and the psyche in this hereditary genotype has found the most convenient way to cope with stress - it's early gray.

Thus, with the help of Psychogenetics, by analyzing the genogram and psyche of a given person, we can understand how it can respond constructively to stress, so that the energy of stress, lived naturally, and not through the conditioning of the psychic reaction associated with early gray hair (that is, the essence of the early death of hair) ...

And there are a lot of such bonds, when the psyche finds destructive forms of adaptation (alcoholism, obesity, vegetative-vascular and neurocirculatory dystonia, hypertension, diabetes, etc., etc.) in order to cope with stress. )

And we must clearly understand that all so-called bad genes are associated with destructive behavior, and psychological reactions that allow an individual to survive, but WHAT PRICE? The price is usually a DISEASE (body compensation).

And only a ray of awareness and reasonableness, can free a person from such genetic bondage, which in another way can be called genetic robotism.

Before the on-site seminar Psychogenetics, there is very little time left and you have the opportunity to get on it and get this knowledge, to learn how to conduct a psycho-genetic analysis of your genogram.

Having learned at this seminar, you can see your good as well as bad genes and understand their psychological function.

With the help of special tools that you will learn at the seminar, you can be freed from genetic robotism and be free from the conditionality of negative past experience and take from your past only what is useful for your life Now.

Well, those who live far from Vladivostok and Nakhodka can be trained in Psychogenetics through the Remote Game "Psychogenetics".

Play it!
Everyone wants to be happy, but someone will want to, and someone will!



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