Service. Mandala Sangha Oasis of Awakening.

Friday 16 August, 2019

Each figure in this mandala holds the right palm turned up in a sign of acceptance, and the left one - turned down in a sign of bestowal.
The whole circle creates a huge energy field, which takes the form of a double Dorje - Tibetan symbol of lightning.

Dorje (Tibetan language) / Vajra (Sanskrit) - means the spiritual power of indestructible inspiration that illuminates the illusions of the world. It is a symbol of order, the masculine principle and eternity.
In conjunction with the bell, it is an enlightened mind whose note is the sound of eternity, perceived by a pure spirit within the whole universe. It is also a diamond, an instrument of knowledge, an instrument of the Word, of the intellect.

Vajra is closely associated with the symbolism of the diamond (in connection with its purity and inviolability) and the creative-destructive force of lightning.
In the structure of the vajra, cosmic symbolism can also be traced: its handle represents the world axis, stretched between Heaven and Earth, represented by two similar ends of the vajra.

In a general sense, they symbolize the inviolable firmness, the steadfastness of spiritual power, compassionate wisdom, the spiritual power of enlightenment, and also a person whom nothing can "limit" or disturb. Suppresses all evil desires and passions, is indestructible, but capable of destroying everything, even the unbreakable.
Basic values:

  • the divine power of teaching, transcendental truth and enlightenment;
  • male active force in connection with the female passive principle - the bell;
  • double (cross) - balance, harmony and power.

Together with the bell: personify

  • method and wisdom;
  • activities based on compassion;
  • ultimate bliss;
The mandala of the Oasis of Awakening has a quality similar to the quality of the energy field that is formed around the Buddha.
When all the people taking part in the circle make a unique contribution to the creation of a single life's whole.

It is like a flower, the wholeness of which is even more beautiful than the sum of its parts, and at the same time the wholeness increases the beauty of each individual petal.
Each participant of the Sangha, together with other people, has the opportunity to contribute to the creation of something greater and more beautiful than either of us could do alone. The participation of everyone will not only enrich himself, but will also add something precious to the whole.

The Buddha is an absolutely enlightened, omniscient being who has reached the spiritual summits in a natural way through the development of the mind and heart in the long sequence of birth (samsara).
The main of these summits are Enlightenment (Bodhi) and Consolation (Nirvana), which signify the ultimate Liberation (Moksha) and the attainment of the highest goal of spiritual aspirations.

Sangha is a community of equals, a community of bearers and custodians of Knowledge and Mastery, who, from generation to generation, follow the path of the Buddha.



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