Release 5. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018.

Friday 22 June, 2018

The same forces act
On the saint and the sinner
Good and Evil are fighting for them,
As for the souls of all people,
No matter how many of them are on Earth.
Which of them will win?
The choice is yours.
(Paulo Coelho).

When everything is constantly changing, we need to be constantly on the alert, "do not fall asleep."
Now quantum physics says that without a constant change the universe will simply collapse.
Have you noticed how many people resist and are afraid of changes - our status quo? With the first hint of change, we feel the tension - the very essence
But in the end we adapt to new conditions; relax and begin to feel comfortable and then again everything changes, and we are again kicked out of the saddle.
The player in all changes sees the Source hand.
This is just another opportunity to say: "Namaste" an infinite Lila of existence.
On how players play in the Spring-Summer Remote game, read in this bulletin:

  • I worked all day at the dacha. They joked, laughed and my sister did not like my statements about fertilizers, herbs and the fact that I sowed them. Then I did not know that he had an unpleasant message. My son's son-in-law said that it's time to throw out my computer, that what I do is hurting me. There was a mockery and irritation in his voice. I did not expect such words from him. And my reaction was unexpected for me. I reacted. And she said: "Yes you have gone!" Relationship with his son and so difficult and here he is still joking. I decided not to talk to him anymore and went to water the beds. This was the first time I talked with my son-in-law. And protection, I said that I will not go to the garden anymore, let them do without me. I followed my feelings: I did not have any guilt, and most importantly there was no condemnation of myself, which I did not discreetly and rudely answer. I was just angry and even more so, it was unexpected: his gentle treatment to me and then he asked for forgiveness. Here I saw the game of Consciousness. I was angry and was by myself, I did not try to be right and good.
  • I persuaded my son not to call until the gauger on the windows, but to go to the firm and look at all the options offered. And she offered her glazing façade, he agreed. But the son did not take me with him, before that we were everywhere together. I run after him, I tell him, and he does not even turn around. She returned home, her head swollen, tight in the chest, tension. Abandonment. On the body I note what I feel, about the game of Consciousness I completely forgot. She began to roar. Also has understood, that I shall not cease to cringe. I do not want and I will not. Such determination, that, something must be done, up to the fact that for the time to live in my mother's apartment when my son came home. I declare that if he needs an apartment, then I do his part for him and see him no more, or I do not want to hear. I was hysterical. I was so determined that he said one phrase for the whole evening: why are you going crazy? My sister said she would not let me go, but I did not care. But from that day on, relations with him have changed. The next day we looked at the websites together on the Internet and looked for the best option. He also carps, but became much calmer. Thank you for this game Consciousness, thank you for directing me all the time. And I need every experience, a character.
  • Heaviness in the occiput and pressure in the eyes. Feelings: resentment of the son and discontent with himself: so she raised her son. Frontal - occipital seizure. What am I afraid of? They decided to glaze the balcony, and the son himself decided to order, without even asking how I want to do it and did not look on the Internet, from what materials will be better. There was panic, heaviness in the back of the head. My head stopped to think. Answer: I take responsibility for myself: I will be able to convince him to choose the right option and quality and money. And I decide questions about the level of admission. A new belief: everything is going well, like everything in recent times. Confidence in the game of Consciousness.
  • Unpleasant sensations in the head: the back of the head - heaviness in the bridge of nose, squeezing, intensity of pain - 3, 4 points. Feelings: I feel ashamed. Fear of humiliation and betrayal. Event: The husband at work, where I work, and where I arranged it too, begins to sue the enterprise. For me, such a shock and shame that I do not know where I can get to. And also I blame myself, I knew that in the previous work he was also tried. He begins to sue, not caring at all about the consequences for me, and I treasure work, children need to be raised. It was very embarrassing to go to work. The husband sued 2 years. He was recounted a salary. He was restored. He began to demand a ticket to the resort, which greatly angered the authorities. He was fired under article. Fear of abandonment. Fear of loneliness. Money, he already spent only on himself. A sense of shame of disappointment, a fear of betrayal, and persuasion; how it can be loved after this and that I can no longer forgive him. Totally live. I began to blame him for all my misfortunes. Also became a victim. Accumulated so much anger and was unhappy and grumbling. The old hatred, ossified appeared in the form of acute pain in the thigh with intensity - 7 points. Carried out the transformation by reducing the brightness of the paintings, making them dull, and the method of dissolution. The pain decreased to 2 points. Categoricity decreases, and the attitude towards her husband changes for the better.
  • The husband again went to bed separately, the daughter asks: one I sleep or with the daddy. I say one thing, usually in such cases I covered my husband that he would come now, so that the children would think that everything was fine. I was scared to admit that my husband rejects me, now I'm talking easily without hiding that my father wanted to sleep without my mother, maybe this is the case with me too, the daughter asked: can I sleep with you, I refused to protect myself from rejection by my husband and continued to observe what I feel when I do not accept and rejects the husband. I am honest before myself, I do not lie to my daughter, that everything is fine and I am calm. I say how I am, without defending myself, I do not come to illusion, idyll of relations, but I come to reality of being and I have Love and respect for myself.
  • Unpleasant sensation, from the fact that S. sleeps separately, discomfort is not a desire to go to work ... I'm tuning to the breath and the body of thought is being taken away ... fear ... In the body, unpleasant pressure, in the chest .... depression ... nothing I do not want, especially I can not hear humiliation from S., it manifests itself in different ways, or he ignores everything about what I would not ask, does not talk. In working moments from this, I have no inspiration to sell, offer, advertise, there is no incentive to develop at all. Enthusiasm and excitement disappears to improve and be better in the market for sale, and in the evening he drinks and rudely leads himself to a daughter or me. I breathe ... I go out on the fear of meaninglessness, if I'm left alone there is no sense in this work, I can not keep the cafe myself. conviction can not be built so that the learning ability of people was at the level of demand for products and turnover. I worked for a long time in the kitchen and in the hall, now knowing all the processes in the kitchen, I confidently do the sales because I know the whole internal process, confidently advertise in social. networks, competently answer people for questions and even respond to negative posts correctly and bring people to know about Italian cuisine. I go into a trance ... meditation ... no fears ... no convictions ... while I hear the birds on the street through the open window, I feel the body, I am ... the alarm clock ... practice was free.
  • Today record, to me on a haircut has registered V. which was not 3 months. Honestly, this time I thought it would be the first and last time. a woman is harmful. But my task was to show, what I see, what she needs hair care and the shape of the hairstyle. She was satisfied, she had to give her more time. But today, remembering this, I adjusted the time and did not get carried away with conversations, but simply did a good job and briefly gave recommendations. After work, I felt a surge of energy and energy from the work done, despite the fact that the client in itself is heavy and requires a lot of attention. I was satisfied with the work and myself.
    M. came to make an order and asked about cooperation, he was a couple of days ago, I thought about this proposal and understood if I sign a contract with him and then I can not keep it because of the discord with S. it will definitely be a complete failure, to me I need to make it so that it's comfortable for me and M. I remember on what terms I'm cooperating with the agency of the children's holiday, they also asked for something else, but I did so, I suggested as for everyone ... here is our menu on the website, we have a fast delivery, you can leave us an order on the site or by phone ... M. in principle, was satisfied with my proposal, and most importantly, I remained in harmony with myself, suggesting at the moment the most relevant option without promises.
  • End of the working day, I think the cashier. There was a clear understanding that I hide from S. where I spend money, thinking that I am doing honestly towards everyone, not counting that this is a lie or stealing money from the total capital! But is it? No, it's not, I have to lie, say that I'm taking on some things, or cosmetics. And I can even count the expenses of S. on his hobbies, for example, he can spend thousands of five a month on alcohol. And compensate yourself the same amount under the pretext: Well, I do not drink alcohol. Then I allow myself to just take everything, with thoughts; and if I were addicted to alcohol, I would waste it. And I do not consider such a fraud of money for dishonesty, theft or lies? But is it really so? Today it came to me, yet it came to me that I was stealing ... I'm doing it quietly without explaining anything to anyone. Although if the money was in power, my husband ... I would have to explain, ask, and again lie. on trips he does not approve of allocating money ... What kind of compensation I have calculated ... if S. spends money incorrectly, but this is in my understanding, then I can resolutely take myself the same amount and even more. But why? Compensation of love ..., yes, I remember how my father came home late drunk, I so wanted to walk with him around the city or go somewhere, and he did not need it and what I did, I steal money from him. was then calm, like a father happy with friends and fun, and I'm happy with the money that I stole. Of course my parents burned me and my parents later were scared to take it. And after reading on the site do not do what you have to hide! For me this expression turned out to be a strong shock of awareness in terms of money, I want to take money freely, knowing my own worth and confidence that a man can give me money for everything that I want. And even on what he does not want to give. I saw and realized, I recognized not a perfect self, as a woman.
  • Two days ago there was a failure when paying for the subway. I was wrong, I attached the wrong card-travel. Money was written off from the card, but it was not credited to the subway. I suffered losses, as I thought. In the morning, today checked my bank account: well, exactly, $ 1.75 is written off. With some kind of humility, I looked at this figure: "Yes, losses do happen. Yes, I still live the heritage of my grandfathers. " In the evening: I'm going back by metro. It is necessary to pay the fare. I apply a travel card, ha, and I without additional withdrawals from the bank account, credited this $ 1.75 on the travel card. Class! I did not know that it happens)))).
  • Invented a bunch of reasons not to call an ophthalmologist. Thought: It's hard: you have to find an insurance phone first, then call and find out an insurance plan, then find a doctor who takes this plan, and finally, make an appointment with a doctor ... I track fear of failure, as well as fear of "authority". The doctor is associated with me with the state. bodies, although here it is definitely not so .... Has spent two weeks on all this process, in parallel still having got on inspection to the therapist (and having handed over analyzes of a blood) without which did not give phone - the insurance company to the ophthalmologist. And finally, the cherished "prescription" for the glasses in my hands. Hooray! I take it without looking (my eyes have not seen well after the examination). So well, no-doing ... fear lived ... Even refused to take an immediate decision on the choice of points (plus me). I go, I remember all this process of actions and sincerely perplexed. What was I so afraid of when I put off the exam for two years ago knowing that I would be sent for glasses ... And the fear was strong. Fear of authority, life and uncertainty. And now, pshik ... emptiness ... a soap bubble burst. The next day I open the "order" - and ha! It's not in my name. It seems that there is a lot of actions, but there is no result. I live meaninglessness and very humiliation. I'll have to call the doctor again. And this is just the weekend. I called on the working day. They sent me my "appointment", ordered glasses near the house and at a much lower price. And the mistress of the eyeglass shop was very emotional, with the desire to help as much as possible, rechecked even the doctor's record, saying: "they often make mistakes." Ha, ha! In general, you could just go to this store ... I was also afraid to go all these two years ... and order glasses ... Although plus from visiting an ophthalmologist alone - the doctor's conclusion and confidence: my eyes are healthy. In addition to the clarity of vision))). A wonderful and instructive rally! Everything was simple, easy ... no experience ...))) Haha!
  • For the first time I feel sincere joy (and not a feeling of indifference or indifference) from sudden reservation. Although this booking violates all my plans for tomorrow, since the guest should meet. First reaction, cancel your plans. I see the feeling of the victim straight. I feel an obvious inner call: I must follow my plans for tomorrow, NEVER for a reservation. I'm looking for an exit I agree with my friend that she will meet the guest. In practice, I monitor the state of the body and feelings: the brain in the light and the relaxation of the brain at the cell level. In the nape of relaxation and warmth, the movement of energy. Gratitude G. and light from G., as a blessing. Permission to be successful and rich. Straightly deeply lets go, relaxes.
  • P. comes into the room and with anger, starts to reproach me and says that I became insolent. I did not expect such treatment and such irritation, before that we agreed that I am doing my own business and he is not against it. Rejection. Shock. I begin to tell him that we are with you, we have agreed! I speak calmly, but my heart pounding. It hurt me a lot, I did not expect such a reaction from him to me. And then I realize that he was just as rude now as my father was when he was not happy with something. One on one. I was struck. I saw my father in it. Reaction: protection, I will not talk to him. Later, he approached and asked for forgiveness. I was not afraid to be weak and said that I did not expect such treatment from him and therefore I was very upset. I saw in myself a feeling of disappointment to them. I condemned him. He wounded my wound and the conviction that this is not how to behave. Watching my feelings, I was aware, watching my reaction and feelings. Interesting game turned out.
  • I worked in the garden, tried to keep attention in the moment Now, in the sensations of the movements of the body, on unpleasant sensations, on the breath. Calm inner filled me, rejoiced life. All the time I remembered that day: there is a game, I'm attentive, being cunning with Life.
  • The nurse calls and says: we are going to the country, after 20 minutes, will you be ready? I say, I will not be in time. My sister says: we will not wait. She is sick and a little annoyed. I'm beginning to say that there is a lot of work at the dacha and without me it will be difficult, but give me 10 minutes more. No, my sister says, I will not. Take no food, we will not be there for long. I know, at least 5 hours. So, an interesting game went. I'm beginning to convince her. He does not want to listen. I do not insist, I think, I'll stay at home. Okay, go without me. My sister puts the phone down. I think, well, let them. My sister calls again: Are you coming or not? I say yes, if you give 10 minutes. No, she replies. I smile to myself and say: okay. I want to go to the country. Quickly going and ... I'm 12 minutes late. They wait for me, my sister does not say anything. Well played. Observe, it was interesting.
  • We're coming from the dacha. I notice that her sister's husband is talking in a negative way, does not even notice that everything is not happy, no matter what the topic is, and people who are on the way. He starts a man to regret one, I say why should you feel sorry for him, that everything has a cause, and everyone gets his own. He does not hear me. So what's bothering me? That he does not even see how he thinks negatively. I suddenly understand, but I, too, am not happy with it at that moment, in his words. Stop. I leave the unconscious state. Now I just listen to him, it's his choice to say so, it does not affect me. I am in the presence, enjoy the trip. The brother-in-law pauses. So my choice is to be aware and accept his choice, so to speak and act. Inner peace.
  • In the garden my son answered me rudely, my sister was indignant, an argument arose. I played cunningly with Life, hardly interfering, just watching, but going into the house, smiling. At this point in time Consciousness was on my side. The truth is sometimes I put on the mask of an addicted person, inserting a few words of the victim, and then I watched. This game gave me pleasure. And even when the offended son left and did not eat, I did not have, as always pity empty. We choose, wear a mask or be ourselves, allowing everything to be.
  • At work, an emergency happened, and my work day was already running out. The chief called and asked me to stay at work. I felt anger, injustice, a lump in my chest, thoughts: I do not have to stay with them at work, humiliation is the fear of death. In general, came from me)). Although literally some time ago I walked so humble and then you instantly got a fill from me. This situation teaches humility.
  • At the level of the internal state throughout the whole week, sensations of awareness, all receptions, inner peace ... events, people are always the same as before, but I have an internal perception of everything that is happening from a new level, it's very interesting to be aware of myself and get acquainted with by myself in a new way, plunging into my own depth, the depth of Consciousness! Thank you !!!!!

When we try to curb love, it destroys us. But if we open our heart, the Higher Power comes to our aid ...
      Playing, Yahuu!



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