Release 6. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018.

Wednesday 27 June, 2018

You are mistaken if you think that it is worthwhile for you only to embark on the path of spiritual growth, as all your life will immediately be transformed.
In fact, everything happens like this. You are on one of the lower floors of a skyscraper. You are tired of being so low, so you sit in the elevator and press one of the last buttons. The elevator starts to move, and for a while you feel only movement, not knowing yet what you are closer to, earth or clouds. Then the door opens, you go out and find out that everything looks exactly the same as on the lower floor that you just left. You are disappointed, but it does not last long, until you come to the window. It will be enough for you to look once through the window to understand-you are a completely different kind before you!
At this level, you hardly want to look down at the stormy activities in the very center of which you once were. On the contrary, you will abandon everything that is under your feet, and look your way to the new horizons.
So, not your life should completely change, but only your attitude towards it. Look at the circumstances of your existence with other eyes and try to get rid of attachment to your old role ....
Well, but how the players played their roles in their drawings, now we find out:

  • Previously, I always observed a tendency to fall into despair when suddenly a wave of incomprehensible negative feelings and moods overwhelmed me, and now, thanks to the knowledge given to me at the Academy of Leela, I know that the mood is subject to the law of rhythm and that joy will invariably be replaced by sadness ... (My potential Gift, which has manifested itself now). It became much easier to live without my blind digging in myself !!! Now I * dig * deliberately and purposefully, taking any of my feelings and sensations as a given moment - here and now!
  • Has found out pressure (3 points), the block in the field of a breast at the left (sensation). Feeling-resentment, loneliness, rejection, sadness, disappointment, discouragement. Thought I do not like, I'm not worthy of love. The event is the first love (betrayal). Calibration - the mass is light, jelly-like 5 cm in the chest. She let all the feelings be, watched them ... when breathing, the mass began to decrease, narrowed to a point, then a fountain, water, spray splashed from the point ... a white glowing, rotating lotus appeared. The state of ease, joy, freedom, love and no matter they love me or not ... Life is wise, merciful and with every lesson given me Consciousness, I'm learning to love, to love unconditionally !!!
  • The situation in life on a pause (time is short, still need to have time to eat) ran for bread, turn (squeezing in the chest), a sense of disappointment. Took the situation (ease in the chest). The seller began to cut my bread, and he cut himself not exactly, the seller began to get nervous, I was calm, the body relaxed sense of good nature, sympathy towards the seller, a sense of empathy ... told her that I would take the bread as is. the feeling of joy and peace in the body is lightness and a sense of hunger.
  • I'm going to work. In the metro I approach the escalator, it is broken, I rise high ... sensation-tension in my head and knee, feeling of resistance to unwillingness to walk ... The hunter knows that nothing is permanent except for changes! "Especially because this escalator, quite often And I got a wonderful opportunity to hone the rules of the Hunter's code! The Spirit's strength rose, I remembered Teacher's instructions about playfulness
  • The daughter persists in the opposite direction from the park. Annoyance is a thought: she does not listen to me. Fear of rejection. Family heritage, rejection from P. Helplessness at the thought of a brother. I can not help you. Sadness. It is better not to meddle, it will come out sideways. P. also. With these two drawings, I continue to work in practice through a trance state. P. Love for her son, DP, was depressed by the fear of losing support in the family. She was ashamed of her son. And she blamed herself, feeling ashamed that she had given birth to this. Family support was very important. It was a matter of survival. Her father married her. He was a tough person. Authoritarian. He was born in captivity, his father was serf. And his father experienced constant humiliation from the master. Cattle and stuff. I am insignificance. And a great desire to get recognition; rehabilitation of my self). His father was driven from somewhere. Taken prisoner. And he became a serf (sold as a slave to power). Loss of freedom (loss of self). Soulful breakdown. Therefore, his son, too, developed this insignificance and the desire for recognition. Like P. also. Before P. family held on to each other. So they survived. After betrayal and murder - stay away from relatives. The support in them has already been lost. Although the desire of the grandfathers to admit remained. D.P. went against all foundations. (His mother accepted him only a little when the war began, and she knew about his exploits.) And found support in the state. As in the family. Having lost the support of the family. Replacing it. Therefore, his offspring (that is, I) have detachment from the clan and still resentment of the clan, as punishment. Body: herpes. When working, the recoil in the muscles of the head under the skull. An eructation in the goal and as if the pieces of the passage of the respiratory tract were released, out of the five chakras came out. New: be proud of the success of the whole child, rejoice at his success. All recognition, all power of the kind is in you. Filling strength. Respect and tribute to the recognition and acceptance of ancestors.
  • A sudden call from the former teacher of her daughter. The teacher invites me to some business opportunity, so I start earning. Out of respect I agree. But then I analyze: most likely this mlm, I'll go far and late, I have to go with my daughter, which is not convenient ... and it's inconvenient not to go. Here I consider this inconvenience. And I understand that I strive to live up to expectations and be good, so that they accept me (hello, P.-P.-Papa). And then there comes an official invitation from her ... I take the decision to act as I am comfortable. Refuse. And I feel good and free and this feeling is respect for myself.
  • I am grateful to life for the Oasis of Awakening, for the Orthodox Church. I am grateful for my parents and for my son. Grateful for life. I am grateful for feelings and emotions. Grateful for the beautiful nature. I am grateful to life for existence itself. I am grateful for the feelings, emotions that I can be aware of. Grateful for the opportunity to communicate with people. I am grateful for the work. Thank you for the sun, the sea, the sky, the beauty of nature. Thank you for the opportunity to feel love. Life teaches me not to grumble, not to be always contented, but on the contrary to thank Life for everything.
  • My husband's sister came to visit us for a few days. They remembered their mother K. Baba, my mother-in-law, who was known in the district of the doctor - the Narodniks, but who also owned "black magic". With her, I used to associate only negative memories - quarrels, losses - fear of death. Now I have bright memories - examples of her help to people whom doctors could not help, how much she really did to me. On the physical plane and for my awakening. She, in one or two sessions, somehow cured hopeless patients. Possessed a unique gift. I realize that Baba K., whom my character has condemned for her "dark and bright" traits of character and ability, is also me. And there is no one's fault for this role of the characters. Everything was done by Consciousness. It's all a dream. I am self-awareness. I let the feelings of sadness and joy flow. I'm watching everything that's happening. I'm not affected.
  • A friend called. He asks to come help her with a new phone - she does not know how to handle - she is already over eighty. She lives next door, and I agreed to come to her. At first, the thought flashed through her that she would whine and somehow negatively affect me. Stop! Who is afraid of suffering? Who will please or upset? From whom do I want to protect myself? I realized that I almost fell asleep, having identified with a false image of myself. Who am I? There is no one. Thoughts, character, emotions are not I. It helped. A friend began to thank me and fuss - how could I repay? She took out a black sweater and began to stretch it to me. I said I have everything, I do not need anything. I went home. It's all a dream. Wake up! No this friend, my character is not either. I am self-awareness. I watch from the level of unaffectedness.
  • The tick was bitten. Snapped impudently into the body, when I enjoyed the collection of honeysuckle under the bushes. Yes, it happens. Sprinkled with advice from her daughter, links from the Internet. She pulled out the tick. To check it for damage did not. I accept everything as it is. If the body is destined to suffer because of this, then it is so necessary. There are no fears. Yes, that's why they are ticks to dig into. No impudence and injustice. The one who I am is not affected. Self-awareness.
  • The granddaughter wants to go on vacation and go somewhere. I inform her that I can not help her, I can not give money for the trip. To my sister, too, will not go to the West due to lack of funds. I accept reality as it is. Instantly I identify with the role of a good grandmother. There is no one to regret, no one to help. Everything makes consciousness. The granddaughter goes his own way. The task of my character is not to stop her from living her experience. My task is to be identified with myself. Who I am is self-realization. I am the one who is not affected.
  • We went with my husband to visit relatives. We took our youngest granddaughter with us. Behind the academic year, exams. The holidays have come. I promised my daughter that my granddaughter would spend the night with me. And on a visit everything turned out differently - the niece took her granddaughter to her daughter - the same age and they played and spent the night at their homes. I notice that I'm starting to worry that my daughter will say, when she finds out how the granddaughter will behave, I should control her. Who's afraid? What is the point of shaking, to report to the daughter as a child resting. Bring your body to compression because of the fears of different. Trust, relax and live any experience. Let everyone live their experience. I realized false identifications. I remember who I am. Once identified. Identified with itself - by identification. It's nothing to be afraid of. Freely resting, watching. The one I AM is self-awareness is not affected.
  • Granddaughter must take the exam in art school. I asked my daughter if I needed my help. She said that although she would come with a night shift, they would have time to take her granddaughter to school with her son-in-law. I meet my granddaughter in the evening on the street, I wonder how she passed the exam. It turns out that she did not go to the exam - she decided to take two of her drawings, which she liked, as she drew, and her parents screamed and forced to take other drawings that seemed to them masterpieces. Granddaughter rested, all quarreled, Dad broke her phone. Granddaughter says that she went out into the street because she's been scolded all day, how bad she is. Who is afraid of aggression? The event is like this. Does it make sense to call your daughter and find out the details? Walked along the street with her granddaughter, said that she can not argue, adults are different. If you take tomorrow to the exam, maybe it's worth taking all the drawings, they'll sort it out. Looking at the sad face of the granddaughter, I urge her gait, comes an understanding of the game of Consciousness. Discard false identifications. Do not get involved, remember who I am. Self-identification. Acceptance of any experience. Useless excitement. Granddaughter sighed deeply and freely went home. Then it turned out that nobody had asked for home drawings. All roles were played by Consciousness - one player. And there's no point in figuring out what happened - it's just an experience. There is no one. Yes, there is such - aggression - so aggression. Identified with the true. Who I am is self-realization/
  • I went to my daughter to say goodbye before the trip. At first I decided that I would not go in because I would see something that did not take place - for example, a quarrel between a daughter or some kind of non-acceptance of reality, which is. I realized that I was afraid of seeing something "wrong" in my daughter's life. Stop! I want to hide! Haha! I went in, I saw my daughter and my son-in-law at home, the children ran off early in the morning on their own business-one for work, another for the camp, they did not fill the beds. And what the daughter did was supposed to be done! Mess! And what's the point? Who wants to control, right? The ego who knows everything. Mind, intellect - not I. There is no sense to get involved, to be interested in - and what's going on? Bardak - so mess! What am I afraid of? Who thinks - it should not be like this? But it happens! I came at the very moment that I need to live, miss the feeling of weakness, fear. The one who I am does not affect me. This is a false identification. I am self-awareness. Adoption. I looked into my daughter's eyes and my son-in-law, saw in them kindness, attention and care. There is no point in worrying. I testify to the self-liberation of Consciousness. All I.
  • During the day, I observe the sensations in the body and feelings. Self-flagellation began, the habit of thinking so. About myself I think, again I do not catch up, stupid. In the head, in the back of the head, heaviness, in the temples it knocks, the head is inflated. A son must come, a fear of punishment, that I do not what I need. The image of a little girl afraid of scandals. The whole body is tense, especially the tension in the calves of the legs and in the shoulders and shoulder blades. My conviction: I invent my own fear, I like to wear a masochist mask. The rejection that people can lead as they please. All energy is allowed to be and easy to take this. The key is easy, there comes peace.
  • The nurse calls and says when you are ready to go to the garden. I answer, you will be unhappy with my answer, speak for yourself when we go. Sister insists. I answer: in an hour. Sister says: why do you need so much time? The game is on. I answer her: that's why I told you: set your time. Sister says: that you are clever? I answer: I knew that you would not like my time. She again says irritably: do not be smart. I'm offended, I say: I do not want to talk, I have a box on the phone. The image of a girl who is offended and humiliated. Smiling. The spine crunches, the neck on the right side is taut, the heaviness in the stomach. We act differently, after 3 minutes I call back. I laugh, sister, too. We agree.
  • During the day I catch myself thinking: so much work, and I want to, and read and see lectures and study in mental mathematics, and then I have to process a bunch of sheets and roots of dandelions for infusions, broths, and a lot of things that I like to do and work everyday . These thoughts, that I do not have time, cause anxiety, fear. Excitation in the solar plexus, in the nape of the neck, nausea. Stop! I stop myself. Scatter. I say: you can do the work and be in the body, not in the head. For you, the priority now is to observe the sensations in the nape and breathe. There is clarity in the head. It's the same meditation, but in motion! I breathe. I observe the appearance of tension in the calves of the legs. I do everything slowly. Persuasion: you will have time to go to a fluorography. Inside is peace. I will go to the winner! She did not have time for fluorography. There is no reason to worry, everything has its time. Two days later my sister took me by car. Fears are my thoughts.
  • I notice again the feeling of depression, fear of humiliation. Unpleasant sensations in the body: heaviness, stiffness on the shoulders. Thought: I can not, I'm tired of this relationship with my son. A new conviction: I can change my state. I do not appreciate, do not like. So what? I'm easy on this event. Well, let him not love and do not appreciate. What's so scary? This is his right. This is his idea of ​​me. I change my ideas about myself: I do not criticize, I do not blame myself, I began to be proud of myself and create a new image. This is already my game.
  • I'm going to the garden. The son refuses to go to the dacha, who has not spoken to me for some time. I wanted to paint a public water pipe of large diameter, suitable for our dacha. My sister and I were not allowed. My sister did not allow me, because there is no need. I'm from the calculation of what the neighbors will say, and they will say that they are furious with fat. Fear of being fools. Trauma is humiliated, ashamed. The son says: go to your dacha for yourself. I notice: I would have started to reproach: there is a lot of work at the dacha, it's hard for me, and you do not want to help, it would be insulting. Now I understand: there is a game. So, what do I do? Ease. Let it not go, I accept it as such a protestor, who does not help me, not thinking about me. Yes, without it I will be more difficult. But when I remember the "key" - lightness, I am easy to my son and inside love and tenderness. Such a powerful awareness that people can not be changed. Now I do not condemn my son and I will not condemn myself if I also lead myself.
  • In the classroom, I show skills and opportunities, helping people to get well. Always at the beginning of the class I give a personal touch. Today we began to adjust, to harmonize our breathing, and then latecomers began to come along, felt irritation, thought, it is impossible to be late, having caught this state, immediately began to focus attention on oneself. I am the Spirit, so it does not affect and quietly began to conduct the lesson. I see how during the classes, it is difficult for some characters to do the exercises, then I start to cheer them up, saying, Well done you are better at it. they start to turn on, I see and understand here is the return, through the word and action. After all, it's all me.
  • I walk down the street to meet someone familiar, it is loaded with something, I understand that this is my attention directed by Consciousness. I remember the gift law, I smile at her and say a compliment, how well you look today. And towards the end of our conversation, she went inspired with a smile on her face. It's fun to play when you see the Game. After all, this is me.
  • I walk down the street to meet someone familiar, it is loaded with something, I understand that this is my attention directed by Consciousness. I remember the gift law, I smile at her and say a compliment, how well you look today. And towards the end of our conversation, she went inspired with a smile on her face. It's fun to play when you see the Game. After all, this is me.
  • Before I left, my brother asked for the key to the apartment. Remembering the law, I thought, it is necessary to give, because there is nothing of its own, but at the same time reluctantly gave, knowing that he can play tricks on. And it turned out, having arrived, I saw. that the apartment was not cleaned, there was a reaction, resentment, anger, missed. Understood that this does not affect me and everything in the universe is perfect, all this is my perception, so Consciousness plays. Yes, maybe so. Smiling to herself, she put things in order and was glad.
  • I came to the class, after leaving, I do not see many people, there was a weakness, a thought, while I went, people relaxed, felt abandonment, sadness. I switched attention to myself, yes it does. And who is affected? After all, except me there is no one. Sent a wave of Love and took it as it is. The spirit is one.
  • I wrote to the leaflet, the application of the laws of Daring, and every day I read that I did not always get to be in accord and give the energy of joy and love, especially to close ones when I see them in weak states. I understand that this is my Game, I go to the senses and show them, skipping with ease and Love. After all, it's all me. And the game helps me see this and do not bother, teach Self-awareness and wag the tail!

Message from LIFE:
No one caterpillar can see that it will make a butterfly out of it.



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