Release 7. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018.

Saturday 07 July, 2018

All experiences, no matter how beautiful or terrible, last only a certain time. This is the nature of all experiences.

They come to the player, last for a while, and then disappear away, just as they came.

But this is not the case in the case of "liberation". If "liberation" came one day, it does not disappear, it is preserved forever.

If someone is RELEASED, he does not need practices that support RELEASE. This is the nature of RELEASE.

The game for the main Gift of LIFE-EXTENSION - continues :)

And now you can find out how the players in their current rallies are fighting for the main Gift:

  • A friend, a doctor who invited me to go with her to a sanatorium, does not answer my calls. I know that she is very active, she always has fun, the company and meetings she always spends in the form of skits - with games and songs. To congratulate her with the last day of the doctor is impossible. I live alone. And I thank this wonderful doctor for not paying attention to me. Yes. So it is necessary. And I do not need to go to the sanatorium with her at all. Perhaps she found herself a fellow traveler. It does not affect me at all. It's all a dream. Communication with it is not necessary. I have my own tasks - self-identification. Humbly live. This is an experience. Once identified with the role of a friend, a character, I identify with myself - the truth. Does not affect. I am self-awareness.
  • Living experience, the loser - in practice. In the body - noise in the ears, compression in the neck. The event is to look for a niece and make contact with her. I just left on her "classmates", where she congratulates me on her birthday, and I do not answer her photo in any way, I ignore her, I do not answer her offer of friendship. Now I live a weakness. I humble myself. This role went to the niece - to be the "executioner" for the grandmother. Such an experience of the soul of the grandmother. Who feels weak? Who is defeated? I am self-awareness. I am not affected by these events. There is no death. It does not matter how grandma left the body. Violence, cruelty, aggression are just manifestations of consciousness. The one who I am is not affected. I am self-awareness.
  • There is no one who is better, worse. It's all one. Whole. There is no two. The role of mom, niece played a consciousness. There is no loser and winner. All the characters play their part, which is painted by consciousness. My sister sent me the phone number of our uncle's daughter, we discussed with her that she would try to find out some information about the pedigree in the regions where his uncle lived. Gestalt closed. The niece does not seem already some terrible monster - I sympathize with her difficult and difficult destiny, to the difficult tests that she passed. No better - worse, more evil - kinder. The one who I am is self-realization. Not dual contemplation from the natural state of mind. Stay in identification with yourself.
  •  Daughter with son-in-law and children went to the dacha to her husband's sister at her request. This sister has a bad character and no one can get along with her. Now she can not go anywhere herself - old, sick. For three years I was not at the dacha. The dacha was built all together, but then she stated that it was only her property and did not let anyone. Now I persuaded my daughter to go for a berry. Children went, barely found a summer cottage, there is nothing there already, the house collapsed, there is no passage. A daughter with children came to me, they tell me. We went for berries for children. Nothing was found. The chairman of gardening said that my husband's sister did not pay taxes and she owed more than forty thousand rubles for the plot. Who am I? I humbly live the experience of the vanquished. My character has invested a lot in this area too. My grandchildren could enjoy the fruits of my work. The one who I am, not affected. I observe what happens, how consciousness unfolds events. A woman does not offer her daughter and son-in-law to use the dacha, but asks them to sell her. I observe in self-awareness. Yes, it can be so. Who cares for children and wants to take care? There is no one to blame, blame, help, no one owes. Accepting everything as it is. Nothing belongs to me. That Who I am does not need anything. Such roles were distributed by consciousness. Do not argue. I agree. There is no winner and a loser. Discard false identifications. This is a dream. I am the one who sees a dream. Everything is one. Whole. Peace, not dual contemplation. Self-awareness.
  • Call at work, the buyer about the readiness of his order. Explained calmly, politely, that the order is not ready yet and it is necessary to wait a bit since. another jeweler does this work, but he cooperates with us, and that he does not stay in our room, we need a workshop, and we do not have a store for such conditions ... Operations got angry with me because I said "another jeweler "... I began to argue that the buyer clarified the information and that I needed to explain the reason for the absence of the order, but he did not hear me ... I was beginning to explain further, but the boss was adamant ... Hunter turned on, followed the sense of stubbornness (tension in the head), and my and the boss, I realized that I will not prove anything to anyone, the boss lived oh man and he has his reasons to react so that it's a trap and I need to neutralize this trap, my trap, I just took the situation as it is without fighting the Reality, the Reality is always wiser, my ego !!! The tension of the head was gone, it became easier on the soul, the warmth and relaxation in my chest, the feeling of stubbornness was replaced by good-naturedness, the boss said that the word "other" would no longer be used, and when the buyer came in a couple of days after the order, explained the situation, so that the soul of the boss, was calm all were satisfied!
  • The situation was connected with the money (maybe so the cash flow showed itself ...) One day the shopkeeper came to us in the store, a deaf-mute young man and offered me through a note with a small amount to buy from him, one of the emoticons. I did not think, understanding that a person with a disability, satisfied his request (a feeling of unity, warmth both on the soul and in the chest). A couple of days old woman came running to us in the store, with gold earrings in her ears, decently dressed, her eyes running and telling me : "Give me money, I lost my purse ..." Earlier, I would have given, and then I remembered that a year ago she also ran to us, and I gave her money, I regretted ...) expecting, without thinking (and the body and internal state were completely calm), told her that I have no money ... The old woman like a mouse, ran out quickly from shop, I did not even have time to realize the situation. And then in the same second, I saw the picture in front of my eyes and remembered about my grandmother's visit last year. Immediately on the street behind a glass showcase, like in a movie, a young girl (the kind of a gypsy woman) went with a glass and asked people for money, which is a rare case on our street ... she did not come to us ... but I realized, that Consciousness showed me so if I started through my mind to doubt the correctness of my reaction to the old woman's request that all the same, or the old woman was a swindler or she had something wrong with her head, memory loss, but she probably did not lose the purse and it happens .... And this time I was not predictable for myself!
  • To us for work, our neighbor (Greek), an old man, came in the morning, he is very cheerful and a great optimist (despite the illness), came up to me and handed me the Greek Icon in the picture depicting Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irina's girl. I give you, I give it to you, "said V., so his name is." I felt a silence in my chest, a burst of energy, unity, Love, there was no weight in the body and a desire to share Joy, overwhelming me, with everyone !!! For me it was the Blessing of Consciousness , through this amazing, so simple, but with a great Heart man ....
  • There was an influx of sadness and memories of the beloved. Until I realized that I was hiding from loneliness. (remembered yesterday's rally). Loneliness should be lived now. The same reality turned into an interesting lesson: While asleep, a memory of him, caused pain, tears and self-pity. When she realized, and began to miss loneliness, experiencing humility and acceptance, the thoughts about him, provoked the warmth, fullness and sense of the Source inside. And then I involuntarily laughed.
  • Biliary tracts, stomach - the center of the spine (vertebrae with curvature) - allergic manifestations / recoil and relaxation of the bridge of the nose and the center of the forehead. The rejection of parents, as a child offense, revenge (since you do not love me, I also do not like)
  • Protection against pain (allergy), aggressiveness directed to parents, but because of the inability to express themselves, which affects the immunity (the aggressive form weakens). The daughter also takes offense at my dad (mirrors me) that he is long in Russia. He does not want to talk to him. Through P., her ancestors - grandfather or great-grandfather. The rejection of parents - the fear of pain - loneliness (there is no support). The survival strategy is to become rigid and not feel. (Callousness). I accepted the situation when I was left without parents and support, I had to survive. The source is inside. Accepting the Game, Lila. Great-grandfather P. living his pain, his loneliness and loss of love. It seems to the mother. But maybe girls. As if the thought froze, that love is impossible, a life with real love (however it is available). I did not like my wife. Adoption. It's a game. An interesting feeling: it's just a memory of the genus. Illusion. I saw how the circuit came from. I realized that the fear of punishment coming from the pope responds. Calling afterwards with the great-grandfather of Praskovia, with the murder of P. and escape from prison, G. worked with everyone. But most of all the "bestowal" was given by P.'s great-grandfather. It became so clear to me that P.'s great-grandfather in slavery and beatings could survive only because of the loss of his "I" from terrible physical and mental pain (I saw him with eyes, the murder of his father's warriors , and the capture of his mother.He could not do anything, since he himself was tied at that moment.). He lost some old core of "I", in which he was brought up by his parents. But he got into the state of the Source, baptizing him with emptiness and it saved his psyche (in a strange way) and gave strength to rise and simply live, cherishing the dream of freedom. THEREFORE there is nothing terrible in it. It gives life. Just to this understanding had to go through pain. But this fear, physical pain, is strong. And the body reacted and continues to react to it. The vertebra of the upper back was bored from the inside. But great-grandfather P. could not go through total loneliness, abandonment. That left us, his descendants. Loneliness, pain, loss of love. His and my turn on I'm the source. Great will to freedom.
  • To give compliments is so simple, but to express feelings, I manifest from a natural state not always. Recognize and give compliments in good order. I understand that this perception and mapping, only mine, and others only help to manifest them. It was very difficult to say compliments to a brother who came for two weeks and drank most of the time, showing anger and hatred in a drunken state, and when he walked away, it was done, so good. It was a good rally or an experience when I was playing a game, seeing my fortunes. And when aggression arose in it, I did not try to prove anything and explain it, but I watched myself and just relaxed and accepted it in such a way, seeing in it the manifestations of my father, whom I did not take when he drank. Yes, it happens, lived feelings of resentment, pity, injustice, rejection, fear of loss, because there is also this whole game of Consciousness. And when he went out, he talked about his feelings, that I was scared to see him like that, saying that he was strong and kind, that I think you can not drink, because this is not the most important thing and you can do without it. I saw him switch and take. I said it was sincere.
  • When I talked to my son on the phone, I started talking about studying, that the session should be closed, he began to get irritated, that he himself knows, I feel agitation and switch attention, I say that you are an intelligent boy and already independent and of course you will manage, I feel trust. I felt calm, and he began to talk quietly agreeing.
  • I came to the auto service to change the light bulb, a man came out and said that he was busy and free in an hour. I agreed, I said it well, but I did not want to duck and began to play, talking further. She said that you are well and cozy here and the form is beautiful, I feel, probably a lot of customers, and after a pause, he said that I'll put a light bulb for you. Sincerely pleased, thanked him, felt joy. Of course he said come, as there will be some problems and gave a business card. Here's the game!
  • A woman came in who had never studied her before, and she had not seen her for a year; she was a full, confident, domineering lady, who very much wanted to lose weight and then I saw a skinny, emaciated, lost, weak woman coming in. Seeing her, I was sincerely delighted, said that she changed and became slim, said that she was younger and that looks stylish. It happened, somehow naturally, although I realized that she had serious health problems. She came to make up a health complex to study at home, talked to her, how she felt cancer and when she took off her wig, saw herself in it when she came after I., it was understood if a person does not develop spiritually, his life , then begins to develop itself, only with a loss of health. Consciousness, so played and tested me. We agreed to do it individually, she came out inspired, I accepted everything as is, that Life is wise and to treat everyone with Love. It is important to only understand and be in touch with yourself.
  • The girl and her mother came to class, after the lessons, she began to tell my mother that the girl was a young man, very plastic and flexible, that she was good at it, I saw the reaction of the girl that her self-esteem was underestimated, I felt exhausted and continued to say that, of course, correct the posture. Mom asks the daughter, will she go to practice? The girl answered yes with pleasure. Inside, I felt calm and Love. The game always happens.
  • Observing inside myself, I see how little I say myself compliments, weakly encouraging and postponing for later, I feel senseless to praise myself, so I underestimate self-esteem, making myself heavier. Who is afraid to be easy? Who thinks that this is pointless? Who thinks that I am not worthy to live in blessed energy? The mind, which is to hold out of the last strength, so that, only not to let go. I feel the smile of Consciousness, I feel joy, thought, because I know that this illusion and the mind is not reality, that I am a character in this dream of Consciousness.
  • At the dacha, her sister's husband woke up the wound of the humiliated. I did not expect from him, a sudden change of mood. And when he said irritably that I had left a mess on the table. Before that, I came to drink tea and immediately ran away tearing the radish. First I wanted to tear down a little for the table, then decided to collect all the ripe. After snatching it, immediately after it began to do another job. My sister's husband came and said that after myself, as always, I scattered everything on the table and ran away. It became insulting, the fear of injustice, I did not leave anything on the table after myself, and humiliation, why he reproaches me. What he has the right. I do not like to sit at the table for a long time, I need to work. I got angry and drove on him, I did not expect such a reaction from myself, and then I went to complain to my sister. I put on the mask of the dependent. Belief: I try so hard at the dacha to do more work, but he does not appreciate it, is not yet satisfied, and finds an excuse to teach me. Was not conscious. I forgot about the game. I remembered, at first I felt guilty that I could not restrain myself. Stop. Inside, she repented that she had offended the person, then she justified herself, she could not otherwise. She showed anger, so what? Do not judge yourself, it's easy on the soul. The brother-in-law began to justify himself. I played a little more that I was offended by him. And that my sister should not be upset, and it's time, how much it can be harvested, and his sister told him that he was wrong. After 10 minutes, we drank tea, and I felt comfortable, among people close to me.
  • Today I lost to the nines. I was going to make pies and left a spoon in a stuffing-jam and put it in the fridge. S. came and saw a spoon and began to shout: how many times did he say: do not leave and threw it into the sink. I explain to him that in 3 hours I will bake, but for now let the spoon be there, why clean it. S. screams: arranged a dump. I forgot about the game, I forgot about the ease. A joke was arranged by Consciousness. I could not stand it and started screaming too. There was a huge scandal. How do I feel? I do not blame myself, but I repented that I had hurt myself. At this point in time, it was beyond my strength, patience was no more. Of course, it's bad for health: in the heart, as if staked, there is a heavy weight in the back of the head. Well, for the relationship, too. But I also need this experience, if it already happens, that I love and accept myself any, and angry, unrestrained and humble, then I will accept my son either. And what beliefs? tired, my strength is not to endure his eternal displeasure. Humiliation, rejection. I identify myself with an offended and unhappy victim. Yes, and C. bend the stick. I do not feel guilty. All the roles are played by One. I pass this experience, all the injuries are revealed. It is necessary to be in the Moment Now. This is a good reminder experience.
  • In the evening, S.Z. and brings a Korean water purifier. I begin to whine: it's late, I want to sleep. And again because of you I'll go to bed late, start getting angry. S.Z. he answers me angrily too. Stop! I say to myself. You provoked him to this emotion, start behaving differently. I somehow "at once" and calmed down. I went into the kitchen, with him. They opened the box, and this filter also looks beautiful. Now only I understand: S.Z. he tried so hard, bought an expensive thing and paid with parts, so he agreed. It's so unlike him. Consciousness through it takes care of my health. Yes there, health. What an interesting game went! Miracles. I forgot to thank SZ, I'll call him, thank him, and through him - and Consciousness.

The riddle can not be solved by looking from the side, if a person wants to solve a mystery, he must immerse himself in it completely! Because only this way he is able to draw a map of the unknown.





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