Release 8. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018.

Wednesday 18 July, 2018

You are your deep desire motivating you.

What is your desire, this is your will.

What is your will, these are your actions.

What are your actions, such is your destiny.

                         (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad).

The world is a dream in the mind of the Lord, who dreams through us from moment to moment in the endless dance of Creation. This is a great dance, and this is an amazing time in which we live ...

Unconscious healing occurs when a person does not understand the causes of the blocks leading to manifestations of dissatisfaction and suffering.

Late never happens, because you must know that the process of the evolution of souls embraces many incarnations and even a seemingly fleeting awakening is placed in the piggy bank of the next incarnations. Perhaps, someday, in one of the following incarnations, this soul will one day wake up definitively, brightens from the dream of ignorance.

Conscious healing is characterized by the fact that it happens to a person who has started to awaken consciously, and he is aware of what he wants to heal, while he realizes that one can be healed only completely by awakening from ignorance.

All those who want to learn the game, as well as acting players playing on their own, you can play together with us, learning from the examples of the game of active players.

Reading Diary from Remote Games, you can be charged with the ability to play even when it would seem that Life has given you "bad cards" ...

  • My husband's sister came to visit. The thought that she recently only came for five days and now again for four. It is necessary to pay attention to it, and I have a lot of reports to print. I do not have time enough! I realize that this behavior is out of ignorance - greed - it is not expressed in money, but in the fact that there is not enough time, it is necessary to make it, to do more! And I will be hindered by external circumstances. Reality should be such that no one distracts me! The ego is waiting. Who is afraid not to be in time? What time is it? How much time I need is enough! There is no one who is afraid, who is late, who does not have enough, not to become attached to approval. The one who I am is self-realization. I look at the situation from the point of leaving this world - why did you come here - to be greedy and angry? I observe from the level of non-dual contemplation - no one interferes with anyone, does not distract, does not strive for everything. There is nothing to worry about. The consciousness itself is liberated. I identify with myself.
  • I do not know how to send a text to a clip. She began to condemn herself. As so - I can not send. I'm going to get angry. I went out to find an assistant younger than me. There is no one. Neighbors are young, but no one knows. Who is angry and does not accept the character? Reality is what it is? You can kick the grass as much as you like. You can not control consciousness. You can only surrender. Who is afraid that he can not cope with the task? Does not it? Do not get approval? Make a mistake? Who is it? See him. There is no one. This is a dream. There is no one to be tied to. Just watch all the manifestations of this dream. Come out of ignorance. In this dream, nothing touches you. I'm watching. The character copies the text and sends it in the mail. And there is nothing real. No one is affected by anything. Actually, I am self-realization. I observe from non-dual contemplation.
  • My mom was prescribed a repeat operation on July 16 with a skin doctor. I consulted about it with my friend, she's a doctor. She offered me another experienced surgeon. Hopes that we will be given the opportunity to operate with this doctor was not enough, I felt excitement, applied my breath and returned to awareness, to the position of responsibility. As it is destined so all and happens to be a victim of circumstances or to be the Hunter, your choice! In the doctor's office I was informed that the doctor is seriously ill and only in September it is possible to prescribe an operation. I calmly accepted the refusal, wished the doctor a cure and thanked the Consciousness for the Game once again made sure that Life is playing with me and gives me exactly that event that can reveal my GIFT, the Gift of Humility!
  • The practice of transformation. Pressure in the left side is 3 points. The object in the form of a white egg inside a liquid like mercury, silver color, 5cm. Feeling of fear, rejection, sadness. The thought that they do not like me, reject me. The situation from childhood in the sports section older girls did not want to communicate with me. Applied violet color, the pressure began to increase to 6 points, added breathing, the technique of dissolution - the pressure decreased to 1 point, the breathing continued to breathe. The thought that I should not wait for love, gratitude and in general, who is waiting? Everything is changeable in this World and the weather, and people, and relationships, and feelings ... I am Consciousness, no matter how the characters in my dream themselves did not - we are all One!
  • I had a day off, I found out that there was a buyer's order in the bag (heaviness in the body at the feet), fear that I did something wrong (as in my childhood before the pope), I did not notice that, taking the repaired client clocks in another branch, did not upload one of the orders. Thought - I'll take it tomorrow, just put it in the general pile. I caught myself saying that I was scared, I was going to hide in the position of the victim, I did not want to hear from the chief what kind of person I was not, that they would start to scold me, find me stupid, not reliable, etc. Has passed in a position of responsibility and has decided to go in fear consciously! Immediately it became easier, the body appeared light. I brought the hours to work, the boss reacted normally, and I ran further on my business ... oh, these fears!
  • I went into the bath, my son hung out my clothes. Again, black socks, black jeans, all black and my things: a yellow and pink T-shirt washed together. The first thought: that everything is wrong for me, I did not ask him to wash my things. She was angry, her heart was beating fast, then a weight in her heart appeared. The first reaction is to complain to my sister, I sweep them away. Anger, fear of injustice, humiliation. It's a shame how many times I asked, do not wash light with black. T-shirts lost their color, had to soak in soap. I went into the bedroom, calmed down, and then I feel I will not restrain myself and start to scream. I sat and was angry. I understand that Consciousness plays through it, but at the moment it does not help, the feelings have already arisen, I live. I do not accept reality, my conviction, it's wrong to do it, it makes me feel unhappy. I understand, my thoughts determine my state. I went in half an hour and calmly told him not to wash my things. Useless. Now dirty linen in the bath does not blow, I put it in my closet. I can do nothing with his firmness. I observe anger in myself. I let him be. Anger is from impotence, something to change. I sleep, I identified with the body-mind. I live this experience. The most ridiculous, I did not see the joke at the heart of the game, but I begin to be cunning in the game with life and accept myself, the character, any, without condemning.
  • I woke up with a headache. I went to the mirror. She walked away. The mood is depressed. And then only noticed, and remembered the thought: she gave herself an assessment before the mirror that the old one does not like herself. Yes, thoughts determine my feelings. Somehow not at ease. Well this is again a thought. I'm in shock. Also a thought. In the solar plexus, weight. I call this feeling fear, uncertainty. Despair. Fear of death and nonsense, well, I have a mood. And it appeared after thoughts in front of the mirror. So I change my mind: I look young at my age. And even better is silence, attention to breathing, to the body.
  • We go in the car to the country house. I, in a conversation called an Indian Indian. My sister's husband began to mock me, his tone blew me up. My ego was outraged. The son-in-law replied that he had joked. But his tone was disparaging to my words, I carried it to my personality. Recently, she began to react vigorously to his remark. She began to take offense, he bore the wound of the humiliated. The sister stood up for her husband, I felt the betrayal of my sister, she was always on my side in such cases. The mask of the supervisor, I should be treated only in an amicable way. Now I understand, it was his reaction, but not a mockery of me. Yes, it became harmful. But I accept this myself, it gives me the opportunity to see the situation not negative and learn lessons.
  • Any message gets me out of myself. My sister decided to give up her home phone. And my husband has already gone to the station to disconnect. I myself did not expect such a reaction. Has fallen asleep completely. I almost cried out: that on a home phone is not harmful to health communicate. And on the mobile is harmful. For me this was a tragedy. Persuasion was so firmly entrenched in my head that I began to impose my beliefs. Then she calmed down and said to herself: Well, you give. She laughed at me, how cleverly the Consciousness turned me off. And what happened. The brother-in-law went to the office, and there are a lot of people in the queue sitting. He began to resent and stumbled upon such an indifferent attitude that he decided not to stay there any longer, but called the hotline and left a complaint there. He got a call and apologized. And he blocked the phone for 2 months elsewhere. So it happened. What made me lose my temper? that they did not report anything to me, that they refused the phone, which was not part of my plans, and that someone calls them and is silent. The mask of the controller here played a role. Although I lost, but the game was interesting. Hee hee hee.
  • I understand that every moment happens, the choice, even now, I write and make a choice what to write. Mind, feeling, body, always be in manifestation and in this endless game of Consciousness, where the potentiality of possibilities is unlimited and the choice is made according to the accumulated energy-karma. I always make choices-actions, accumulating karma-energy. I see how my character does not always manage to make a conscious choice. For example, I do not stick to the routine, but this gives me comprehension ... just unconsciously manifesting and doing, this choice, I myself suffer, accumulating tamas energy, I feel guilty. Thought, so do not have to do, went the picture. I accept myself as such, I feel relaxed, yes, now it's happening and I'm allowed to be. I ask the question, but what does this give in the future? I feel rejected, as I reject myself, creating a buffer when I unconsciously manifest myself. I rebuild myself to a conscious level, I see how I manifest concentration and accumulate energy, which expands opportunities and gives strength to self-awareness of myself. Who am I? Consciousness.
  • I understand that when manifestations-actions occur spontaneously, this is a natural-conscious choice, when it simply happens and in the body I do not feel discomfort, I do not cling. I just eat and I do according to the moment. After all, except for me, no one. Accumulating personal power, conscious karma, which gives an opportunity to live in self-consciousness, watching the game of consciousness. I can manifest in different ways, depending on what accumulated karma-energy. Now the outer space of being opens and the opportunity is expanding, it is manifested in the fact that now they are inviting me to various fitness centers as a coach and I make a conscious choice, manifest freely, accept invitations, find favorable conditions for myself and for people. Asking myself the question, what are the consequences of the choice and what it will bring, I feel in the body acceptance and peace of mind. After all, it is an experience that is given in manifestation with the world and above all with oneself. Thanks to the game in this game, I began to feel even deeper and listen to the signs of my heart. I learned that intuition is in the heart, and not in the head (ha-ha), when I began to adjust to the heart-breathing, immediately called for work and it was so easy to refuse when I felt discomfort and a request that was not interesting to me. I feel and it's so cool. Act on the basis of inner sensation, choice according to one's state. I realized that the choice is karma, not mysticism, this is the reality of the present moment. And thanks to the daily practice, I train myself and learn to choose, building karma. And karma for me now, this action is the experience in the life space that you sow, then you'll reap. The game of Consciousness.

Verily, the gates that lead to destruction are wide, and many go into them, but only narrow paths promise salvation. Conquer and rejoice in the guide. Turn to him with entreaty and the Great Path will open ...
The game continues…



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