Release 9. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018.

Monday 23 July, 2018

Passing the day, the person most should think how to carry the largest amount of the world into the affairs and meetings.

The world that sheds one soul by another is that glue that pulls down the wounds of irritation, warms the compress to the bruises of raging passions and balm to the distressed soul of the interlocutor.

Never forget that all your activities, however high, will in most cases be difficult for the opposite if you yourself are in rebellion and discord.

The most valuable work will not be accessible to the masses, if the toiler that threw it into the world was obsessed with a constant break in its self-control. His work, even a genius, will remain the property of a few, since only a person whose strengths live in a stable equilibrium can promote a great or small idea into a mass of the people.

Everyone who leaves "from here" or who remains "here", establish in himself now complete tranquility, that the "minutes" spent here were minutes of service to Truth, and not just thoughts of "o" serving Her ...

Well, now we will go directly to the distance game.

At the moment, some players have already approached the finish of remote games, some are slightly behind, but one way or another the game continues ...

  • Communicating with my son, I follow every word and feeling. Internal resignation is expressed externally. I ask him, he does not answer. I tell him: I know that you love me. He answered: I do not want to hear you. And I tell him: I know that you love me. I tell my son: buy some cucumbers, he's going to the store. Son answers, you need, here and buy. I look into his eyes and do not resist. I'm leaving. After about 5 minutes, he comes up and asks: how much should I buy? I say: buy 2 kg. No, I'll buy a kilogram, tomorrow you can take it if you need it. I explain: why so much and why buy tomorrow, you can today. Not listening. I do not argue. Brings 1 kg. The game continues. I'm smiling. My son polished all my shoes with cream. That's good. My inner state of tranquility is transmitted to my son. Therefore, a game, a game, a game.
  • We pass by the dacha neighbor, and the neighbor shows us a fig. Sister can not stand her. But she already passed by and did not see. I did not expect this, but hatred felt it. Really. I look at her, and she already turned away. I had no words. But when they came back from the dacha, I told my sister what she had done. She took it and showed her a figure too. A neighbor in response called her a fool. I was indignant and replied that the cultural is very much? Sister also took this philosophically. And I was seized by anger. I began to defend myself and calm myself, that there is nothing terrible. And at the same time, I thought, I should go and complain to the neighbor to the chairman. Not noticing that I'm starting to take revenge. I felt sorry for my sister, and my sister did not feel anything at all. I thought about it. Again I fell asleep. And I realized that you do not need to inflate this story, but simply live this anger and sadness that my sister is treated like that, well, to me, too, although she did not swear with her neighbor. Victim. I have a trauma, humiliated and abandoned. And my sister still touches me, because she does not hate the neighbor. And the characteristics of the body show that the sister-trauma humiliated.
  • I arrived in the evening from the villa. I washed the floors and did a lot of homework. The son began to shout: why did she leave the lid from the jar in the tub. I say, I did not have time, I forgot to take it to the kitchen. It's a shame that I have changed so much work, my son does not see it. And he's finding fault. The son does not go to the dacha now in principle, it does not hurt me, on the sly everything itself will be built. He yells: I do not care. I answer in a soft voice: but I do not. He answered: a dandelion of God. So today Consciousness answered, so through the son plays. And I will play further. This intrigued me. My reaction is calm when I accept reality without evaluation and violent emotions. Yes, a pure vision, to see in man a divinity, to see Consciousness.
  • The daughter calls and cries. I almost lost my 10-month-old son. Instantly the temperature rose to 40 *, he turned blue and could not hear breathing. Such stress has gone through. No one could help. She guessed, through clenched jaws, a finger in her throat, and he gasped. An ambulance arrived. Then foam and vomiting. I listen to her hysterical crying and crying myself. Mind always distracts attention to the negative. Consciousness put me to sleep. I came to my senses. What the Consciousness wanted to say. As everything is unpredictable and fleeting. Live according to circumstances and do not be afraid of anything, God has his own plans. And suddenly I understand I should rejoice. I rejoice and smile, seeing mentally the child.
  • E. promised to call - in two days his car will be repaired. And offers to go on an excursion to Russian or to nature. On nature - so on nature! More than two weeks have passed. He does not call and says nothing. Time, the characters are an illusion. Calmly - it does not affect me. I accept everything as it is. Today I receive a message from him on the Vatsapa. I watched the video, wrote - thanks. Writes the answer - from what I understand that the video was sent to me wrongly, perhaps. Because the answer is clearly not for me. My question does not answer - no SMS, no ring. I see the game of Consciousness. The visible world really does not exist. The character is not me. There is no one who would have expected attention. I play with myself! There is no one who would have expected something. There is nothing to be attached to. All this is a source dream. I observe - everything that appears disappears. But I am not in a dualistic contemplation.
  • I went to the city. I met a long acquaintance. She raced, loaded with boxes of baby food. I was in such a hurry that I did not notice anyone around. Seeing me, at last, began to complain about her life, that her daughter gave birth to a child - they did a cesarean - a daughter, after her birth, helped, thinking that the suture would heal and she would manage herself. No, the child is nine months old, and the daughter does not suit him. The grandmother became in place of mum at seventy years, now the child is a pity to leave - disappears without it. Listening to her, I do not get involved, I do not give marks, who is bad - who is good. He who I am, not affected by anything. A friend pokhala, then said - well, who is to blame? Itself is guilty - loaded on myself - now I'm taking! The one who I am, not affected. This is her experience. Yes, it happens. It's a dream, everything can be in a dream. There is no set. I am the whole. I'm in self-awareness. I'm watching. I identify myself with the true.
  • I went to the hairdresser's. My master was on vacation. Another master refused to cut me - she does not discourage clients from her colleague. I went to the Chinese. Those masters, to whom I went already - left. The newcomers were busy. I went to other Chinese. Two masters do not speak Russian at all. I remember the case that somehow I was very shortly cut by the Chinese, because they did not understand me. Haha! Who is afraid, going through? I am the one who does not lose anything and does not acquire anything. That someone runs and guesses where better, where worse. I remember who I am? Let it ride! The Chinese woman skillfully cut the girl who was in front of me. And her mother photographed, as in the competition of designers her work. I, too, quickly and easily served. Such a talented was a Chinese woman! The drawing ended, all the characters parted. And were they? Who was sad, happy? There is no one. One player is Consciousness. There are no characters. I am one. I am self-awareness. I stay in a non-dual contemplation.
  • Now I take responsibility for myself, accept myself. I am here and now and besides me Consciousness there is no one. So I transform myself, accepting everything as is. Everything has a place to be, so there is openness, when you do not need to prove anything to anyone, persuade, do not waste time and effort, I just follow the path of acceptance in accordance with what is happening. As in nature the flower grows and takes weather conditions, realizing its being. I live in unison with the law of Mercury and move on the path of least effort, accepting myself, people, situations and events, such as they are, I will not fight with myself. I accept everything as it is, and not as I would like to see it. I am responsible for my choice, I know that to take responsibility is to stop blaming yourself and others in the current situations. And that any problem is a hidden opportunity and the realization of this allows us to take the moment as it is and transform it into something better. I am open to Life, to myself, to people, and therefore to all space. I open the way to myself (smile of Consciousness).
  • I went to print games. It reacted violently, as they were not printed on both sides. The greater the volume. There was another seller, and she did not know, I did not warn. I noticed that I was indignant only when the girl began to make excuses. I see I need to calm down, outwardly stopped, but everything is boiling inside. My heart is beating fast, my head is puffed up, I stop thinking. I am going home. And then I notice such discontent with myself, condemnation. That's why I feel bad, I do not allow myself to be mistaken. I was unfair to the girl first, and then to myself. So. Began to talk about themselves good words, and also, no one is to blame, it happened. You should have lived this experience, to once again see how you relate first of all to yourself. Yes, the game continues.
  • I went to my sister for a massage, on her Korean bed. Very strongly worried about the back, there is no strength to endure. On the way to her called, my sister was not in the mood, does not want unnecessary anxiety. She began to tell me why it was too late. Time is 7 pm. Word by word, she began to say: how silly I am, silly. I really want to massage. Conducted a calm conversation. I realize, but there's nothing I can do about my feelings, it's insulting, unfair. I understand. Protest. I say that I will not go to her. Sister says: do not go. I understand everything, but I do not like that she insults me. I turn around and go home. Again the sister calls and says: Go to bed. I answer: no. Then begins to say what I am, and that in my youth was harmful. I answer her if you want me to come back, why you call me. We stop the conversation. My sister loves me and wants me to go through a massage and feel guilty. But in response to my: no, she was beginning to talk about my character. I also begin to feel guilty that I make her feel this. But then in another way could not. I was already lying on the couch, my sister called again and again called, and called. And again the same scenario was repeated. So it was 5 times. Something inside me was against it. I told her: stop sucking, why do I give an assessment again, if you want me to come, then you do not want to. And most want to cry. But I am pleased with myself, behaved a little emotionally, but calmly. This is the game of Consciousness! The game did not follow my rules, I made myself worse, my back hurts. My desire turns out to be to punish my sister, let her feel guilty. Let, do not call me, I feel when she says she loves, and when she's irritated. But the next day my sister was so alert and respectful and said: do not pay attention: when I'm annoyed. So I played it well, because I was aware and did not translate the game into a quarrel. Ha ha ha.
  • The conversation with his son began, as always unfriendly. Dissatisfied that they did not let him paint the pipe in the garden, that they were being commanded, he would not go to the garden any more. Was vigilant, watched and in a moment fell asleep, when he told me: go away, I do not want to see you. She reacted. So unfair, I forgot about his psyche, about the game. Told him: go away if I'm so bad. Tears roll, do not hide their weakness, I'm on the drum, and I at this time will live and not wear a mask of betrayal and rigid. Then she went to the kitchen, roared. Then came the thought: lonely, unhappy. Stop! Then the thought: to watch TV to distract. Stop! the heart is heavy, the head is square, empty. Then the feeling of shame, he shouted to the neighbors ashamed. Ah, tears are ready again again. Stop. Decline of forces, do not want to do anything. I do not run away from fear, from deep sorrow, there is no hope that my son will stop, so to behave. All concepts, concepts. There is a game. Everything is changeable. Stop giving estimates. There is only a game, treat easily. Now for you this world is real, so live a sense of fear for thinking of your son. Appears nausea and presses behind the ears, palpitations. So I got a loss of awareness.
 I came to the sage and asked him:
"What is love?"
He said: "Nothing."
But, I know, a lot of books are written.
"Eternity" - write one, and others - that "an instant".
Then it burns like fire, it melts like snow,
What is love? "It's all human!"
And then I looked him straight in the face:
"How can I understand you? Nothing or everything? "
He said with a smile: "You yourself gave the answer!" -
"Nothing or everything! There is no middle here! (Omar Khayyam).

         Play it!



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