Release 10. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018. Final.

Monday 30 July, 2018

Lord, give me the peace of mind to accept,

which I can not change,

Give me the courage to change what I can change.

And give me the wisdom to distinguish one from another.

Well, the satvic energy of the distance games has smoothly flowed into the changes and, together with transformations and awareness, together with all the Gifts gathered by the players from the Life races - has turned into their transformations that are manifesting at the moment.

In this last summary, we can find out what these transformations are?

The real taste of the Remote Game you can receive when you learn to concentrate on the game itself and on the tasks of the games, playing through every situation that arises, drawing up your current life.

Therefore, especially those who played for the first time, be sure to cheer yourself up, praise, regardless of the result, you are moving in the right direction and just like in sports, playing skills - do not come immediately, you need time, you need training, you need training ... and you will have the opportunity to gain personal strength in various activities of the Academy of Leela.

  • My character could not collect his thoughts, being in the timeless emptiness that was present and not where to get away from it, I just have it in it, where everything moves and flows, emerging from it and leaving. Now this is unusual for my character, where it is necessary to open new or old doors with a win or loss, knowing that everything is emptiness and this is the Game that I have always looked for. And when it opened, my character was lost a little or a lot, because there was a expectation that something should change, it would be easy and simple, but everything just is, as it is, I feel frustrated, sad, pointless. Confront, who feels? who is waiting? Who thinks? The ego, which, so leads away from the present moment, wrapping in the veil of maya, but in fact I know who I am. I, there are also that besides me there is no one. I catch this moment of life, and the character is filled with the manifestation of myself.
  • In this game it revealed my weak point, it's not believing in myself, in my abilities and strength, that this trail stretches, as always from childhood. Both intentions and desires were blocked, the fear of remaining alone, all the same scheme. And when I began to develop spiritually, this power and opportunity returned to me, when in another spiritual direction, I could change a lot and be in the process of movement to be recognized and the ego moved and wanted to do something, create something. Now everything is quiet, and I just watch. Summer in the yard, heat, the body softens, and the character is in the process. I direct my attention to the family, where I am. Show now in this. The intention to go to the sea and this, so naturally and character, feels a response inside, because for a long time the character was in search, but all here and now, there's no need to run anywhere, seek love and praise, everything happens in my perception. Consciousness opens the door to itself. And now this happens when there is such a process, when there is no expectation from the result and there is no binding. And if there is an intention, then it only happens in the present moment and now the future and the past are happening. There is no time, it's just a thought flowing in the illusory space of the imagination
  • How much the level of self-awareness has grown from the beginning of this distance game - has grown significantly. During the game, I went through a retreat of Samadhi, where I tracked my false identities - fear of loss, death, loneliness. At the beginning of the game, she conducted practices to cleanse the mind, tear off the suckers of attachments that have taken place and have now been released. In external events, the root of suffering was falling asleep - the belief that the visible world really exists. I realized that consciousness through my character wants to lose the experience of humiliation. The one who I am, not affected either by the experience of the loser, nor by the experience of the winner. Through the body to live a weakness, humbly accept any experience. I realized my importance, pride, greatness. Life without condemnation, with the acceptance of everything as it is, with respect to all people. You do not need to fix anything and nobody, nothing can touch me, who I am. Accepting that I am one forever. No need to chase after communication. Just enough. The experience of experiencing unity was with me, a flash of consciousness. This knowledge derives from ignorance, from false identifications, that the character and everything around really exist. The one who I am is self-realization. He who dreams of himself. All this is an illusion, a dream. By the end of the game, the level of self-awareness increased - I observe a dream, living through the body experience. Just calmly contemplate from not duality - I am self-awareness.
  • The former husband came and while I was in the garden, ate all my food. I said evil to him: why he does not ask and does not leave me, but he answered: impudent, that for a long time did not yap? I already said. And I am silent. Put in place. He ran to the store. Yes, I have not spoken to him that long. Injury rejected, and humiliated him. I saw myself in myself, just as vulnerable, and his ego, I did not like my tone. Nothing wrong. He did not do the right thing. Get it. But next time he runs to the store with joy, I'll play in a calm voice. The act of not doing: do not spare food for him. This habit is so responsive, the reaction of the unfortunate victim. And my behavior will be built in a respectful way, not the same as before, it's still nice to communicate without negative.
  • The friend did not answer the SMS, and she did not call. Yes, so maybe it's probably very busy, her plans are with her. He who I am, not affected by anything.
  • She came home after the garden, tired, started to work with berries, then washed the floors, and the ex-husband lies on the couch. Has noticed at itself envy. The face is smooth, white, and sleek. It's hard for me, although I create my own life for myself. What kind of procedures does it not pass? And I ... The trauma of injustice. I used to scream, outraged. But now I put on a mask, I say to him: that he never cared about me, did not try to help now, and I feel so alone and always felt lonely with you. He is silent, I've said everything. There is no anger, no irritation. Yes, at last - that to itself admitted, that it is lonely and I am afraid of this feeling. (Although I know that you need to say good words to him, so that his best qualities blossom, but at this moment I can not, I'm sorry.) Sadness. Abandonment. Loneliness. I lied to myself all the time that I felt good.
  • I walk along the street alone, I do not invite any girlfriends. I feel free. I watch everything that meets me in this dream - the sparrows bathe in the sand, the breeze is strong, the flower bed in flowers, the child cries - everything flows, changes. It's all a dream. I am permanent. Self-awareness.
  • She promised her friend berries, brought her home. For some reason, she felt sorry for her, she promised more. The promised must be fulfilled. At 9 pm I'm calling and I'm sorry that I did not meet earlier, I decided other business, but agreed. I feel an insult in her voice. I say: you can come. No, she says, I already cleaned my teeth and get ready for bed. I feel guilty, I say: maybe I'll bring it. She says: do not strain, but I feel her insult. We stop the conversation. I'm going to go to her. Stop! I say to myself: if I needed berries: I would quickly gather and come running. I will not do what I always do. I'm not going anywhere. If she does not need berries it means me, too. Feelings of guilt and pity were gone. So it became calm. Mask of the masochist. What a stupid pity, why I believe that I should carry more.
  • I observe how the daughter and her family have different events, do not interfere, do not give any estimates. Everything happens as it happens. I accept it as it is. Character - not me. There is no one. Self-liberation occurs. I am self-awareness.
  • She gave P. berries. I promised even more, but then my sister gives some of the berries, not planned, to other people. I come home, my daughter calls and asks me to freeze berries, I'll take them in the winter. What to do? I promised P., I find myself pitying that he will remain without berries. I catch myself thinking, well, he somehow lived without berries and, if he really wants, can buy. I now have my own need. Yes, we must be able to refuse. Fearfully. I call, he is understanding. Well done, I praised myself. Has removed a mask of the masochist.
  • I follow the recommended practices - 1 and 2. I radiate. Illuminate! I am the whole! Freedom! Greetings! I thank the mind for the ocean of bliss!
  • I arrived after a three day retreat. Accepting your environment as it is. The vision of the game expanded, awareness of itself increased. You do not need to alter, criticize or condemn anyone. Life goes on, there are different events and different characters. And there is not that which would affect. Characters became clearer, somehow softer, more affable. The daughter does not bother her with her attacks on grandchildren, my son-in-law is listening quietly - you can not change it. And some "bad" character traits are not so "bad", I see love and attention. A caustic is not "prickly" - just jokes like that. Funny to watch and interesting. Every moment of life seems like a wonderful journey. All this is a dream of consciousness, in which everything can be. He who I am, not affected by anyone. I observe from non-dual contemplation - self-awareness.
  • Focus on yourself. Live in the present, and not cultivate the illusion, and then suffer. Desires, this is a circle of unextended states, which constantly turn and pulls into the illusion of sleep. Desires are moved to live experience in which there is absolutely no point. The desire arises from internal fears and without seeing it there is suffering and disappointment and it does not matter where the character is and with whom. Desire is generated by fear. The understanding came when I entered the root of my desire. And now, when I know this, I become myself. Yes, this is the nature of desire, they always are, if large karmic inquiries, and if a small karmic working off, then the desires are small. Desires are manifestations of the ego, that's where the gift of the solution is. Gratitude is the source of the present, when I become myself, what is right now. I thank, for the gift of understanding, for the game, for the moment now, for the source of emptiness, for the summer and the fan. For the smile of Consciousness.
  • I use all the knowledge gained in this remote game. Secondary practices 1 and 2. I am a whole, I am everything right now. I radiate the rays of light in all directions. I watch the reality that arises from where and goes nowhere. Everything flows in a single stream. He is as it is. This crazy, crazy, crazy world. With false identifications, once identified with instant (how everything should be) - I identify with myself - who I am - self-awareness - to remain in self-awareness - true - who I am. From prey - victims - to become a HUNTER. Accepting everything that can happen in the next moment - Surrender. Play any role, be ready for any manifestations of consciousness. All this is DREAM. Emotions, characters, intellect - this is not who I am. I'm not affected by anything. The heroine, at some point became - Self-awareness - ceased to feel physical pain, began to SEE the game of consciousness. In the film - this is the LIFE of the character. Self-liberation of consciousness through everything that meets. The remote game has come to an end. The game of consciousness continues. To increase and deepen self-awareness - to remain in the natural state of mind is the main task. I'm playing!
  • So my character was again disappointed, or rather I got experience when the rally took place. I had a great desire to go with my son to the sea and everything seemed to be going well, but at the last moment he refused, since there was no one of his peers and he did not want to go with people he did not know. I see how the resistance develops into the pain and inner voice of the character. says, well, why is it so, am I so bad that my son does not want to go with me. I catch and I live.
  • I feel rejection, unnecessary, because I really wanted to stay close to him. The idealization of the family, that the children should be together with their parents, collapsed. After all, this is my desire to go. Who so thinks the character, but is it really so? No one should and should not. I understand that he has such a program, so he helps me, to see myself. Yes, the character craved, what was missing, attention from the outside, or rather attention to itself. Fear of being free and manifest in your earthly desires, which are void, this is the game of Consciousness.
  • This game was difficult, as the resistance of the dwarf was great. Went with a constant strong fear that I do not know what to write. But when I opened my notes, I realized that I had written too much. Since I did not remember what I wrote, and then there was a new fear that a lot of things are written. And there was no time, I missed a lot of records. That's how the dwarf played with me. Forcing myself to write a report, the fear was some kind of animal, if I did not write it. The whole game was a fear, which at the same time helped to be realized. There was a lot of tension. Especially at the end of the game. All fears came out. And especially the fear of death began to manifest itself. It was a swamp. But now I understand that the further I go, the less I know. But I thank Consciousness, you are the Teacher, for the path to which I entered. It is difficult to disassemble rubble in the inner world, but how interesting it is. Consciousness has grown many times over compared to the previous game. I've never worked so much anywhere like in this Teaching. Thank you, that you help me very much. Self-discipline has improved. Though she was in the swamp, she gathered strength. Your recommendations for viewing and not understanding understood. I realized that I was more in my mind.
  • In the physiological work of my body (etheric body). Thanks to the Gift of Knowledge and the application in practice of various ways of transformation, changes have occurred in my body, the headache appears very rarely and if it does, I do not use any more chemical tablet drugs. My medication of healing was the practice of meditation, 8 ways to transform blocks and Dary Knowledge, acquired through the game on the Force! The last couple of years I often had colds, even in the summer and since I entered the Academy of Leela in January and learned the practice of meditation with the Master of Rama + Playing Force, the level of the Hunter, the diseases receded. Blocks, which I felt in the body especially in the left side, in the left side of the chest have practically disappeared. But even if they manifest themselves again, I'm armed now, with special types of Hunter weapons know what to do! I have acquired another gift of understanding that the body is the best friend and assistant.
  • Changes in the emotional body. Not the emotions have changed, but how I react to them, I understand now that on the surface of my being, they can get out of any level of feeling and emotion, the main thing is to track them in time, to pass through oneself, to experience, observing, but not being identified with them. This Dar-Knowledge of working with emotions and feelings is very important to me, because before, I fell into a sense of guilt and self-flagellation about the fact that I could not cope with suddenly emerging feelings, for example, despondency, condemnation and this myself led into a dead end. I understand now that there are natural emotions and destructive emotions and I have learned to notice, share, see what feelings I block, not wanting to live them. Emotions for me, as it were, became transparent, I see the nature of their appearance and I now understand how to work with them so that the Light of darkness (fears, defenses, destructive emotions ...) of my Soul passed into the Light of Light.
  • Changes in the mental body (what thoughts do you believe in, what thoughts you attach importance to, how do you feel about thoughts?). Having acquired the Gift of Consciousness, I now see the nature of my thoughts. I see when a thought comes from an ego-sleeping character, and when from the True Self and through this natural selection I understand how to believe in my thoughts, and which ones simply pass by myself like clouds in the sky. I believe only in those thoughts that awaken me from sleep and lead to clarity to the moment here and now, which help me not to resist reality, to see things as they are. I know now that the mind of locks is clever and nosy and that to his sweet or frightening manipulative speeches should not be taken seriously when it comes to feelings and emotions. But at the same time, I understand that the mind is created by the Creator to serve me in terms of intellectual and to solve everyday worldly problems, for which he has great BENEFIT.
  • Changes in the causal body (how did the events in your life change?) The attitude to events has changed, it has become more conscious. Thanks to the Gifts of Life gathered in this game, I prepared for the advent of any events in my Life, especially since I know now that the Hunter in his actions takes into account the unforeseen, and therefore he can never be caught unawares! In this World, nothing is permanent, except changes ... any event temporarily begins and ends, disappearing. I take full responsibility for my actions, and what events will come to me on that will of Consciousness, as the Germans say: "lassen wir uns überraschen" - it is literally difficult to translate, but approximately so "let life surprise us with its surprises!" Who am I? when I fall asleep, I'm a Man, Woman, Mother, Creative person ... when I wake up I feel my depth and I want to return home !! There are moments when I feel like an infinite Consciousness, I see myself in a butterfly in a flower in people in all living beings, see myself through unity with all existing space and its inhabitants with Mother Earth with other Planets and from the whole Universe, I seem to myself and the smallest and the biggest, when I feel a feeling of unconditional Love, a feeling of BENEVANCE for what I just have for the opportunity to be Conscious !!!
  • The Knowledge Crystal presented to me by the Consciousness through the Teachers of Rama and the Sangha of the Academy of Leela, I will apply every day and I hope that Life through an exciting Game with each new day will open for me more and more aspects of knowing my own Depth. I thank Master Ramu and Sangha for the joint Game, for the help, for the opportunity to be with you !!!! The game continues, uraaaaaaa !!!!! With Love, Reverence and Gratitude

In this manifested world everything is subject to the law of rhythm, any beginning ends with the end and any end is the beginning ...





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