A conscious vacation or August does not come twice :)

Wednesday 08 August, 2018

In July, most players of the Academy of Leela completed remote games, face-to-face meetings with Rama in consultations, seminars and a 3-day day retreat, and now, in the last month of summer, Lily's Academy starts a conscious vacation.

This is the time when all the knowledge gained is important to apply in practice in everyday life, which are your hunting grounds in the vastness of which, you continue your Hunt for Power and self-liberation through everything that meets.

Development is spiraling and in the fall, the Academy of Lila will host meetings that conclude the full cycle of seminars and retreats with Rama this year.

For a wide audience Rama will hold a seminar "Ilahinur: Modification of the genetic code.", And for Players of the Academy of Leela, the theme of the final retreat will be "Identification, the False and True Self."

On the retreat, the subject of our study will be our speech, which, like behavior, can be an element of lulling or an element of awakening. What does conscious speech mean? Speaking Awakening? And how does speech lull the awakened and again introduce into false identifications?

Well, in the middle of November, starts for the 7th winter distance games.

For the first time in the last 7 years, the games will be held in a new format.

What is still known about the new format:

All players will be divided into two clans:

Clan Good Karma (Seeker-missionary)

And the clan is out of karma (Formless player 1 and 2 level)

During the game, each player will contribute to the charity karma (developing the qualities of kindness, responsiveness, generosity, love and compassion) and together we will observe how the Good Karma begins to act in the field of all players).

Well, players outside of karma will demonstrate their game at the level of exit from duality and readiness for any experience that does not affect the player who lost form.

Comments on the reports will be sent to one group for even games, the other for odd games.

During the distance games, there will be on-line meetings with Rama, which were tested at summer remote games and successfully proved themselves. Players wrote in the reports that after the meeting their game went a little differently, they added to their game those instructions that were heard from Rama.

Yes, winter remote games are the most protracted power rally (lasting about 2.5 months) and in order to improve the quality of the game, Rama during the online meeting will inspire the game, answer questions and adjust to the flawlessness of the game.

Well, for more details about new innovations on the 7th winter remote games, read in the news releases at the end of September.



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