Door to the Heaven

Friday 14 September, 2018

Well, that ended my next visit to Tibet.

I do not just travel on our Planet, but I find places that fill with Knowledge:

  • Once it was Tiruvannamalai and Mount Arunachala in India
  • Then a mystical place in South America
  • And now Tibet.


At the moment when the first outbreak of awakening happened to me in 2007, I clearly saw that there are masters who have succeeded and have long passed this stage ... since then my conscious apprenticeship began ...

  • Who am I? I am primarily a student! At the time of the outbreak, I also realized that the hierarchy of knowledge is infinite and with reaching a new level, I always came across the fact that I found new Teachers.

On the way to the monastery:

I always prefer public transport to a taxi. So now, I immediately plunged into the local culture, came into contact with the real ordinary Tibetans. I noticed how they dress, how they talk, how they smell, what kind of energy they radiate ...

... In the monastery I was settled

in a small room, an area of ​​4 square meters, with a small window, cut through a wide wall, more than 70 cm thick.

On my exclamation the settler monk that the sheet is not fresh (I cleared the dust and clumps of clay from the bed with my hand), and the pillow without a pillowcase ... the monk pointed a finger at the ceiling and said that it was pouring out from there, just the room had been empty for a long time and recommended to turn White with a clay-yellow shade of sheets on the other side. And about the pillowcase did not say anything at all. I asked him for a towel, which he said: no towels. But then he said that he would look in the next room and in one of the rooms I found a towel hanging on the window and gave it to me. I took it in doubt that it is the same as the sheet.

Entering the common toilet and shower located in the corridor, I saw that the pipe sticks out instead of the shower cap, and in the sink for washing, water splashes underneath the sink, so that when washing from above, the water supply system freshens and everything below the belt.

To my remark, the monk said that - "Yes, that's it, because many visitors, they twist turn the tap and it constantly breaks."

Already last year I realized that there are rules in the monastery and they seem to check you for anger. So, last year, we ordered a taxi from the monastery manager in the evening, and in the morning, arriving at the appointed time, saw that he was only going to call and said that it was necessary to wait half an hour. We were indignant and said that we need to go to the city and back (and this is about 5-6 hours, given that we did not know exactly the bus schedule) and that we had no time to wait and canceled the order in the hope of catching a taxi on the way ... As a result, we waited for a taxi for more than 1.5 hours :).

... So, I moved into the room and rested, I began to playfully change the space: I washed the window, the floors ..

Gently tucked the bed, spread out his things and lit the Tibetan incense.

To an altitude of over 4 km, I already had acclimatization and I felt quite normal.

In a few days I was used to all the conditions of life. For washing, I used a bottle, in which I took water from the shower pruning. It's true that even there, to get into the neck, the water still splashed and I smiled, seeing the game of consciousness and not assessing anything happening, just acted.

My food was quite modest: in the morning oatmeal and cookies, in the afternoon any Tibetan vegetarian dish, and for dinner two bananas or three tomatoes.

During the day, every day I walked around the mountains for about 6 hours. Height over 4 km above sea level. Pulse elevated, which indicates the acceleration of metabolism. So that it is not difficult to lose weight here. Fat disappears right before your eyes, or rather on your stomach :)

... Consciousness finds the most optimal ways to dive to the most subtle level of the game, where there are already no people, relationships and other common sources of problems and pleasures.

Even on the approaches to Tibet, I started two wave fever with a break in one day. Consciousness calculated everything, it was on this day that the crossing of the mountain serpentine took place on the local bus. This time I decided to visit a new place, which was immediately quite high in the mountains, and as soon as I settled there, the fever started with a new force and lasted three days, coinciding with the mountain acclimatization, (since the ascent was sudden, up to 4000 km ). In the aggregate - it was a combination of high fever, weakness, nausea and a sharp muscle and headache. But it is these factors that weakened the body so much (it's like during the transition / death, practically lost its vitality, any desires) that deepened in Self-Consciousness very firmly and quickly brought to a level that I can not speak about.

I must say that the retreat was all right! :)

Three days of natural fasting (with two wave fever, aversion to food), only water and there can be one apple a day, and a continuous round-the-clock meditation :) in which everything seems to be heading in the right direction ...

Even if I wanted to, I could not describe all that happens when you play at this level ...

Long-term work on erasing personal history is very relevant here.

Due to this, the story of me as a character easily disappears, due to the fact that it is dissolved in the mind, however, like the character himself, the personality. There arises a spontaneous, easy, natural identification with the Consciousness, which here in Tibet is called Self-Consciousness.

Ha-Ha, the result of many years of practice of my Path, which I chose even before the incarnation in the body, gently flashes just by the presence of the moment, without a story about the past and the future, being replaced by itself.

Here in Tibet I remembered the last incarnation in which I was a monk, I succeeded in apprenticeship, but during the transition I could not stay in the light not to be born again. This was my first exit to this level of play.

We were warned about this, that this is the most difficult task and if it does not work out, then it was necessary to choose a new incarnation. At the same time, choosing a new incarnation, I realized that I chose the new Path. In a new incarnation, I will go the other way to the main goal (not through monasticism), but through the total living of life.

But I walked undercover. I chose my father as a former Tibetan monk in the past, who was incarnated in order to fulfill the role of a bodhisattva layman (the Bodhisattva lives in the name of good, the comprehensive proceeds of other beings.) His life is a path of self-sacrifice. name of the common good).

Father selflessly sacrificed himself, for the happiness and well-being of others. He never told me a single rude word in his life. He was always ready to help. I bathed in his unconditional love, in which there was absolutely no criticism. Once standing at the window and watching my father communicate with people, I thought where did he get so much warmth, love and openness to people? And then I began to understand that all these qualities he as Consciousness (soul) had already worked before ...

Having been born again, I slept for a long time, during which all the factors of the suffering of this Character were to manifest. I remember only at the age of 5, when we lived in Siberia, in a remote village surrounded by cedar trees, I was contemplating the beauty of flowers in the forest. We prepared for the winter medicinal herbs: tansy, chamomile, yarrow, St. John's wort. And then, I was able to notice the beauty of flowers and admire exactly how beautiful they are: form, color, fragrance ... And now, at the age of 24, after a serious dramatic event, I began to wake up and gradually, simultaneously recalling all my former skills .

I very quickly recalled the importance of the practice of meditation and at the same time began to follow the Path, the master of which I am now, and I am. So, as a matter of fact, the Path helped me to organize life so as not to be bound by karmic bonds (wife, children, work), and this greatly accelerated my liberation from false identifications. I've always seen this narrow path (Way) and to this day I walk along it.

On this Path, I myself and all my students are sent to the so-called lower levels: human experiences (in what is not in the monastic path in Tibet).

  • What the monks in Tibet are learning, I have already passed in the previous incarnation, and now, following a different path, in these experiences, we must open ourselves to the feelings of injustice, betrayal, abandonment, rejection, humiliation and to come to the illusory and conceptual nature of these feelings. And also it is important for us to open ourselves to the fears of loneliness, senselessness, freedom and death.
  • If you honestly complete all the gestalt of the human dramas of your story (which is genetically represented by the genotype and phenotype), then one day the story ends (is erased) ... and along with it the owner of this history (personality) disappears.
  • Of course, everything is not so literally, parallel to the flash of knowledge of who I am, weakening the belief in the reality of these stories and all this as a whole frees us from a personal view and sets attention to Self-Consciousness.

My Way is not just to hear from the master: You are Consciousness, not a person, you are already that), but a concrete way of dissolving the person, through the precisely and correctly performed practice of disagreement with a false, than you are not, learning which begins with mastering three practices of a hunter and a warrior.

Efforts - they are absolutely necessary, a very long time on the way while preparation is in progress. But further it is important to know exactly where they are needed, and where not.

It is important to understand that the main problem of the already awakened seeker is that even knowing that he already has this (Consciousness), he as Consciousness is sufficiently identified with the false ideas and ideas that were formed by the history of his life, the fate of his ancestors and fixed at the genetic level in his character, his body (illnesses) and his reaction to this world.

Masters usually become those who overcome the point where no masters run away or stop their movement along the Path (stop) being satisfied with what has been achieved. Without going further, you'll never know, and what would be there beyond that limit ... and in consolation you can just convince yourself that: - Yes, nothing ...

... On this trip I met a 15 year old monk (at the video moment of our acquaintance, he performs a service in the temple).

After the end of the service, we talked and I asked him about how he became a monk? 

He said that at age 5, parents with his consent, were sent to a monastery. And for 10 years he studied and lives in a monastery. Now he lives in a very remote monastery and consciously moves along the Path that the teacher opens to him.

As we see, the system of monasticism also assumes the erasure of personal history, after all, after 5 years, he was no longer in the family and at home, and family and social attitudes and beliefs from him are erased by daily rituals, meditations and prayers.

I looked at him and joy filled my heart, remember as in Mowgli: We are of the same blood ... We are going in the same direction with you!

The game continues!

I stayed, one fun ...

Awareness of Dreamweaver ... is the level of the game that was revealed thanks to the masters of Tibet.

It begins when the person, the person disappears and is forever ...


Playing :)

With Love, Rama.




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