Spiritual teacher (spiritual teacher, Guru)

Thursday 08 June, 2023

On the way of empowerment of the Spirit sure there are many ways or open opportunities from which to choose the most appropriate way to move towards the attainment of greater fortitude.

This person can help someone who already knows the power of the Spirit, with such a spiritual teacher may not be the only guests. Just one person from another is easier to get instruction in an understandable form and understandable way. If the teacher is not a person, but others exist, then everything will depend on the mutual understanding of each other.

 Being a teacher, it can be more powerful Essence, which established close and easy relationship.

 The less corporeal (less physically) This entity, the more power it has, and the more difficult to communicate with her without getting clear signs of its presence and its clear instructions.

 Therefore I decided to find mentors in person with much experience in communication with the Spirit.

But even with the person you need to find the most simple methods of communication to both - teachers and students - have the force of communication.

The mentor also gains strength from the fact that he has an understanding, obedient and diligent student. It is the mentor of the Force to which he leads his pupil, in the same way as a student to serve him.

Having found the student, the instructor feels great strength in his ministry Force Spirit.

In concluding this article, we offer you watch a movie

The spiritual master.

link:   In this film  presents fragments of speeches of prominent Tibetan masters (the Dalai Lama Zopa, mentor Richard Gere - Ribura Rinpoche), as well as their Western students who want to weave the fabric of Buddhist wisdom in his daily life).


 Choosing a spiritual mentor (spiritual teacher, Guru) - it is not a simple matter, and at the same time very simple.

 This does not say something unequivocal, but we can say that the question - not a tutor, and who wants to be a disciple

 Many people think this way: "First, let my life will be a person who can prove or somehow show that he can be trusted in spiritual matters, then I look at it, if I am satisfied with everything, then I will become his disciple."

But it versa: in fact Mentor comes only when the person is already in a state of the pupil.

Learner able to need to learn and it is necessary to prepare; all life - is the preparation of a Disciple.

Everyone is eager to learn more than the teachers want to attain.

 A person should reach a point where honestly tell myself: "I want to gain knowledge that even if the teacher does not, I'll still pupils;

 I am ready to accept all that life can give; let life tell you about yourself in an understandable form through my intuitive human or other creature; I am ready to take on all the living space, it will give me. "

 That's when the teacher would come and lead to knowledge.

The teacher wants to transmit knowledge to the same degree in which the pupil wants to acquire knowledge.

Teacher seeks pupil in the same way as a pupil looking for teachers.

Find disciples and as complicated and very simple at the same time as finding teachers.

If the teacher is able to disciple towards his Master - to more powerful being (Spirit), while he also appears disciple.

The tradition of the great Masters - is a tradition of the great students.



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