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Wednesday 16 December, 2020

Sooner or later, people ask themselves questions: "Who am I? Why was I born, live and die? What happens after I die? " It is important to emphasize that when the questions people ask themselves, and not others, and at the same central question: "Who am I?" - Means no interest to their passport data or ancestry, but to its original inner essence, this means that such a person is ripe for the birth of his second opportunity - not only in body but in spirit. This means that his soul was born (Divya body) and she wants to know who she is.

Generous man is the one who nurtured his Divya ability to transfer the body and holding it in his conscious attention to the lives of both in the material world and the spiritual world.

 As the Soul (Divya body) become great? In each successive incarnation Divya body (soul) of man grows and improves spiritual and moral victory over the dark forces in themselves.

Consciousness creates various life situations in which Divya body (soul) people using their bodies: physical, etheric, astral, mental, takes the victory.

  Soul - is one of our higher bodies, which nurtured the spiritual and moral victory over the dark forces, which are also in us.

Therefore, mature and powerful Divya body (soul) of man could be called God. He won a attachment to material - close to God. He kills a divine quality - distanced himself from God.

Rocking on these "swing" (close-on) from incarnation to incarnation, as well as between the embodiments of the merits or sins Divya body (soul) people to gain experience, wisdom, virtue and faith. Cultivate soul is not only the murderer wins over the Divine Essence in itself (the dark forces), but also the accumulation of humility, virtue, compassion, love for God and people.

  Divya body (soul) of man - this is his tool for the study of thin invisible world, which is above the world of people and creatures and displays it in its qualities and properties in order to participate in the life of this world.

That is, man, nurtured and led to the perfection of his soul (Divya body) during the life of the world's people and sentient beings have the opportunity to become initiated into the subtle world, consciously interact with other gods subtle worlds and all gods, including Ancestors who know the truth about the events in the world over the past half billion years.

True statement? - "Life on Earth is like a garden of infancy. It merely - a prelude to life in the kingdom of heaven after death? "

Yes it is. The more developed Divya body (soul) the person, the more perfect it is divine worlds can ascend after the death of the physical body.

  40,000 years ago, God Perun, answered the question of what is death: "Death is not like a lynx eats born, she perceived no shape. Death comes to know you're only in the environment, but for themselves, you will not find it. "

Divya nurture body (Soul) A person can study the subtle worlds, going up along the Golden Way of Spiritual Development in the higher harmonic worlds, for example:

- World of Radiance - 65,536 in the second degree measurement

- World Nirvana - 65,536 to the fourth power measurements.

Prior to this world in their spiritual ascent through its Divego body (Soul) rose prince Gautama Buddha Shakya Muni (Gaatma - Walking the Path of Light or Gaatman - Lead Us Through World. Mooney M - Thought, Wisdom, no - us, that is, .e. "Sage we" or "our wise men").

  World of Nirvana, who realized in their spiritual ascent Prince Gaatma Buddha, is the level of the Universe, where everything is perceived integrity (not torn). It is not close, but only in the middle of the path to spiritual perfection. Above it are even more perfect worlds.

  Even the world of Truth is not the highest. Above it is the world of our patron gods that this is true for all lower-level set of worlds. However, and their world - only the top of the divine world, and the threshold to a world that is beyond space and time.

 "Life on Earth is like a garden of infancy. It merely - a prelude to life in the kingdom of heaven after death "-Now, you may need more clear the whole meaning of this statement, and the degree of importance   Cultivating Divego body (SOUL)  the person who, having acquired maturity and perfection, will give him the opportunity to study and settle in more advanced worlds .


The Leela.



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Что я знаю? – Ничего не знаю.
Кто нам скажет, что такое Бог?
Внутри меня есть щель сквозная.
Дождь промыл или закат прожег…
Мысль застыла вдруг на полуслове,
Вмалчиваясь в тишину и в тьму…
Как же долго дождь меня готовил.
Только, Боже праведный, к чему?
Чтобы душу мне пронзить навылет,
Чтоб заслоны все свести на нет…
Если бы меня не просквозили…
Если б в скважину не хлынул свет…
Если б не упала на колени,
Больше жизни этот свет любя…
Боже мой, что значит – озаренье?

— Выход по ту сторону себя.*Зинаида Миркина*

04.04 14:20

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