Monday 27 April, 2015


 The experience is accompanied by joy and bliss of being, the dissolution of the body - the participants to know, just as an experience that is just like any experience comes and goes. But the experience of the experience of "Samadhi" clearly asserts the seeker is what it is not. ..on not the body, emotions, thoughts, personality, form ... Whereas, whoever he is, in fact, no one has yet managed to put into words exactly:) From what consciousness smiles to all who seek, hiding in his secret smile mad focus. After all, the beauty of this focus is that even those who know the secret, no one ever will be able to explain it, or tell it to express ... haha.

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Saturday 18 April, 2015


You can see the waves in the ocean. They appear; in some sense they exist, but still in a more profound sense, they do not exist. In a deeper sense, there is only the ocean. You can not have a wave without the ocean, and though the waves are observed, there is only the ocean. Waves are the only form, not substance. It is essential to the ocean itself; waves are the only form.


Thursday 16 April, 2015

In the wake of the April retreat (Photo slide show part 2).

If you ask for something miraculous will happen goddess wants to see in your eyes a lot of love and playfulness For they are your greatest witnesses of its essence your soul and my soul once dwelt together in the womb Vozlyublennoy- flirtatious. Your heart and my heart - very, very old friends.


Tuesday 14 April, 2015

In the wake of the April retreat (Photo slide show part 1).

No stress No No bombs homeless No crime and prisons do not waste food No foreign debts No environmental pollution No Poverty And some people call them primitive ...?


Monday 13 April, 2015

Completed 1 st part of the retreat, "Concept and Reality"

Players learned the secret of this focus, explaining that, and she solves a mystery, and the veil of maya -ischezaya shows reality as it is. In the process of dynamic communication in a group, there was a very warm atmosphere in which participants were not afraid, and encouraged each other to explore their dark side and sincerely and with great love to help each other.


Friday 27 March, 2015

Parting words for the upcoming drawing of FORCE.

Indeed, wide is the gate that leads to destruction, and many enter into them; and only narrow paths promise salvation. Well, almost two weeks there will rally forces: Intramural Retreat "Concept and Reality." Like any other lottery Force Academy Leela participant submitted an order to retreat are selected. Anyway, the Force should test you for the willingness to have her.