Sunday 24 September, 2017

On the way to transcend itself. Announcement of the third part of the retreat "No boundaries."

On October 20, the final, third part of the internal retreat with Rama starts this season. On this retreat, we will make the transition from the level of the split Ego to the mask and shadow, to the level of the centaur (the connection of the Ego and the body), and then, from the level The centaur to the transpersonal, supersonic ranges of the spectrum of consciousness.
Ha-Ha, now, the familiar principles and common-sense principles of orientation in ourselves and the world around us are left behind.
And we enter a different world where we begin to come in contact with a consciousness that transcends the boundaries of the individual and reveals to a person something that extends far beyond its limits.
Serious activity at this level sooner or later opens the individual to a consciousness so deep and fundamental that it can lift him above himself into the vast and elusive world of the supra-personal.
In the depths of every human being, knowledge is hidden, which we all have the same:

  • about the soul, reincarnation,
  • about what happens after death, and where the soul goes


Thursday 21 April, 2016

Funeral repast - birthdays for the new, eternal life ...

Ritual "Funeral repast" - ceremonially known to almost all people, but what does this ritual, we reveal in this article.

Let's start with the fact that Russia is an Orthodox Christian country, and accordingly, the ritual and custom of commemoration, which many of us have seen since childhood, refers to the customs of Orthodox Christianity. If we are to live in Thailand or India, we would be aware of the quite different rituals of farewell to the deceased.

So, what exactly is a wake in terms of Orthodox Christians?