Wednesday 29 July, 2015

Upgrading the site 2015 Article 1.

Upgrading of site As for his work related to the administrative command, exercise daily update site information and supporting his life, and you, users of the site Oasis Awakening. It is about the other side of the changes now taking place on the site, we will tell you in the course of change.


Sunday 08 March, 2015

Passing of selections on retrit in a private office of the site.

Enter a private office. Click the Awakening Oasis logo. Click the ANNOUNCEMENT. Click REGISTRATION. In a private office Click the relevant activity (the message - a circle will come there) my actions. To receive the following task of selections, it is necessary to write in a window the report, about the readiness!


Friday 27 February, 2015

Registration for the event, subscription news site.

How to register for the event, make the subscription to the newsletter.


Thursday 26 February, 2015

Instructions on how to register on the site, how to log on to the site

How to register on the site