Friday 17 June, 2016

From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 5: The need for love.

On the court of people you never pay attention.

They are judged by the degree of his mind, and teacher

judges you by the action of your heart,

every culture can only see one whose

heart beats to the rhythm of the universe.

(Antarova K.).

Society-this is a huge source of energy. What kind of energy we consume in society? Energy of Love.

   The primary human need, provided udovoletvoreniya basic human needs for shelter and food, is the need for love.

Man is driven by a need for love and this is the main motive that drives humanity, which at times can push people into crime and a violation of the universal, spiritual and human laws. But this motive is the driving force leading to any form of development.


Saturday 11 June, 2016

From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 3: Source.

Save the integrity of loyalty

Way to the end, in what is now live!

And the great life support you!

Antarova K.

We have already said that the main source of energy is within each person.
But what every man needs to be done?
 - Find access to the source and to establish a permanent relationship with him.
For example, underground water flows and make it available, we need to dig a well.
And for this you need to know where to dig a well and at what depth?
  If you do not see the sun, it does not mean that it is not!
The fact that there is an internal power source -aprioren, ie does not require proof.
Almost all religions and spiritual development trends, learn to find their own source of energy. Why is it needed?


Tuesday 07 June, 2016

From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 2: Personal power.

No one can perform the greatest task which it holds a great life, in one embodiment. A number of them consecutive, raises a man to the height of perfection latent in him strength.

As a rule, strong warrior not have to be rich to own material goods. He can have it all, and it allows him personal power, but warriors usually deliberately chosen to lead a modest lifestyle.


Wednesday 01 June, 2016

From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 1. Equilibrium.

Project "Pablisher" continues to gain momentum. Today PLAYERS Leela Academy, taking part in the service of this project, prepared the materials for the publication of a whole series of books.

One of the series we will publish in the public domain on the blog of our site throughout the summer.

So, get acquainted with the text:


From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 1. Equilibrium. Series: Introduction to the game "Leela".


Wednesday 16 September, 2015

The announcement of the seventh book:

Book Reviews

This book is the fruit of karma yoga students of Rama, who translated satsangs (conversation) Frames in text form.

Knowledge in these texts as the concentration that the main recommendation of the readers - the book should not be read quickly.

Choose chapter and read slowly, deeply delving into the meaning of what Rama and reaffirming assimilated intelligence in practice, and only then move on to the next section. All books Rama advised to read that way.


Tuesday 15 September, 2015

Announcement of the new sixth book: