Tuesday 21 May, 2019


Tuesday 20 December, 2016

From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 7.Estestvennye mechanisms of self-regulation.

"Taking revenge a man of his laziness. Laziness burns in man's initiative. A man devoid of initiative is not much above the animal. The longer the period of idleness, the more bitter the collapse of energy in a person. A number of years spent in idleness, closes all opportunities for a person to enter one of the trails of light. For it to enter one of them can be the one in whom

flexible alive the will to work."

 (Antarova K.)

First of all, we need to understand:

  What is the natural self-regulation?

You can imagine the human body as a system, represented by three aspects: Spirit, Soul and Body. When I appeal to you, I, first of all, I address not only to your body but also your soul and spirit. The problem of waking and sleeping characters is that they associate themselves only with the body.


Monday 21 November, 2016

From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 4: Internal power source.

Your new way of vigilant attention to every meeting gives you the ability to rise above the level of harmony teachers. Not every student can move in height the ways in which the teacher's actions. There goes the only one who managed to get to the self-control as the active force that helps counter freed from his tinkering passion.

(Antarova K.)

Hunters and warriors chasing domestic energy source that is within us and that is always constant and unchangeable, and is freely available at any time and in any place, as this source is within us.

You can always refer to the source and get energy from it.


Thursday 10 November, 2016

At the End of the Night the journey. Preface to the book.

Since the release of the printing of the book "To see the face of God", I began to receive letters from people who say that the history of the Omega is very similar to their own. People wrote that the quality of Omega, do not take the reality, such as it is inherent in them, and that the book has helped them to look differently on the process of illness and death.

In a new book, I want to tell you more about how the preparation for the final transition to the Omega.
It seems to us that the misery and misfortunes happening somewhere far away in Ecuador, back in the world of the TV screen and to elude us, that all these troubles and misfortunes never affect us and our loved ones.
We live in a quiet own little world and think, hopefully, want to believe that it will be stable, only a successful and progressive and will give us joy and pleasure.
But when trouble comes our life, that which had seemed possible only in the characters from the TV screen, we must, first of all, to wake up from the dream in its close and convenient world. Bede makes us look for a new foothold, and for this we have to first of all get rid of their ignorance ...


Saturday 15 October, 2016

Liberation - not a distorted perception of reality.

Players Leela Academy, participating in the service project Pablisher continue to prepare materials for the new books, which produces Oasis Awakening. Here is an excerpt from the book Conversations with Rama-3.
... Releasing - this is when it comes to the perception of reality, when you are not able to suffer. You can not suffer under any circumstances.


Thursday 29 September, 2016

From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 12: Dive into a trance.

Once you settle down, start paying attention to your breath.

Notice inhale - exhale. And as your eyes start to close, you will dive into the inner world, in which most of your attention is directed to read the signals that come from the body.

At the same time relax your shoulders, neck, throat, and keep watching your breath ...

As soon as you are breathing, notice how moving your shoulders.

They can be raised and lowered. Notice what bodily sensations are right now. It is very important to pay attention to the body and off the visual channel, which means to cover his eyes to focus on bodily sensations headed.

Notice all the sensations that are right now.


Sunday 18 September, 2016

From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 11: From Discord to Harmony.

If you have learned in any situation to come to inner harmony, then you have learned the most important thing in life.

It is important to learn as much as possible in a state of disharmony to behave, not to interfere with the natural process, then there is a transition to a state of harmony, and harmony in disharmony then goes again.

Remember! When you have harmony - it is time for action. During this period, most people must act outside: to build a house, sell your project to communicate.

When a period of disharmony - it means - it's time to get into his hole, press the tail and watch your energy in meditation. This is the period when your car is pulled up to a gas station and should be nourished with energy. Disharmony and night is a time when you need to relax.


Tuesday 06 September, 2016

From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 10: Selection of the way.

What do you mean complete composure in the terrible moments?

This means preserving the full disability body.

This means have the effect of fidelity to extinguish the excitement even close to reachDid you save the power of self-control in this terrible night?

Have you been to the end of courageous and devoted to the construction and approval of life?

Did you answer all your heroic tension forces come a time trial,

when it was necessary to act, and not to hesitate?

At a certain stage of life, each of us need to consciously decide to choose the path.

The path is of great importance in the life of every human being.

There are various ways. You certainly know that every path leads somewhere.

Inscrutable are the ways of the Lord, but somehow, fate itself is pushing us to a certain point in their lives to embark on ...


Tuesday 23 August, 2016

From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 9. Internal maturity.

The spiritual power of the people - all "miracles," and all dreams come true when the power of the spirit and heart are. If a man went on the road of knowledge, it should not succumb to superstition or stop halfway because he feels "incredible" or that of the actions or events they observed.

Antarova K.

With the knowledge of the Self-Regulation, each of you will be able to again and again to discover the rejection of reality and always solve your problem on the level of the body through the acceptance of reality such as it is now.

In order to hear the voice of God, we need inner maturity and if it is, then you will hear it and it'll go over the inner The Call.

It is known that this inner maturity can manifest itself differently in humans. Other and not mature at a ripe old age, while some young people are already very mature and wise souls.


Wednesday 29 June, 2016

From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 8. The denial of life-suicide.

Earth is the arena of labor. But then comes the work of each? What is its value in the current day to the age-old human arena? The exact sliyannosg all this I realized only here. The greatest scheme birth, work and death - for me resulted in three new words: strength, endurance, self-control. And all three of these words vary from the most simple truths. These truths every person creates and builds them from themselves and others the way of joy. These three initial sounds to me now the truth in the words: kindness, love, loyalty. It does not matter what and how people identify these three forces. Whether it is a monk or a lay person, a savage or an enlightened writer; he met in his life of great people and went all his way in a very elementary for the development of society, it is only important that he showed them, and they are one with the people. If he built them a simple day - it reaches a meeting with the Master. He will enter not only into a single understanding of eternal life wisely. He will go down in full knowledge of the heart, that there is no death, no separation. Man, the mind to understand that we should not mourn the departed friend, yet will cry when a friend left. His tears, he will certainly be attracted to each ground. Will beat him pictures of their suffering and create him a thousand obstacles, breaking his first duty in the new world, where he was. And this only the first duty of the new world - the only one, as an eternal memory, which was escorted from the ground in a church ceremony - there are able-bodied person. That is why it is heavy in its communication is idle, does not create the age-old ways to union with the beings in all the worlds. Work the land, as the labor of the sky, individually different. The work of one another may seem idleness. And it does not matter. What is important is that Light that was discovered in a person as a result of his work. Important skills, the habit of thinking in harmony, that is, combined kindness of heart and mental flexibility. They are reconciled to. Love inseparable from the harmonious

the combination of all these qualities in a person, it is the way of living life vnёm. (Antarova K.)

Any process of rejection is incompatible with life, because life is basically kills its negation.