Tuesday 23 August, 2016

From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 9. Internal maturity.

The spiritual power of the people - all "miracles," and all dreams come true when the power of the spirit and heart are. If a man went on the road of knowledge, it should not succumb to superstition or stop halfway because he feels "incredible" or that of the actions or events they observed.

Antarova K.

With the knowledge of the Self-Regulation, each of you will be able to again and again to discover the rejection of reality and always solve your problem on the level of the body through the acceptance of reality such as it is now.

In order to hear the voice of God, we need inner maturity and if it is, then you will hear it and it'll go over the inner The Call.

It is known that this inner maturity can manifest itself differently in humans. Other and not mature at a ripe old age, while some young people are already very mature and wise souls.


Wednesday 29 June, 2016

From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 8. The denial of life-suicide.

Earth is the arena of labor. But then comes the work of each? What is its value in the current day to the age-old human arena? The exact sliyannosg all this I realized only here. The greatest scheme birth, work and death - for me resulted in three new words: strength, endurance, self-control. And all three of these words vary from the most simple truths. These truths every person creates and builds them from themselves and others the way of joy. These three initial sounds to me now the truth in the words: kindness, love, loyalty. It does not matter what and how people identify these three forces. Whether it is a monk or a lay person, a savage or an enlightened writer; he met in his life of great people and went all his way in a very elementary for the development of society, it is only important that he showed them, and they are one with the people. If he built them a simple day - it reaches a meeting with the Master. He will enter not only into a single understanding of eternal life wisely. He will go down in full knowledge of the heart, that there is no death, no separation. Man, the mind to understand that we should not mourn the departed friend, yet will cry when a friend left. His tears, he will certainly be attracted to each ground. Will beat him pictures of their suffering and create him a thousand obstacles, breaking his first duty in the new world, where he was. And this only the first duty of the new world - the only one, as an eternal memory, which was escorted from the ground in a church ceremony - there are able-bodied person. That is why it is heavy in its communication is idle, does not create the age-old ways to union with the beings in all the worlds. Work the land, as the labor of the sky, individually different. The work of one another may seem idleness. And it does not matter. What is important is that Light that was discovered in a person as a result of his work. Important skills, the habit of thinking in harmony, that is, combined kindness of heart and mental flexibility. They are reconciled to. Love inseparable from the harmonious

the combination of all these qualities in a person, it is the way of living life vnёm. (Antarova K.)

Any process of rejection is incompatible with life, because life is basically kills its negation.


Tuesday 21 June, 2016

From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 6 Education.

The nature of physical or spiritual matters each goes through the circles of the labor that man built in centuries. No sudden transitions, what people perceive events earthly lives passing before their eyes. Everything flows naturally through the circles rather than by broken lines. But just knowing opens full light, in which he sees all the links of their own and others' ways. The greatness and the meaning of life and death is not visible bodily eyes is evidence, but in the power of the explosion of love that man can from himself or exuding a absorb. (Antarova K.)

Moment of training is always conditioned by the meeting of several factors:

1. Internal willingness to acquire knowledge.

2. The need for a conductor-teacher who reveals knowledge.

3. Have the strength to realize the willingness to learn and obtain knowledge.

    If you go and want to go on their own, it always means that something you still separates the stage of maturity, which is called the pupil. It's called the rebellious stage, in which the ego is not able to bow and surrender especially in front of his weakness and helplessness.


Friday 17 June, 2016

From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 5: The need for love.

On the court of people you never pay attention.

They are judged by the degree of his mind, and teacher

judges you by the action of your heart,

every culture can only see one whose

heart beats to the rhythm of the universe.

(Antarova K.).

Society-this is a huge source of energy. What kind of energy we consume in society? Energy of Love.

   The primary human need, provided udovoletvoreniya basic human needs for shelter and food, is the need for love.

Man is driven by a need for love and this is the main motive that drives humanity, which at times can push people into crime and a violation of the universal, spiritual and human laws. But this motive is the driving force leading to any form of development.


Saturday 11 June, 2016

From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 3: Source.

Save the integrity of loyalty

Way to the end, in what is now live!

And the great life support you!

Antarova K.

We have already said that the main source of energy is within each person.
But what every man needs to be done?
 - Find access to the source and to establish a permanent relationship with him.
For example, underground water flows and make it available, we need to dig a well.
And for this you need to know where to dig a well and at what depth?
  If you do not see the sun, it does not mean that it is not!
The fact that there is an internal power source -aprioren, ie does not require proof.
Almost all religions and spiritual development trends, learn to find their own source of energy. Why is it needed?