Thursday 30 August, 2018

Approval in the Way.

"Even the most sublime state and the most exceptional spiritual accomplishments are irrelevant if we can not be happy the most basic and usual way, if we are not able to touch each other and to the life that was given to us with our heart."

In the case of spiritual life has a value of a simple truth: we need to make sure that our path is connected with our heart.


What distinguishes those who are established in the Path of those who still have not found his path?

How do you think the winners are taken on the Way? Why does one manage to get out of samsara, while others are still wandering in the maze of her?


Wednesday 25 July, 2018


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Monday 16 April, 2018

Following the seminar "Psychogenetics" in Vladivostok.

... After the soul has rested and
  will work out the lessons of the last life,
  it's time for a new incarnation ...

So, in Vladivostok, the first part of the seminar "Psychogenetics. Hunting Force. "
At the seminar the participants came from different cities. To date, Vladivostok is very hospitable and convenient, for visiting the seminars by the guests of the city, since an extensive network of hotels, hostels, apartments (apartments) with the possibility to find accommodation for a short stay with different budgets, makes it affordable for almost everyone.


Tuesday 10 April, 2018

The usual way is unusual!

Not every one of those,
who infinitely believe in their strength,
in the end wins,
but he who does not believe in them,
does not win never.

Last weekend Vladivostok hosted an internal retreat with Rama.
The group as usual flew from different regions of Primorye and represented people who had an acute inner need for spiritual unfoldment.
Each Rama retreat is unique in that the daily activities program is made up directly for the current membership of the participants, and therefore the program of all the retreats that Rama conducts changes each time and the most relevant forms of tools are selected for this group.
So on this retreat Vipassan theme or Consent with reality was submitted through work with diseases (bodily blocks) - in the context of identifying the causes of the onset of symptoms and illnesses and in particular the detection of the beliefs that form them, disputing with reality.


Sunday 01 April, 2018

Following the seminar "Psychogenetics" in Nakhodka.

"It's not your fault that you live badly.
Because it is entirely your merit. "

Folk wisdom.

In Nakhodka, the first part of the seminar "Psychogenetics. Hunting Force. "
Of course, we must state that all participants must have a certain internal willingness, expressed in the ability to release old destructive behavior patterns that stretch for several generations, into the genus.
Usually, a person does not even think about questioning clan beliefs. When he follows a generic belief, he feels that he is doing everything right and is comfortably comfortable to him, as all the people approve of him, so did his mother and father, so did his grandfather and the woman, and so will he. Generic beliefs determine the direction and quality of human experiences.


Tuesday 27 March, 2018

The difference of psychogenetic analysis from the simple Genetic.

On the first channel, in the broadcast of Elena Malysheva "Live Healthily", famous people: actors, singers, give saliva for analysis, in order to undergo a genetic examination.

Yes, modern medicine using DNA, the epithelium of the cells of the cheek region, can determine

  • Where are you from? Your genes will tell about it. Where did your ancestors live?
  • About his past and about what awaits in the future. What diseases do you have a predisposition for, and which ones, most likely, do not threaten you?

Having looked at several programs, you will notice that the ancient past is similar in many of us. So the analysis of genes shows that the origins of mankind originate in Africa (many thousands of years ago) and then people spread around the globe.
Let's note, what is the difference between the Psychogenetic Analysis and the simple genetic analysis?


Tuesday 20 March, 2018

Sattvic food on individual retreats at the center.

Sattvic food. According to Hindu philosophy, the material nature is characterized by three fundamental qualities or gunas. One of these gunas - sattva, meaning purity and goodness. Sattvic food in the first place is food for the mind, which is the major builder of our health. Such food carries the energy of purity and lightness that allow a person to achieve a high level of spiritual development, and at the individual retro experience "experience of samadhi."


Monday 29 January, 2018

Preparation for Silent Retreat 2018 (Vipassana or Accord with reality 1,2,3 parts).

All participants who applied for retirement Silent Retreat 2018 (Vipassana or Accordance with reality 1,2,3 parts).
can begin preparation for it, which is described later in this article.