Monday 27 November, 2017

100 reasons to start meditating.

Last Friday, Rama held a practical lesson in Vladivostok, which emphasized the understanding, why he needed to meditate and do it regularly.

Anyone who has tried to meditate at least once, has felt the benefits of this delightful state of peace, tranquility and love.

In this article, we have tried to collect all the known useful effects that a person receives from regular meditation.


Saturday 04 November, 2017

Approved schedule of private seminars and retreats with Rama for the spring (March-April) 2018.

The Leela Academy, announces a new approved timetable of in-person seminars and retreats with Rama, which will be held in Russia (in Primorye) in the spring of 2018 from March to April:

In 2018, Rama will hold:

  • the program of private seminars devoted to the Hunt for Power through the study of Psychogenetics "Hunting for Strength." Psychogenetics. 1,2,3 part
  • and the program of internal retreats, dedicated to preparing for a total "surrender", "Consent to reality." 1,2,3 part


Tuesday 31 October, 2017

Project "Awakening of Health" in action. Seminar on October 28-29, Vladivostok.

October 28, 29, in Vladivostok, the two-day workshop "The gift of being a Hunter: Hunting for Strength" was completed.

From the very beginning, the participants succeeded in creating an atmosphere of trust and acceptance of each other, so that during the seminar, they can contribute to their own internal transformation and changes realized in the transformation based on the knowledge gained and the internal work done.

About the nearest events at the Leela Academy:

  • On November 24, from 18.00 to 20.00 in Vladivostok, a practical lesson will be held for all participants in the on-site retreats and seminars with Rama. The lesson will be held in the Amursky Gulf Hotel (Naberezhnaya 9), details can be specified by phone: 8 914 712 32 43 Tatiana (Pearl).
  •   And on December 2,3 in Nakhodka the last practical seminar of Rama will be held in 2017.
  • The further program of in-person seminars with Rama starts in March and April 2018. In the spring of next year, all the seminars of Rama will pass through the prism of immersion in psychogenetics.


Tuesday 24 October, 2017

ॐ Before ॐ or afterword to the autumn retreat.

Last weekend, Vladivostok hosted the final retreat of this full-time meeting with Rama.

At the beginning of the cycle of reincarnations, you agreed in each new life to receive a certain lesson in order to prepare for this, the most important incarnation.

  •  in one life you learned to sacrifice,
  • in the other - to be true,
  • in the third - to communicate with people, and so on.

    So you got all the necessary lessons and studied all areas of human experience.

    Then you made the decision to return to Earth again and in this life all aspects of your being have already been touched - spiritual, creative, emotional and so on. Probably, many of you think that in this incarnation you have already lived not one but several difficult lives.

    Now, in this physical incarnation, it's time for you ...


Tuesday 17 October, 2017

The centaur lives in the present!

Last weekend, near Vladivostok, the second part of the retreat with Rama ended.

This Force drawing was devoted to the study of the following, after (mask and shadow) false identification - (Ego and Body).

In this false identification of oneself only with the mind, a person lives by passing the boundary between himself (the mind) and the body (what he thinks he owns).

Thus, he, identifying himself only with the mind-ego, represents himself as a rider, and the body as a horse. When the boundary between the Ego and the body dissolves, we turn from a rider into a centaur.


Monday 09 October, 2017

The Gift of Being a Hunter. Vladivostok.

When your attention is transferred to the present moment, this is the readiness. It's like you're coming out of a dream - a dream consisting of thoughts, from the past and the future. So clear, so simple. There is absolutely no place for creating problems. Only the present moment - as such.

Last weekend in Vladivostok there was a full-time seminar with Rama - Dar being a Hunter, Hunting for Power. Participants from Khabarovsk, Arseniev, Artem, Nakhodka and Vladivostok came to the seminar.

In the group from the very beginning a warm, friendly atmosphere was set, which contributed to the self-disclosure of the participants and the bold self-exploration of their misconceptions in the understanding of how Life is organized.


Sunday 01 October, 2017

The Gift of Being a Hunter. The find.

Life gives you only such an experience, which best promotes the evolution of your consciousness. How to understand what kind of experience you need? It's very simple - the one you live at the moment.

Last weekend in Nakhodka there was a full-time seminar with Rama - Dar being a Hunter, Hunting for Power.

Participants of the seminar, within three days, successfully completed the first degree program of the Lila Academy:

  • Tracking your state.
  • The ability to quickly build up your state through different signs.
  • 5 kinds of signs. How to work with Signs?
  • Thin and coarse marks. (withdrawal from the "Intertrepacii signs")
  • Immersion in the Trans. Work in the trance state of Consciousness.
  • Dialogue with the unconscious. Where and how do you need to apply in practice?
  • Map of the inner world.
  • How to accumulate personal power continuously?
  • Different types of transformation (obtaining direct experience).
  • Solving current problems, for example, the execution of Hunter's practices.


Sunday 24 September, 2017

On the way to transcend itself. Announcement of the third part of the retreat "No boundaries."

On October 20, the final, third part of the internal retreat with Rama starts this season. On this retreat, we will make the transition from the level of the split Ego to the mask and shadow, to the level of the centaur (the connection of the Ego and the body), and then, from the level The centaur to the transpersonal, supersonic ranges of the spectrum of consciousness.
Ha-Ha, now, the familiar principles and common-sense principles of orientation in ourselves and the world around us are left behind.
And we enter a different world where we begin to come in contact with a consciousness that transcends the boundaries of the individual and reveals to a person something that extends far beyond its limits.
Serious activity at this level sooner or later opens the individual to a consciousness so deep and fundamental that it can lift him above himself into the vast and elusive world of the supra-personal.
In the depths of every human being, knowledge is hidden, which we all have the same:

  • about the soul, reincarnation,
  • about what happens after death, and where the soul goes


Tuesday 18 April, 2017


Start the project. In Nakhodka, Rama's first full-time seminar was held, within the framework of the Z-DAR-OBIA Awakening program.

We all have from birth Dar-force. And this power is manifested in us every day in the form of our actions of decisions, elections and composes our destiny.

At the seminar it was said that right now, each of us, has a certain level of strength, which determines: where, with whom and how we live.