Saturday 21 May, 2022

What will be after an enlightenment?

Disappointment source — ignorance. Ignorance — is mother of the devastating disappointment, the destroying disappointment and suffocating disappointment. Having got into ignorance more deeply, we will see that all this is game unconscious.


Saturday 05 December, 2020

Bookmark the basic foundations of the Player.

Neither art nor wisdom can not

be achieved, if they do not learn.


   Education in Leela Academy held with the aim to teach awakening from the dream of non-doing people a basic player base.

   To learn how to play with life, the player must first of all learn to be a hunter and warrior. It developed the basic skills of the players, then elevate it and argue on the subtle levels of the game (the formless level player).

   This purpose is served by a stepwise (multi-level) studies at the Academy of Lila.

   Players who have taken the Way of the Warrior, and embarked on this path in the Academy Leela understand it, therefore are in constant year-round training.

    The exercise should not be ostanavlivatsya.Nuzhno learn to old age and death, when the doctrine itself is terminated.

Xun Zi


Tuesday 04 April, 2017

Academy of Leela with a new training program in 2017.

Everything is possible!

In 2017 Rama singled out in the Academy Leela, a new educational project

"Awakening of HEALTH" and begins to conduct SEMINARS for a wide range of people interested in personal, spiritual development, health, enlightenment and liberation. The program of this training project will look something like this ...


Monday 03 April, 2017

The game is always a challenge FORCE or impossible possible!

Education Academy in Leela is the main goal, to accompany the students to the status of "Liberation".

This status is checked very simply:

     Emotions, thoughts, feelings (which compose any state) can not affect the player. It is firmly established in the Knowledge (Dare), which allows it to be immune to the entire time.


Tuesday 21 February, 2017

Game Academy Leela levels on the spiritual Path student.

Each person on the spiritual path leads its circumstances and causes.

Everyone carries their karmic burden, unresolved problems of the past and current problems of the present.

At the foot of spiritual development, tortuous paths and plural, one might even say how many people - so many ways. But the pinnacle of spiritual development for all one - the creation connected with the Creator.

How is the return of personal consciousness in the transcendental during many years of study at the Academy of Lila?

We will reflect in this article stages of spiritual development, mgrovym appropriate levels of training in the Academy of Lila.


Tuesday 10 November, 2015

Do not act does not mean inaction.

Tao constantly carries inaction,

but there is nothing that would not make it.

Lao Tzu.

After starting at the Oasis Project Awakening Academy Lila, it took some time out to validate the training program, which is currently prepared and covers the period of training (which is supervising the process of Awakening) from the very first of its manifestations to full awakening.

For players of the Academy of Leela, there are several areas of study.

So players can use the most accessible area for the first training-online space, which can be divided into two categories:

First for those who would like to come into contact with Oasis and the Academy at their own pace and standalone mode: view the video on the channel YouTube, study the materials on the site (articles and reviews of the players), as well as in the case of registration on the site, use of materials for teaching in a private office Finder level.

The second category refers to the students of the Academy of Leela living remotely from Vladivostok and other countries. Accompanying these players (the process of Awakening) in this case takes place remotely.

 The second area is full-time retreats, which are currently carried out only in Russia and the only in Vladivostok.

For players from distant cities and other countries in the near future (will be conducted face to face or retreats in Thailand or South Korea, or India).

Third platform for learning are playing travel.

In this drawing forces can participate only players who trained at the Academy of Lila skills hunter and warrior, and really have personal power. This playground requires participants the ability to move freely in the international space, to speak at a basic level of English to be able to buy tickets over the Internet, to open Visas and have financial viability.

The fourth area as the first designed for the students of the Academy Players Lila, and for all the guests an oasis of enlightenment. This platform is an open satsangs. Open satsangs Rama currently planned to spend Okunevo (Russia), Seoul (South Korea), Thiruvannamalai (India).

This article I dedicate especially to those players of the Academy of Lila, who start their own fly in different countries, in the travel game.


Sunday 16 August, 2015

Confirmation of level of players.

To all acting players of Academy Poured, it is recommended to be registered on the site and to conduct the game from a private office in which the game level at which there is a player at present will be visually shown.

From the moment of issue of the site (February, 2015), all acting players of Academy Poured, confirmations of game levels have to undergo procedure (verification). Initially, the players who didn't pass verification will be temporarily registered at the Hunter level.


Saturday 04 April, 2015

Offerings-Gifts in Buddhism.

Submission of personal power in the way of the hunter, warrior, missionaries and formless players in the Academy of Leela, which is carried out through the mechanism of the donation of its strength, resonates in such rituals offering gifts (external, internal, secret) in Buddhism. Offerings in Buddhism, correspond with dedication and empowers the practice of a certain level. Thus, the offering also includes a method of producing the right of access to knowledge through practice. About offerings in Buddhism, read this article.