Sunday 22 March, 2015

Conversations with Rama. Article 2.1. (Project Publisher)

Absolute reality can not be experienced. The absolute reality is unattainable in any way for the perception of the senses, and therefore knowable ... This article has been seen as a player Hati. Taking part in the project Publisher, she translated the information from the video format in text format.


Wednesday 18 March, 2015

Conversations with Rama. Article 1. (Publisher project)

- I remember when the teacher the shaman saw off me through fear of death, he ruthlessly sat and observed how I fight in fear convulsions, riding on a floor. My body was paralyzed by spasms. At that moment I also saw how the Consciousness ruthlessly watches everything that occurs in this moment. I distinctly remember as, being held down by spasms, I began to smile to Consciousness and a govorit:da I agree, let will be so. I need this experience. I all this deserve! Also I smiled to Consciousness!


Wednesday 11 March, 2015

Current Rating "Open hearts" and "Transfer" 10.03.2015.

This life — the gold opportunity granted to us Supreme. However opportunity — this one, and achievement — this another. Our spiritual evolution, our internal progress is made very slowly, very gradually, and at the same time it is of huge importance. But some sincere, real directed make the spiritualized promise that they realize God in this incarnation, here and now.


Sunday 08 March, 2015

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Enter a private office. Click the Awakening Oasis logo. Click the ANNOUNCEMENT. Click REGISTRATION. In a private office Click the relevant activity (the message - a circle will come there) my actions. To receive the following task of selections, it is necessary to write in a window the report, about the readiness!


Saturday 07 March, 2015

The final release (12) Diary of the Remote Winter Games.

Diaries Distance Games. Issue 12. Well, dear players, remote gaming Satvic energy flowed smoothly in your changes and transformations, and with awareness, with all the gifts collected by the players of the draws of life - has become a transfiguration of them, that occur at this time.


Thursday 05 March, 2015

Diary of the Remote Third Winter Games. 11. Issue (Part 2)

Diaries Distance Games. 11. Issue (Part 2). When all of the Buddha took off their masks, their bodies become light and disappeared, I looked around and could not see anything because there was nothing Never.


Tuesday 03 March, 2015

Diary of the Remote Third Winter Games. 11. Issue (Part 1)

Diaries Distance Games. 11. Issue (Part 1). Change is the only thing that is guaranteed to be constant. Providing a physical body, we are faced with two incontrovertible things: constant change and final death.


Friday 27 February, 2015

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Friday 27 February, 2015

Diary of the Remote Third Winter Games. Issue 10.

Diaries Distance Games. Issue 10. People dream of flour and torture; bullying, violence and even murder that happen to them. You -development and intelligent soul in life, in a dream can do things that it is difficult even to speak.


Thursday 26 February, 2015

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