Friday 29 December, 2017

Diary of 6 Winter Remote Games. Issue 4. Season 2017 / 18

Game 2.

Meanwhile, some of the players of the Sixth Winter Remote Games passed the second game mark.

As participants played on the eve of the main holiday of the year, read in this issue.

Pay attention to the fact that all the holidays strengthen the duality of reality, clearly dividing it into a holiday and everyday life. For the player there is no difference, he sees the somnolent game of Consciousness. For him, every day is a holiday :) Who wants a holiday? Who wants Joy, etc.? The main questions for unidentification :)

And remember, before you enter into a situation and try to solve it, find in it God and his Divine play, try to see it through the eyes of Saint Vasishtha, through the eyes of the Jnani, or at least through the eyes of the sadhu. And then any situation will be favorable. So, we read the drawings:


Sunday 24 December, 2017

Diary of 6 Winter Remote Games. Issue 3. Season 2017/18

We continue our release of the diary of the Sixth Winter Remote Games with the direction of Teun Marez.


It is easy to understand that as long as people are quite justifiably satisfied with how their life develops, they can not have any good reasons to change anything.

Instead, most people prefer to simply get acquainted with new ways to make their lives richer.

There is a huge number of people who are not at all against gaining the strength and abilities of a warrior, but only as some additional advantages enriching their current life.

However, you can not achieve the strength of a warrior without becoming a warrior, but in order to become a warrior, a complete transformation of the personality is necessary.

Meanwhile, the selections for the Sixth Winter Remote Games were over.


Saturday 16 December, 2017

Diary of 6 Winter Remote Games. Issue 2. Season 2017/18

Starting on November 16, the participants of the winter remote games are already in the fourth stage of the selection process.

Academy Leela minimizes the formal format of the participation of players in training and requires practical confirmation of the ability to apply the knowledge gained in practice.

Learning outcomes at the Lila Academy should directly manifest themselves

  • In bodily unlocking clamps
  • Reducing the intensity of destructive emotions
  • A stable position of responsibility (as opposed to the position of the victim)
  • Awareness of resistances and the ability to "flow around", that is, not to defend and justify themselves
  • Reduction of stereotyped reactions of rejection of the surrounding reality
  • Greater freedom of expression and expression
  • Social adaptation (improving constructive relationships at work and in the family)
  • Increased awareness in everyday life, etc.

Well, about how the players passed the fourth stage of the selection, read in this issue of the diary ...


Thursday 14 December, 2017

Diary of 6 Winter Remote Games. Issue 1. Season 2017 / 18g.

The article is in the status COMPLETED.

At a certain point the player goes so far,
that he no longer has any opportunity to turn back,
because he no longer wants to live in the world left behind.
Therefore, he realizes that he has nothing to lose but his own
life, but what does his life cost if he
fetters created by his fellow men?

  • The Sixth Winter Remote Games, traditionally began with selections. Recall that applications for remote games are accepted until December 1 inclusive.

Considering the fact that along this path are progressing in small steps, any adult person is able to cope with fairly elementary practices that unbelievably enhance the quality of his life.

In the second stage of the selection, players had to demonstrate self-discipline and firmness of intention by completing the specified task. About how the players coped with the task, read below ...


Sunday 10 December, 2017

The "Open Hearts" rating for December 2017.

Last Saturday, the regular meeting of the "Open Hearts" was held, at which players continued training in counseling.

In this lesson, the main topic was a detailed study of the application of the tool - Ericksonian hypnosis (or immersion in the trance state of consciousness) and working with the client, using all the advantages of immersion in trance.

Also at the meeting, a rating of consultants was conducted, which, of course, subjectively, reflects the success of training in advising players. Recall that the project "Open Hearts" was launched in 2013, as part of the development of such practices as Service (Karma Yoga), which is an integral part of spiritual development in the Lila Academy.


Monday 04 December, 2017

Learning in the STYLE of the continuous accumulation of Force.

Last weekend, Rama held the final full-time seminar of the outgoing year, in Nakhodka, which was a practical stage of training, at which the participants of the seminar not only learned the theoretical bases of the Hunt for Power, but also started to fight for it.

Accurately tracking down the EXTRACTION (Force) on the first day of the seminar, on the second day, the participants, with the help of the famous instrument of "HOLOTROPIC Breath", plunged into the boundless expanses of the unconscious


Wednesday 29 November, 2017

Prepare sleighs in summer.

In November 2016, start the selection, now on Fifth Winter Remote game.

It is the longest rally forces, hosted by the Academy of Lila, which runs in conjunction with the selection of about 3.5 months.

This year, all participants are waiting for the new qualifying jobs and some additions to the accompaniment, which, like last year, will include the possibility of Skype -konsultirovaniya with experienced players, "Open Heart" in the course of this long retreat.

In preparation for remote games, now, Sangha Leela Academy recommends to try:

The program for taking notes and diaries - One Note

OneNote for Windows is one of the oldest programs for note taking. There was a OneNote in Office 2003. Now the package is distributed with Office 2010, any edition.


Tuesday 28 November, 2017

Self-assessment of the game!

Very soon will start fifth Remote Winter Games. Registration for the retreat has already begun and will last until 1 December inclusive.

Remote play is a very important tool with which Leela Academy student is able to play continuously, in all circumstances and in all conditions ...

Over the past 9 years, holding a remote gaming (only the fifth time they are held in the form of Winter the Remote games) party is going through a very difficult life dramas, such as divorce, infidelity, death of loved ones, loss of a job, moving to another country, the disease could through these situations as life draws and playing, gaining personal power, perceiving any difficulty as a challenge, and accompanied by a guide carefully stalked the merger with destructive emotions, and out of these identifications through a transformation and play.

It is difficult to explain how to play those who are truly players. It is either given or not. Initially PLAYER has the qualities that allow him to play, but yes it will play in any situation. Well, training practices and techniques only makes it more delicate game.
On the Remote Fifth Winter Games have changed a little self-evaluation of the rules of the game, so in this article, we encourage you to read them to all potential participants in games.


Tuesday 21 November, 2017

The Himalayas (parable)

Once upon a time, the owner of one luxurious palace asked a talented artist to draw the real Himalayas on the walls of the building.


Friday 17 November, 2017

Alpha rhythm of the brain-access to unlimited possibilities and hidden reserves ...

You've probably heard that there are alpha, gamma, beta, delta, theta rhythms of the brain, each of which carries its own functions and opens its possibilities.

So ... Most of our life we ​​live in beta and gamma ranges ...

... while access to unlimited possibilities and hidden reserves is in a different range - in the alpha-rhythm.

  • There is a hidden mechanism of self-healing.
  • There lies unlimited access to money.
  • There is success, career rise, recognition.
  • There the meeting with love of all life, a strong family and warm relations with children and parents was lost.