Wednesday 28 December, 2016

Diary of the 5th Winter Games, the Remote. Game 2.

Master and pupil.
No mindless obedience or servile devotion are not required by the student.
What you need - extremely sincere and total self-giving Spirit Way.
Utmost sincerity and dedication pupil generate resonance with the Spirit of the Master ...
Going into resonance with the Spirit of the Master, the student acquires the right to possess the Infinite gifts.

Meanwhile, the Remote players Fifth Winter Games were held the mark of the second game. As participants played on the eve of the main holiday of the year, read in this issue.


Sunday 25 December, 2016

NEW! Levels of training at the Academy of Leela - 2017.

At the end of 2016, training levels Leela Academy has been expanded. It is produced due to the fact that there is a big difference between the player starts to play, for example, on the level of warrior and finish playing at the same level. The difference may be the equivalent of the length of study from 5 to 15 years.

Therefore, at the moment, game levels and sublevels extended all the players now see on the site, in a private office and in front of their avatars, levels marked with an asterisk.


Friday 23 December, 2016

Diary of the 5th Winter Games remotely. Game 1 Part 1.


Greetings of the reality in which all the elements and all the living and nonliving
appear as though being in themselves, which they awhile
exist and which then return ...

So, the fifth season of the Remote the games began. During the entire period of the game we will be accompanied by our spiritual teacher.
By the time the article exit, some players have already played the first game and in the summary diary Winter Remote Sensing games, all the players of academy Leela will be able to illustrative examples to learn to play practical jokes, according to the game with the Consciousness at different levels: the seeker, hunter, warrior, missionaries, formless Player ...

All descriptions of the reports of the players will be edited in such a way that confidentiality is respected, as in that song:
And that no one had thought ... And that no one had thought ... And that no one would know .. this song is about you :)))


Wednesday 21 December, 2016

What do you like more: Meditation or diving?

Do not assume that, having achieved once and for all, full of self-control, you can leave it at that at least for a short time. No full self-control does not protect the human body from the possibility of being shocked by certain events, if even for a moment the spirit of man hung up
with someone, alive and powerful, it is in itself.
(Antarova K).

The great Chinese physician Sun Simiao (... Years 581-682 BC), who lived 101 years, perceptively described the progress of the human personality problem in his "recipe for a priceless gold":
"As a young person does not understand Tao.
In middle age, he hears a lot about Tao, but does not apply in practice what hears.
When he gets old, he sees the truth of the Tao, but is too weak to act according to it. "
Players Leela Academy, hear and timely use DAO in practice! About how they do it, read this article.


Tuesday 20 December, 2016

From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 7.Estestvennye mechanisms of self-regulation.

"Taking revenge a man of his laziness. Laziness burns in man's initiative. A man devoid of initiative is not much above the animal. The longer the period of idleness, the more bitter the collapse of energy in a person. A number of years spent in idleness, closes all opportunities for a person to enter one of the trails of light. For it to enter one of them can be the one in whom

flexible alive the will to work."

 (Antarova K.)

First of all, we need to understand:

  What is the natural self-regulation?

You can imagine the human body as a system, represented by three aspects: Spirit, Soul and Body. When I appeal to you, I, first of all, I address not only to your body but also your soul and spirit. The problem of waking and sleeping characters is that they associate themselves only with the body.


Thursday 15 December, 2016

On your marks! Issue 3. Part 2. (Diary of the 5th Winter Games, the Remote.)

Continued ...

In the morning I woke up earlier than her husband, he went to bed, but when I started to leave the room, he quietly asked him to hide two more blankets on ... mind began to resist because remembered the night rejected the gesture husband, resentment revived realized now, as the mind begins to whine and to persuade all the ways are not harboring husband, I hesitantly reached for the blanket while the mind continued to chatter do not do this, he has rejected you, increased heart rate, I did not seem to notice whispering continued to cover her husband's second blanket, I usually answer the same rejection, slowly but steadily continues to conceal the body flushed from the heat which began to wrap me up and down, the heart opened.


Wednesday 14 December, 2016

On your marks! Issue 3. Part 1. (Diary of the 5th Winter Games, the Remote.)

I am glad to be in nirvana, but karma does not start.

Thus, the participants fifth Winter Games Complete the remote selections, which began on November 16 and came right up to the start line of games.

A bit of statistical selections:

Out of 100% of the applicants on the game, the start of the Games has reached 76%.

24% - it is the participants who withdrew from the games due to mismatch of expectations (which were new participants) of the participants had been rejected from participation in DI due to irrelevance type lottery game at the time and a very small part of the participants were not able to qualify.

At the second stage of selection, participants were to reclaim their rights to the force is played in this season in the material terms and devastated. But the third stage of selection was the training Visions draws.

To learn how to see the draw and play it, what it means to lose or win a lottery, read this article ...


Tuesday 13 December, 2016

The parable of the wise perception.

There was an old man in the village. He was very poor, but even kings were jealous of him because he had a beautiful white horse. He was offered the horse for fabulous money, but the old man said, "This horse is not a horse, but a person to me How can you sell a person, a friend.?" The man was poor, but never agreed to sell the horse. One morning he found his horse in the stable. He gathered the entire village and all the condemned old man: "You are - stupid old man, - he said - We knew that someday the horse is stolen It would be better you sold it What a bad luck...!" The old man said: "I do not know the whole story I do not know whether he left or taken away there is the fact everything else - the judgment Is it bad luck or a blessing I do not know, because it's all just part of who knows.... that next? " People laughed.


Monday 12 December, 2016

History of the wise donkey.

One day a farmer's donkey fell into a well.
He cried piteously, until the farmer decided how to get him out.
Eventually the owner judged as follows: the donkey is an old and well still had to go to sleep. Then he called the neighbors for help. They took a shovel and began to throw the earth into the pit ...


Friday 09 December, 2016

Curious Varvara's nose torn off in the bazaar

or in someone else's sangha with the Romans do ...

In 2017, game levels that will more thoroughly identify learning gaps among students will be expanded in the Leela Academy. This will more meticulously prepare the players for the exam.

Exam every student will keep itself in life in the given circumstances of life.

But remember, no matter how you were willing, life during the "draw - examination," you will certainly lull, and your task will consist in the fact that from scratch, in full identification wake up and PLAY!

Well, now, how to pass the first stage of the selection on the fifth Winter DI second group of players: