Saturday 22 April, 2017

Dreams of records.

On his deathbed, Lee said his famous phrase: "I did everything that was to be done in this world. I'm going home. "


Tuesday 18 April, 2017


Start the project. In Nakhodka, Rama's first full-time seminar was held, within the framework of the Z-DAR-OBIA Awakening program.

We all have from birth Dar-force. And this power is manifested in us every day in the form of our actions of decisions, elections and composes our destiny.

At the seminar it was said that right now, each of us, has a certain level of strength, which determines: where, with whom and how we live.


Sunday 16 April, 2017

You are you, and I am me.

Last Saturday, "Open Hearts" again gathered for the next lesson on training counseling.
Rama explained the nuances of the client-centered approach in counseling, how to create a consultant:

  •    Atmosphere that would unleash the client and
  •  Encouraged the self-disclosure and actions of the counselor

Well, the main topic of the meeting was the study of this approach in counseling as Gestalt. The basic postulate of this approach is ...


Saturday 15 April, 2017

The program of dynamic communication on remote games.

In the upcoming Spring-Summer Remote Games, with some players (starting with the warrior ** level), Lil Academy will launch a dynamic communication program.
The program of dynamic communication on remote games is launched with those players who participated in dynamic groups on internal retreats with Rama.
The program of dynamic communication is aimed at:

  1. Translate remote communication with the learner into real-time events.
  2.  Go from an indirect discussion of fears and defenses to direct analysis of them in current situations, manifested directly in the dynamics of communication during the distance game.

  The basis of this method of work is the following:

If you have a problem, after a while it will start to manifest itself in communication.


Friday 14 April, 2017

Individual retreat "Create health!"

Within the framework of the project "Excitement of Health", the Academy Leela begins to conduct individual retreats "Create Health!".
According to WHO: medicine can save our health only by 10%, another 20% depends on our genetics, and 50% is our way of life and 20% is an ecological environment.

  • So, 50% of our health depends on our way of life.
  • Our whole life is development from birth to old age.

Health, in other words, it is our energy, without which, a person is unlikely to be truly happy and active.
After all, the knowledge and skills that we apply to our way of life, change us, make us more energetic.


Wednesday 12 April, 2017

The scientific rationale for using emoticons

Dear players! On the eve of the start of spring-summer remote games, we added our smiley, new animated (moving) smiles.
New smiles you can find in the text editor for writing messages in the sections:

  • Animals
  • People
  • Koloboks
  • Other

History. The first documentary use of ":-)" dates back to 1982. A symbol from several punctuation marks was proposed as a conditional marker for jokes on the bulletin board in one American college and since then changed our communication on the web forever.

If you doubt whether emoticons are appropriate in personal correspondence, we have prepared several really valid arguments in their favor.


Tuesday 11 April, 2017

The middle way.

Last weekend, ended with a full-time retreat with Rama, in which the players studied in detail what makes up the Spectrum of Consciousness and what it means to disagree with what you are not.

Players bravely went to another attack of self-exploration of their own shadow sides.

As you know, each of us has shadow qualities, and not looking, for example, at what we think we are:

  • Honest, but we periodically lie and deceive, and also steal or take someone else's
  • Generous, but we also show greed and greed
  • Strong, but often we are weak and helpless ...

Players for three days carefully examined their shadow sides of the psyche, helping each other to discover those qualities that they do not want to see in themselves and push into the unconscious, demonstrating to the world the opposite qualities acceptable to their Ego.


Thursday 06 April, 2017

Just one exercise for the royal posture.

Saddle is not only an aesthetic drawback. Disregarding the exercises for posture, we are harming many important organs - the heart, lung, stomach, pancreas, which are forced to function in a "squeezed" position.

Thus, a beautiful posture is not only beauty, but also health. In many ways, for a beautiful posture, one simple basic exercise helps, which is widely used in medicine and sports training ...