Wednesday 12 February, 2020

Hidden meanings of questions.

Each question has its hidden meaning, and if it is correctly answered, do they create the right reactions and intensify the results?
It would seem that it could be easier than asking a question?
However, there are many rules and varieties of questions in the Russian language.
In addition, their use in conversation always depends on the speech situation.
Let's now analyze all types of questions in more detail in this article.
What are the questions in Russian?
In this article we will consider 5 types of questions. There is also a number of other classifications, the number of questions in which can vary, but today we will dwell on this.


Monday 27 January, 2020

Article 3. Kinds of Samadhi.

Samadhi - a spiritual condition of consciousness. There are different types of a samadhi. Among the lowest samadhi are a savikalpa. For a savikalp of a samadha there is a nirvikalpa of a samadhi, but between them a huge abyss: these are two absolutely different forms of a samadhi. Besides, there is a state and outside a nirvikalpa of a samadhi, called a sahadzha of a samadhi.


Wednesday 22 January, 2020

Article 2. And again, what such Samadhi?

Samadhi is a state at which the idea of own identity disappears (but not consciousness) and there is a unity perceiving and perceived. Samadhi— the last step bringing the person closely to a nirvana.


Thursday 16 January, 2020

Article 1. Explanation of concept of Samadhi.

Naturally, it is a subject rather difficult, and only very prepared people and only at the real spiritual school under the direct guide of the real Guru who mastered in perfection these technicians can be engaged in similar practicians.


Wednesday 08 January, 2020


Saturday 04 January, 2020


Tuesday 31 December, 2019


Wednesday 25 December, 2019


Tuesday 24 December, 2019

Life without birth and death ...

When we begin to dawn in his self-awareness and gaps hardly appear the secret signs present our true essence, then begins the Life that does not begin with birth and ends with death ...


Sunday 22 December, 2019

Soul Mission 2015 Afterword.

In 2015, the players of the Academy of Leela, held a mysterious conversation, part of the curriculum at the Academy Leela: Soul Session Discovery Mission.

What it is? As well as those who were not in this session, the participants of this retreat did not have a complete picture of what it is exactly.

According to the concept of training at the Academy of Lila, three key stages in the training session at the Academy Lila- Discovery Mission Soul Full Surrender (enlightenment) and Full Probuzhdenie- kept secret.

But the general impression, the participants of the Discovery mission last Session share with you: