Wednesday 06 June, 2018

Release 3. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018.

The Path of Spiritual Awakening
Sent upwards.
Through life experience
To the top of human potential.
On this way we pass
The Gate of Awakening.
Their goal is evolution
The arena is a daily routine,
The deepest secret is action.
And time is right now.
(D. Millman).

You know, the world is constantly talking to you, and then, when you are confused in the labyrinth of the mind, you start to doubt, you get frightened ... It's just at such moments that you need to calm your mind a little and come to a state of inner silence ... Silence is the best healer from anxieties ... When this is realized, the boundary between the inner and outer is erased and everything is seen as One. Notice Signs, paying attention to them. Traffic lights simply indicate the desired color. Lighthouses just shine. He who has eyes, let him hear ...

In this summary, draws played by players in the current game are collected:


Tuesday 05 June, 2018

On-line meeting of Rama with the participants of the Spring-Summer Remote Games.

This year, for the first time, a new addition is introduced to accompany the players in the longest power draw (Retreat) - Remote games.
All participants in the remote games will be able to participate in an online meeting with Rama, where Rama will talk about the game of Leela and about the nuances of how to play Remote Games. He will also answer all questions from the players.
The meeting is scheduled for Sunday 17 June.

Now the most urgent is to approve the meeting time, because the players are in different time zones (the geography of the spring-summer remote game is wide enough, and the players are in different time zones: the USA, Germany, Thailand, Omsk, Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Arsenyev.

If you set the time for Vladivostok (Nakhodka, Arseniev) at 22:00,
USA - 5:00 AM
Germany - 14:00
Omsk - 18:00
Thailand - 19:00
Vladivostok (Nakhodka, Arseniev) - 22:00

We ask all players playing in different countries to check the exact time, and also to confirm that such time is convenient for you, below in the comments to this article.
Later you will receive a link, after which you will get to the on-line meeting with Rama.


Thursday 31 May, 2018

Issue 2. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018.

"Peace among rest is not true peace.
Only when you find peace in motion,
verily thou shalt comprehend the heavenly nature.
Fun among the fun is not true joy.
Only when you realize joy in sorrow,
you will understand what the heart is living. "
(Hung Ziuchen).

This summary contains rallies played by players in the current period of distance games.
All players play at a good pace and have enough internal motivation in order to overcome the difficulties encountered in their path.
You have already noticed how an unshakable law of rhythm manifests itself in your game. After a period of activity comes a period of passivity, after a stormy experience comes a period of calm ... the desire is replaced by their absence. ... And you need to learn how to continue to play in different periods of life. Which is demonstrated by experienced players who do not merge with passive or active periods, but play.

Well, now we will go directly to the distance game:


Tuesday 29 May, 2018

Coming soon: Traveling to a world without borders. 10-day retreatment.

You need to go where you want,
but not where they supposedly "must".
Go to yourself, go and do not be afraid of anything.
At you all will turn out, the truth.
Max Fry. Book of Solitude.

Very soon the most complex technique, the long retreat, conducted by the Academy of Leela, begins.

10 days retreat in 2018, will be held only in June from 6 to 17 number.

What is the complexity of this retreat?

The fact is that participants day after day must spend all their time in the continuous practice of four floors, during which they work from returning to the moment now from the world of illusions of the mind to disagreement with the person, gradually going beyond the boundaries of the body, soul, mind , until suddenly there are no borders.

Truly this process is like a journey.

It would seem, well, that such, sat down and sit yourself ...


Saturday 26 May, 2018

Your vibrational level determines your life experience.

 Your vibration is the energy that you transmit to the outside, as well as the energy that you attract to yourself, like a magnet. You draw into your life those experiences that vibrate in unison with the vibration emitted by you.

You can not recognize / not see this, you can try to deceive yourself and shift responsibility to another ... but in fact,
what you are broadcasting, you get!

Your vibrational level determines your life experience.

High Vibration
When you vibrate at a high level, your life is full ...


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