Sunday 16 July, 2017

Diary of Spring-Summer Distance Games. Issue 9. Season 2017g.

This issue of the diary of spring-summer remote games, we would like to begin with the words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, an outstanding Russian writer of the 20th century, a classic of Russian literature, a Nobel Prize winner (For moral strength with which he continued the traditions of great Russian literature, 1970).

Solzhenitsyn wrote The Gulag Archipelago, a world-famous documentary and artistic epic of repression in the years of Soviet power. "...

The book is about blood, about sweat, about tears, about suffering, about hopelessness, and you close it with a sense of strength and light. It shows: a person in all circumstances can remain a man ... "(ND Solzhenitsyn).

"The most important thing in life, all the riddles of it - do you want, I'll pour you now?" Do not pursue the ghostly - for property, for titles: it makes money by the nerves of decades, and confiscated in one night. Live with equal superiority over life - do not be frightened of misfortune and do not languish happily. All the same, after all, the bitter is not up to the age and sweet is not supplemented. It's enough with you if you do not freeze and if thirst and hunger do not tear you with the claws of the insides ... If you do not break the ridge, both legs walk, both hands bend, see both eyes and hear both ears - who else are you jealous of? Envy of others, most of all eats us the same. Wipe your eyes, wash your heart and above all appreciate those who love you and who is to you. Do not offend them, do not scold. Do not part with any of them in a quarrel. After all, you do not know, maybe this is your last act and so you will remain in their memory "...


Friday 14 July, 2017

Start of the 10 day retreat "Samadhi".

A precious stone can not be polished without friction.
Also, a person can not become wise without
enough difficult attempts.

While most of the players at the Leela Academy are on summer vacations (which mean an independent game), players of formless level and missionaries are storming new heights.

Having passed quite demanding selections for this 10 day retreat of Samadhi, the players found themselves in one playing field, in which each will need the ability to play flawlessly.


Wednesday 12 July, 2017

Diary of Spring-Summer Distance Games. Issue 8. Season 2017g.

When we change our mindset, the world changes color too!
© Gintama

Participants in the spring-summer distance games, continuing to live in a heightened awareness mode, passed the eighth game mark. About what kind of rallies are found on their way, we introduce you in this issue of the game diary.

In the morning I went to the station, got in line. In front of me, a man asked for a ticket to V. on the next flight, I felt the body condensed. The cashier said that there is one ticket in the reserved seat on the top shelf, he asked to see other trains. Potasovav back and forth, he bought a ticket and departed, I thought he took this one ticket. A little upset, but then calmed down with the thoughts "You should not have to sleep on the go." I went to the ticket office and asked for a ticket for today until V. Cashier offered a single ticket on the train 351 in the first compartment number 2. I was a little confused and hung. She once again asked "Will you take?" Waking up, I quickly nodded. I took the return ticket on the same train, and I got the last bottom seat on the train. For myself, I thank the Consciousness for the gift. While she was writing out the tickets, she asked her why 351st train was not on the Internet yesterday? She replied that this meant that there were no empty seats. Giving me the tickets, the cashier said, "And you are lucky!" - "Yes, sometimes it happens!"


Monday 10 July, 2017

Seminar "On the Main-2". Afterword.

Happiness does not have tomorrow,

He does not have yesterday,

It does not remember the past

and does not think about the future.

He has only the present.

And that's not the day. And a moment.

I.S. Turgenev.

On Sunday, the second one-day seminar of Rama, On the Main-2 took place.

At this seminar, the participants got acquainted with the technique of tracking down their condition in detail.

  • An ordinary person lives mostly in the head. That is, he constantly thinks (he knows how life should be arranged) and is identified mainly with thoughts and ideas.


Friday 07 July, 2017

Diary of Spring-Summer Distance Games. Issue 7. Season 2017g.

Hands never anywhere

Do not touch anything.

Do not get involved in anything

And do not go anywhere.

Silently step aside,

Be modest in the corner

And stand still, without moving,

Until his old age.

Grigory Oster. Bad advice.

Some players of the Academy Leela, continue to live in a heightened awareness mode, playing distance games. And we continue to acquaint you with the rallies that occur on their way.


Thursday 06 July, 2017


Monday 03 July, 2017

What we create is what we are.

 We are born in the body given to us by God, but when we are forty, we find ourselves in the body that we created ourselves. And this body is less expressive, less alive than it could be, because many of us do not live with the body. We perceive it as a "body" or "my body" as an extraneous object, as if it were a table or a chair in a room. We seem to say: "I use the body, but I have a vague understanding that it is me." But if the body is rigid and inflexible, if it is clamped and taut, unassembled and heavy - it means that these qualities are in the mind.

In the deepest sense, movement is the flow of energy that drives all life as a whole. We move all 24 hours a day, that is, the movement for us is a natural being, and therefore in motion we can discover so much new about ourselves.


Sunday 25 June, 2017

Diary of Spring-Summer Distance Games. Issue 6. Season 2017g.

You can not imagine what a person is capable of,

who finally realized that he has no other choice.

Max Fry

Some players of the Academy Leela, continue to live in a heightened awareness mode, playing distance games. And we continue to acquaint you with the rallies that occur on their way.

We began to play in my office in airplanes made of paper: who gets in the doorway. I was so carried away that I forgot how old I am, my importance, my age and other nonsense. There was a child's joy and spontaneity. How fun and easy it is to live when you are just there, in the moment here and now.


Thursday 22 June, 2017

Video: Immerse yourself in awareness. Retreat with Rama. 04.2016.

These videos are for the students of the Academy of Leela. Access to these videos is only possible on the Oasis of Awakening website.

Dive into awareness. Retreat with Rama. 04.2016.


Wednesday 21 June, 2017

Diary of Spring-Summer Distance Games. Issue 5. Season 2017g.

Do not rely too much on anyone in this world,

because even your own shadow leaves you,
when you are in darkness. (Eastern wisdom)

Some players of the Academy Leela, live in a heightened awareness mode, continuing to play distance games. And we continue to acquaint you with the rallies that occur on their way.

Sophia's brother Nikolai, in one of the letters at the end, wrote such lines: "Time runs very fast, years pass, but what can you do when there are laws of nature .." After reading these lines, I realized that the gift of writing poems from me out of line of this kind. When I was a child and could not express my feelings to my mother or father, could not say about my pain and did not know how to cope with it, I used this method of expression - wrote poems. I could write after the event or directly at the time of the event, wrote everything that came, quickly, not caring about rhyme and beauty. I expressed feelings of paper, so they did not accumulate in me and now I am very grateful for this gift, realizing that everything that is given to us is given so that we can cope and play.