Wednesday 22 February, 2017

Sea, sun and water are our best friends!

Meanwhile, I finished 25 day retreat held by the Academy of Lila in Thailand.
Players for more than 3 weeks were in the living conditions in the country with a different culture, mentality, language, food, clothing, etc.
These conditions are most suited to identify itself with the usual self-image, stamps behavior reactions.


Tuesday 21 February, 2017

Game Academy Leela levels on the spiritual Path student.

Each person on the spiritual path leads its circumstances and causes.

Everyone carries their karmic burden, unresolved problems of the past and current problems of the present.

At the foot of spiritual development, tortuous paths and plural, one might even say how many people - so many ways. But the pinnacle of spiritual development for all one - the creation connected with the Creator.

How is the return of personal consciousness in the transcendental during many years of study at the Academy of Lila?

We will reflect in this article stages of spiritual development, mgrovym appropriate levels of training in the Academy of Lila.


Saturday 18 February, 2017

In the wake of a 10-day retreat "Samadhi".

Gradually, we grow to the ability to consciously enter into higher states and stay in them all the more. Way rewards reality itself.


In the center of the Individual retreats "Samadhi" ended on 10 day retreat "Samadhi", with the participation of players who are ready for such a degree of complexity drawing of the Force.

The fact that the retreat program, compiled with naiintensivneyshey density practices. More intensive programs, this time interval, in the world of spiritual practice just does not happen. Retreat program begins at 4.30 and ends at 22.00 complicate not something that is impossible, and not even advisable. Further complexity is only possible by adding the number of days of the retreat (21 days or more) ... even traveled around the world, not just to find someone honest enough to bear such intensity. A group has been set up, about equal in strength to the players Leela Academy.


Thursday 16 February, 2017

Diary of the 5th Winter Games, the Remote. Game 9.

Although most of the mirrors reflects the fact that a person is most important to learn about their current behavior or manifest currently beliefs, some mirrors might reflect how actions in the past, and those behaviors that could potentially occur in the future, even people do not realize it.
It should, however, stress the need for complete honesty in front of him as a person the easiest in the world to ignore the mirror as something not related to the current moment.


Tuesday 14 February, 2017

Meeting after 5 years ...

We bowed to each other, and winked at the next moment were again each in their playing fields :)


Friday 10 February, 2017

Lucky for those who are lucky!

The strength has a curious feature: it does not notice when it accumulates and accumulates it quietly, "Summary of current retreats Leela Academy..


Thursday 09 February, 2017

Diary of the 5th Winter Games, the Remote. Game 8.

The article is in the status (Update *)
All your tests are by nature
opportunities to claim rights to the Force.
To become a warrior, you want to complete the transformation of the individual and any life test is to gradually transform the personality.
The player has to carry out such actions, which will not only ensure the accumulation of personal power, but also helps to strengthen self-esteem and self-confidence; All this increases the most for certain human knowledge about what it means to be fully responsible human being, dignity which manifests itself in his every act - physical, emotional and mental.


Wednesday 08 February, 2017

Game Journey: Seoul 09.2016g.Water in big emptiness-2.

After the publication of the article on our blog "Water in big emptiness," a reference to the article, this practice is firmly established in the Academy training program Leela and all the students of the Academy took part in the full-time retreats with Rama, received its fulfillment instructions.
But we will continue to a more thorough and detailed familiarity with the history of this practice, transfer it to a master, and the nuances of the implementation of the practice itself.
This video was recorded in September 2016 in Seoul (South Korea), and we are in it will be about the wizard Won Gwang.


Saturday 04 February, 2017

And only narrow trails promise salvation ...

In the center of the individual retreats "Samadhi" launched 10 day retreat with the most intense schedule a dive.

The challenge that is put to the players on such a long and intensive retreats, is to prepare for a full surrender.


Tuesday 31 January, 2017

Meditation at sunset.

"Pray the gods it is necessary that the spirit was healthy in a healthy body ..."

In Thailand launched 21 day healing retreat. Consciousness is not long to wait and will compete for the players already at the airport of Bangkok ...