Monday 05 June, 2017

Video: To see from pure Consciousness. Retreat with Rama. 04. 2016

These videos are for students of the Academy of Leela. Access to these videos is only possible on the Oasis of Awakening website.


Sunday 04 June, 2017

Comments on the drawings published in the Diary.

This message refers primarily to players who play in the event: Spring-Summer Remote Game.

In this playing season, Player VENUS, will write comments to the drawings published in the Diary of Spring-Summer Distance Games.

  • In each of his comments, VENERA will write about how she sees the game of Consciousness in this drawing, which the player played,
  • What was the game of the player and
  • As for her game in the past, and in the present, and maybe in the future (although there is only now :)).

In each issue of the diary, all the drawings are numbered and Venus writes a comment to each drawing number ...


Thursday 01 June, 2017

Diary of Spring-Summer Distance Games. Issue 2. Season 2017.

The Great originates from the small.

© Public Sire

At this very time, some players of the Academy of Leela play remote games and we continue to acquaint you with the jokes that are encountered on their way.

... Gradually studying the generic genogram, I found out that on the maternal line, after the dekulakization, the poverty program and unstable relations with men went. On the father's side is a program of alcoholism, an insult to the parents. Information began to open, much to learn and understand yourself. There is a process of compiling a table of genograms and collecting photos of relatives. Unfortunately, the connection is lost, now there is not much open and it's great!


Wednesday 31 May, 2017

The project "Awakening HEALTH" in action.

Everything is possible!

In the fall of 2017, in Primorye (Nakhodka and Vladivostok), the Oasis of Awakening and the Leela Academy in the framework of the project "Awakening of HEALTH" launch a full-time training program for the practitioners of the Leela Academy.

In September and October in Nakhodka and Vladivostok, 3 day full-time seminars with Rama will be held.

Awakening of HEALTH is not so much about health as about the gift that we have and which we need to reveal in the process of life and about the game of Leela Consciousness. Gift is our Power. It is a Spirit that is immortal and unlimited.


Sunday 28 May, 2017

Diary of Spring-Summer Distance Games. Issue 1. Season 2017g.

In the world there is only one unbeatable investment - you yourself.
He who invests in himself, never burns out

In May, at the Academy of Leela, spring-summer distance games started, in the editions of this diary, we will publish how the players play.

I felt a whole day of great sorrow, a kind of compassion or the sadness of existence. I do not know why it arose, but it was perfect. Last time I noticed how my loneliness began to transform. Previously, it was a method to avoid suffering and fear of society. Now I notice that friendship, relationships, family, all this seems to come up before me not real, I stopped running from it, but at the same time, clinging also ceases, clinging, hope. I notice that I can let go of everything ...


Friday 26 May, 2017

Расписание игровых путешествий на 2019-2020гг.

In the Academy of Leela from 2018 to 2020. The following gaming trips will take place:

 Season 2018 g (current)

  • January-February - "21 day retreat" of Tiruvannamalai (India).

Season 2019 year

  •  April 2019 Game tour «Sakura time» by Yu. Korea

Season 2020

  •   January-February 2020 - "21 day retreat" of Tiruvannamalai (India).
  • May 2020 «Wake up retreat» South America.

And do not even think that you can not stand it.
© Ernest Hemingway.

Within the framework of the project "Awakening of HEALTH" and as a preparatory stage for participation in "Wake up retreat" 2020 in South America, for students of the Academy of Leela, a game journey is being prepared, which will be held in April 2019. In South Korea.


Wednesday 24 May, 2017

The sages humble themselves ...

The builders of canals start up water,
Archers subjugate the arrow,
Carpenters subordinate a tree,
Wise men humble themselves ...

In the center of the Individual Retreats "Samadhi", the 3-day retreat "Immersion in Yourself" was completed, in which players who were ready for such a difficulty of the Force draw took part.
Program 3 day retreat, compiled with the most intensive density of practices. The retreat program begins at 4.30 and ends at 22.00.
In the Academy of Leela, such retreats are selected players who have personal power, not just to simulate the seat, but to work with very high returns. As you know, players who are not capable of such intensity of meditation, which is about eleven and a half hours of practice per day, begin during the practice to peck (sleep), stop working and rest, just chasing thoughts.
Why do we need such retreats?


Friday 19 May, 2017

Stroke - first aid! Everyone needs to know this!

In the beginning a small story:
During the picnic, the girl stumbled and fell. She was offered to call an ambulance, but she assured everyone that everything is in order and that she stumbled against a stone just because of new shoes.
Since she looked a little pale and trembling, she was helped to shake herself and brought her a plate of food. The rest of the day, Inga spent cheerfully and naturally. Later, the girl's husband called everyone and said that his wife was taken to the hospital. At 23:00 she passed away. On a picnic, she had a stroke.
If her friends knew what the signs of a stroke look like, she could live today.
Some people do not die at once. Often they find themselves in a situation in which they can still be helped for a long time.
You will only have one minute to read the following ...


Wednesday 17 May, 2017

What is not recommended to eat on an empty stomach.

Breakfast is the most important meal. It affects the state of a person throughout the day. But let's be honest, not everyone at breakfast, and if something is eaten in the morning, it's not oatmeal.
Some products that we consume on an empty stomach, negatively affect our health. Here is a list with which you will learn what you can not eat on an empty stomach. Take care of your health NOW!
What you can not eat on an empty stomach?


Monday 15 May, 2017

Project awakening from the "Gift" of a sheep or anything is possible!

Starting in April of 2017 in Nakhodka, the project of awakening the "Health" of the ovary is the realization of the possibility of each person to acquire "Health", through training the system of practices of the Lila Academy.

Since 2017, full-time seminars with Rama, will begin regularly in the cities of Primorye (Nakhodka and Vladivostok), followed by reinforcement with practical exercises, one of which was held last Sunday.