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GOOD KARMA. Stage 3 selections. Winter Remote Games 2018-2019

Recall that distance games are held by Lila Academy, which is formed in the Rama Divine Leela Oasis of Awakening.

Awakening is the key word that determines the direction of the game at Lila Academy.

Consciousness always provides opportunities for Awakening, and these opportunities are actually certain tasks, or difficulties, overcoming which you are gaining "power" (knowledge) and you are awakening.

The nature of the game of Consciousness is multilevel and as you awaken you become more and more conscious and learn new levels of consciousness.

Well, if you do not manage to overcome difficulties, you remain at the same level, until one day you still break the barrier and reach a new level of the game (new expansion of self-awareness). In the meantime, players pass the third qualifying round.

And some are already a step away from the start of the distance game.

But before, in this short preparatory period, it is important to sharpen the Vision of the Pranks of Consciousness and its ability to play them.

And in the time of the direct-distance game, you need already to see the Draws, to play your game, according to the proposed training levels at the Leela Academy.

In the third qualifying round, players had to notice the draws and send 4 draws, two of which (out of four) were won, and two that were lost.

In this summary, the draws of players of previous qualifying rounds are also collected.

Winning with a loss in one sleigh ride.

(Russian proverb)


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GOOD KARMA. Stage 2 selection. Winter Remote Games 2018-2019

The selections for the 7th Winter Remote Games are gaining momentum. As already stated, they pass in the field of Good Karma.

So, throughout the 7th Winter distance games, we will be affirmed in our awareness, at this stage of the selection, we need to demonstrate self-discipline, the players were asked to perform conscious (walks). Morning twilight, early rise, regularity, weather - should wake them from the usual SNA.

And the one who was waking up consciously, could, during this task, notice the game of Consciousness and play with him to pass to the next stage of selections.

The group for Remote Games is usually recruited during the Winter tamasic period of the season and is the longest form of group retreat (together with selections about 3.5 months).

How long, soon, but already the main group of players have passed the second stage of the selection.

It is important to understand that the distance game itself and everything that happens to you at this time is a rally of consciousness. And your game is to see it.

Know that the World is constantly talking to you, and then, when you are entangled in the labyrinths of your mind, you doubt, you got scared of something ... It’s just that you need to calm the mind a bit and come to a state of inner silence ... Silence is the best doctor for anxiety ... When this is realized, the boundary between the inner and the outer is erased and everything is seen as One. Notice the Signs, paying attention to them. Traffic lights simply indicate the desired color. Lighthouses just shine. He who has eyes, let him hear ...

In this summary, the draws are collected as they arrive, as the players play while everyone is at their own pace.

Jogging Walking


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GOOD KARMA. Winter Remote Games 2018-2019

On the eve of the beginning of the Winter Remote Games, which will start in December (The official start of the Seventh Winter Remote Games -

December 16, 2018,) Leela Academy players are actively selected to participate in the games.

At the first stage of selection, players needed to describe the state of their AWAKENING process at the moment.

    And since the Seventh Winter Remote Games will be held in the field of Good Karma, the players wrote about what kind of good deed was done, and how did they understand that this is exactly what is called a good deed?


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