Tuesday 24 December, 2019

Life without birth and death ...

When we begin to dawn in his self-awareness and gaps hardly appear the secret signs present our true essence, then begins the Life that does not begin with birth and ends with death ...


Sunday 22 December, 2019

Soul Mission 2015 Afterword.

In 2015, the players of the Academy of Leela, held a mysterious conversation, part of the curriculum at the Academy Leela: Soul Session Discovery Mission.

What it is? As well as those who were not in this session, the participants of this retreat did not have a complete picture of what it is exactly.

According to the concept of training at the Academy of Lila, three key stages in the training session at the Academy Lila- Discovery Mission Soul Full Surrender (enlightenment) and Full Probuzhdenie- kept secret.

But the general impression, the participants of the Discovery mission last Session share with you:


Friday 20 December, 2019


Sunday 10 November, 2019


Tuesday 05 November, 2019

100 reasons to start meditating.

Last Friday, Rama held a practical lesson in Vladivostok, which emphasized the understanding, why he needed to meditate and do it regularly.

Anyone who has tried to meditate at least once, has felt the benefits of this delightful state of peace, tranquility and love.

In this article, we have tried to collect all the known useful effects that a person receives from regular meditation.


Friday 01 November, 2019


Thursday 31 October, 2019


Wednesday 09 October, 2019

ॐ Before ॐ or afterword to the autumn retreat.

Last weekend, Vladivostok hosted the final retreat of this full-time meeting with Rama.

At the beginning of the cycle of reincarnations, you agreed in each new life to receive a certain lesson in order to prepare for this, the most important incarnation.

  •  in one life you learned to sacrifice,
  • in the other - to be true,
  • in the third - to communicate with people, and so on.

    So you got all the necessary lessons and studied all areas of human experience.

    Then you made the decision to return to Earth again and in this life all aspects of your being have already been touched - spiritual, creative, emotional and so on. Probably, many of you think that in this incarnation you have already lived not one but several difficult lives.

    Now, in this physical incarnation, it's time for you ...


Monday 07 October, 2019

To avoid suffering, go straight to the pain.

Shinzen Young, one of the oldest American mindfulness teachers. Awareness makes possible exceptional satisfaction from comparatively small joys, whereas an addicted person must constantly increase the number or intensity of incentives in order to receive the same satisfaction as before.

At some point in your life, something will happen to you that really "hooks" on you: you will get sick, or get injured, or someone will betray you. Sooner or later, but something serious will happen.

If you are prepared, training and developing three basic skills of concentration, clarity and balance, you can use discomfort the same way monks, hermits and shamans have been doing this for thousands of years.

You do not need to run to the monastery to get rid of discomfort, because you learned how to run to discomfort, and thus - the monastery comes to you yourself.

Life itself will provide you with enough intensive practice, on the basis of which you can grow and develop if you are ready to perceive it.


Thursday 03 October, 2019