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Earthly destination of cosmic souls. (2/3)

Each starry soul comes into the incarnate world with a specific task. The program of the embodiment of the cosmic soul consists of an individual karmic plan and a social function that depends on experience and spiritual strength. So, the types of earthly tasks performed by space workers in the embodied world:

The common task of star souls in the embodied world is the inspiration of dense matter as an aid to the process of the Transition of the Earth into a higher dimension. We all act as CONDUCTORS of SPIRITUAL ENERGY in the dense layers of the Earth. The more spiritual energy, the more Light each of us brings to this world, the sooner a complete purification and transformation of the planet will occur.


Thursday 08 November, 2018

Starry souls. Incarnations. (1)

About the fact that we are not only a body, and that the familiar world we are seeing is an illusory, temporary refuge, many people say and write.

Listen to one of the concepts of the answer to the question: Who am I? (the article refers to the game level of the missionary-the soul's commission).

Every incarnation we carefully plan, we are looking for suitable families, where our relatives will be able to dress new bodies. Among blood relatives, in whose circle the incarnated alien spends his childhood and youth, he seldom finds understanding, so time comes and he is unhappy to leave his earthly parents and go in search of kindred souls to mutually strengthen spiritual vibrations and fulfill the vital task.


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Saturday 20 October, 2018

The 7th Winter Remote Games will be held in the field of Good Karma.

In the middle of November there will be selections for the 7th Winter Remote Games.

For the first time in the last 7 years, the games will be held in a new format.

What is known about the new format:

The 7th Winter Remote Games will be held in the field of "Good Karma"

  • Players during remote games will neutralize negative karma and develop good karma, which will manifest itself by luck, luck and prosperity, the realization of true desires.

... Once I lived with very rich people. I saw their weaknesses, their mistakes, their problems. At the same time, I understood that at this stage of life they have more worldly merits, because they could make a wonderful business, talked to interesting people and could eat in restaurants ...

And realizing this, I just sometimes, even without their requests, washed the floor behind them. Thus, I could show respect for their good karma, which at that time, I was not enough or it did not show ...))

This is me in continuing the conversation about distance and respect in someone else's success ...

  • Helping successful - we ourselves become successful.
  • Helping those who have reached the spiritual steps - we ourselves are spiritually growing ...
  • Because accepting our disinterested services, these people share with us their merits ...)) And this is the best medicine for envy ...


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Parable. "Take a Break!"

After another late late at the office, Father came into the room of his young son Johnny, when he was already going to sleep. Johnny asked: "Dad, how much do you get paid for an hour of work?"