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Monday 16 April, 2018

Following the seminar "Psychogenetics" in Vladivostok.

... After the soul has rested and
  will work out the lessons of the last life,
  it's time for a new incarnation ...

So, in Vladivostok, the first part of the seminar "Psychogenetics. Hunting Force. "
At the seminar the participants came from different cities. To date, Vladivostok is very hospitable and convenient, for visiting the seminars by the guests of the city, since an extensive network of hotels, hostels, apartments (apartments) with the possibility to find accommodation for a short stay with different budgets, makes it affordable for almost everyone.


Tuesday 10 April, 2018

The usual way is unusual!

Not every one of those,
who infinitely believe in their strength,
in the end wins,
but he who does not believe in them,
does not win never.

Last weekend Vladivostok hosted an internal retreat with Rama.
The group as usual flew from different regions of Primorye and represented people who had an acute inner need for spiritual unfoldment.
Each Rama retreat is unique in that the daily activities program is made up directly for the current membership of the participants, and therefore the program of all the retreats that Rama conducts changes each time and the most relevant forms of tools are selected for this group.
So on this retreat Vipassan theme or Consent with reality was submitted through work with diseases (bodily blocks) - in the context of identifying the causes of the onset of symptoms and illnesses and in particular the detection of the beliefs that form them, disputing with reality.


Thursday 05 April, 2018

Door to the Heaven.

At the time of this article, the players completed the route through the capital of Lesser Tibet, Lech, crossing it along the motorway, which is considered not only one of the most beautiful high-mountain roads in the world, but also the most difficult.
The main task of the players in this game journey was to meet with the spiritual inhabitants of the Himalayas.
Directly it sounded like this:
A trip to the region of northern India, called Little Tibet, is an exit to the territory that on our planet is the abode of higher beings who have achieved certain tasks of disidentification with the false and residing in the highest emanations.
Our task is to meet such creatures and get to know them and with this level of play.


Sunday 01 April, 2018

Following the seminar "Psychogenetics" in Nakhodka.

"It's not your fault that you live badly.
Because it is entirely your merit. "

Folk wisdom.

In Nakhodka, the first part of the seminar "Psychogenetics. Hunting Force. "
Of course, we must state that all participants must have a certain internal willingness, expressed in the ability to release old destructive behavior patterns that stretch for several generations, into the genus.
Usually, a person does not even think about questioning clan beliefs. When he follows a generic belief, he feels that he is doing everything right and is comfortably comfortable to him, as all the people approve of him, so did his mother and father, so did his grandfather and the woman, and so will he. Generic beliefs determine the direction and quality of human experiences.


Monday 26 March, 2018

Bookmark the basic foundations of the Player.

Neither art nor wisdom can not

be achieved, if they do not learn.


   Education in Leela Academy held with the aim to teach awakening from the dream of non-doing people a basic player base.

   To learn how to play with life, the player must first of all learn to be a hunter and warrior. It developed the basic skills of the players, then elevate it and argue on the subtle levels of the game (the formless level player).

   This purpose is served by a stepwise (multi-level) studies at the Academy of Lila.

   Players who have taken the Way of the Warrior, and embarked on this path in the Academy Leela understand it, therefore are in constant year-round training.

    The exercise should not be ostanavlivatsya.Nuzhno learn to old age and death, when the doctrine itself is terminated.

Xun Zi


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Thursday 08 March, 2018

The secret of a long life is to eat right and love everything you do.

Leyla Alice Denmark (English Leila Alice Denmark) years of life (1898 - 2012) - died at 115 years of life. A great loss. The American pediatrician, one of the developers of pertussis vaccine, was the oldest practicing pediatrician in the world, retiring at the age of 103 in May 2001. The doctor lived 114 years, during which she helped hundreds of people become healthier.

She is one of the few hundred and ten-year-olds who are known not only for their longevity.

The secret of a long - life is to eat right and love everything you do. When you do what you do not like, it's work. When you do what you love, it's a game. I have not worked a day in my life.


Monday 05 March, 2018

Crawl or fly? History with the continuation ...

What the caterpillar calls the End of the World, the Master calls the Butterfly ...

Richard Bach.

The main condition for a magical transformation will be preparedness.

  • Preparedness of the player consists of the degree of his awareness and ability to resist the defenses of the mind, giving up. For this, he must first of all know all his defenses and be able to stop at their revival, directly going to the living of fears. Loving, at the Academy of Leela, we gave the term such a "flow around".
  • The ability to "flow around" is a good prerequisite for complete surrender, but this is only a prerequisite.
  • The erasure of personal life history, separation skills, samadhi experience, service, and many other things that players in the Leela Academy are learning are also necessary to activate the process that Shri Bhagavat calls complete surrender or enlightenment.

It is important to understand that not every caterpillar is ready to become a butterfly.

For this it is not enough just to deliver your body in the field of the master and wait for him to create a miracle.