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Tuesday 25 September, 2018

Parable. "Take a Break!"

After another late late at the office, Father came into the room of his young son Johnny, when he was already going to sleep. Johnny asked: "Dad, how much do you get paid for an hour of work?"


Saturday 22 September, 2018

Patrol time or all the roles played ...!

We offer this weekend to use sofas!

This is not just an article, but a video message, which you will need about one and a half hours to catch.

Here's what they write in the reviews:

  • Maxim: "And what if we are all the same GOD whom everyone is looking for and can not find ... They just already started playing and do not understand this ..."
  • KS: "The plot, a masterpiece. I have not seen anything like it for a long time."
  • Nikolai: "What smokes the writer with a director?"
  • Alexander: "The film is great! Move slightly gyrus and you will understand the meaning." And it's simple: everything that we do with ourselves)

So, find 1.5 hours of time and carefully, especially at the beginning, start watching this really rare film, which is a bit ... All the answers at the very beginning of the film ... So look carefully :) By the way, the exact translation of the movie title: Predestination a Artistic: Time patrol ...


Friday 21 September, 2018

Parable. Kernels.

Those who are afraid to take risks and move forward, life is necessarily "peck ".


Monday 17 September, 2018


Friday 14 September, 2018

Door to the Heaven

Well, that ended my next visit to Tibet.

I do not just travel on our Planet, but I find places that fill with Knowledge:

  • Once it was Tiruvannamalai and Mount Arunachala in India
  • Then a mystical place in South America
  • And now Tibet.

Ha-Ha, the result of many years of practice of my Path, which I chose even before the incarnation in the body, gently flashes just by the presence of the moment, without a story about the past and the future, being replaced by itself.


Wednesday 12 September, 2018

In the beginning there was a WORD! Nastro Sytin.

On the impending retreat with Rama, "Identification. False and True I ", a new tool will be added to the program of the seminar: Nastro Sytina.

It's no secret that one of the driving factors of our development is the state of our health. Often it is health, or rather its absence, that is the motive that makes us change.

For the first time I learned about this method of healing at the very beginning of my medical activity (1998), then I got acquainted with the folk healer, Privalov Anatoly Yakovlevich, who became my first teacher and mentor, which actually, for the first time, for me, in practice, showed a very powerful combination immersion in trance and suggestion of Sytinsky moods. - says Rama.

The results were striking. People came with the results of analyzes, pictures on which there really were facts in figures and contours, which said that the signs of illnesses disappeared.

Yes what to say, I brought my nephew, then he was about 5-6 years old, he had a lump (swelling) in the popliteal fossa, which after the operation (removal), reappeared.

If you go to such sessions (note, the child is not so consciously able to follow the treatment), he had this tumor without a trace and did not appear anymore to this day ...


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