Monday 03 April, 2017

The game is always a challenge FORCE or impossible possible!

Education Academy in Leela is the main goal, to accompany the students to the status of "Liberation".

This status is checked very simply:

     Emotions, thoughts, feelings (which compose any state) can not affect the player. It is firmly established in the Knowledge (Dare), which allows it to be immune to the entire time.


Thursday 30 March, 2017

How one person asked for advice.

To give advice to a fool is an empty matter!
So the bird said and flew away.
A fool to give advice - anyway
That in the solonchak dry throw the grain.
The grain in the solonchak will not germinate.
Advice to a fool will not give a worthy shoot.


Saturday 25 March, 2017

If you were diagnosed with cancer?

The oncologist was asked the question: "What would you do if you were diagnosed with cancer?"

First of all, do not panic!

Famous in the US, a doctor and scientist Mark Hyman wrote a column on what to do if you find cancer.

The problem is that traditional medicine thinks wrong, obsolete categories when it comes to oncology.

What to do? Change the way of life. On the one hand, it could be an excellent prevention of oncology. On the other hand, some patients can expect that a new way of life will change them and get rid of the tumor. It is known that the immune system of the body under certain conditions can still detect cancer cells and destroy them!


Wednesday 22 March, 2017

Video-Satsang Rama March 3, 2017 (1 day).

These videos are for the students of the Academy of Leela. Access to these videos is only possible on the Oasis of Awakening website.


Sunday 19 March, 2017

Monks are also people.

The life of a monk in a monastery is maximally designed in such a way that he can continuously practice to move towards the fulfillment of the main goal of many incarnations: enlightenment.

The last two weeks, before returning to Russia, I spent in meditations and conversations with monks, in the north of Thailand.

I was wondering what the day of the monk is, what they do and how they follow the spiritual path, and also see what the students of the Academy of Leela can learn from the monks, and in what do they have an advantage over the monks?


Tuesday 14 March, 2017

New! About the 30-day "Mixt retreat".

Construction of the retreat center "Nirvana" started in January 2017, is in full swing.

The expected completion time is summer 2019.

In the retreat center of Nirvana, long-term retreats are planned, involving all the natural resources of Thailand (the sea, islands with clear water, white sandy beaches, fruits, sun and of course infinitely different smiles of local residents).
On the basis of the retreat center, there will also be a common use: a swimming pool (Olympic size), a jacuzzi, a sports hall, a Finnish sauna.
Since 2020, the Players of the Academy of Leela, will be able to participate in long-term retreat programs ...


Sunday 12 March, 2017

In the footsteps of the retreat "Dive yourself" (from 3 to 6 March 2017).

"Even the most exalted states and the most exceptional spiritual accomplishments turn out to be unimportant if we are not able to be happy in the most basic and ordinary way, if we are not able to touch each other and to the life that has been given to us with our heart." In the matter of spiritual life, the simple truth matters: we need to make sure that our Path is connected with our heart. (D. Cornfield).

What distinguishes those who have established themselves in the Path from those who still have not found their Way?

Where do you think the winners are on the Path? Why do some of them manage to get out of samsara, others all wander in its labyrinths?

About how the work of the next group in the mode of total immersion in itself, read in this news bulletin.


Saturday 11 March, 2017

Factors leading to HEALTH.

Folk wisdom.

As it turns out, in order to have Youth and Health even at a prohibitively old age, it is not enough to lead only a healthy lifestyle, which includes: nutrition, motor activity, the environment.
* You must always be in a good mood and realize your potential. That is, fulfill the mission, laid from above (so to speak to hear the voice of God). It means knowing what to do and doing.
* A good mood should not be the result of positive thinking, when a person persuades himself that everything that is not done for the better. The harm of such positive thinking has already been scientifically proved, since it is nothing more than a way to ignore the fact that there is in fact. As a rule, in such people all negativity is forced into the unconscious and from there it makes itself felt in the form of diseases.


Tuesday 07 March, 2017

Verification of the current players of the Lila Academy 2017-18gg. Completed.

Verification results can be viewed at the forum:

  • 2017 Levels: Seeker, Hunter, Warrior, Missionary, B.I

This forum is available to players who participated in the verification.



Sunday 05 March, 2017

Parable: Birthday God.

One seeker of Truth once dreamed that he was in heaven. He saw a crowd of people. Inquired what was going on, he found out that today is the birthday of God ...