Monday 02 July, 2018

Hachi. The story of my Awakening.

My awakening began unconsciously in my childhood. It was expressed in some search for something divine and was accompanied, as it seemed to me at that time, by constant incessant suffering ...
I, as it were, "did not get used to, did not fit" into the general picture of social life ... Everything was not right and wrong. And this condition made me look ...

To say that I'm grateful ... Of course, I want to sing, shout, dance, laugh from Gratitude. And Gratitude in the depths of my heart originated and lives. Thank you for this incarnation. For this gift, For all that is mine, that I need so much to live and accept - it's so exciting!
With love!


Saturday 21 April, 2018


Wednesday 21 March, 2018

The World of Spiritual Development and the World of Spiritual Ministry.

As you can see, the development of the soul goes through certain stages, which are clear from the name of the steps, and as we see spiritual service at the top of spiritual development for the soul.
Souls that reach this level of maturity are turned only upwards (they do not look down the stairs, and do not get carried away by all the temptations of Life), but serve the Higher.
The people of this world are protected by the highest representatives of the subtle world.

It is important to note that in reality there is no clear transition from one step to another and of course it needs to be understood that these steps are conditional.


Sunday 10 December, 2017

The "Open Hearts" rating for December 2017.

Last Saturday, the regular meeting of the "Open Hearts" was held, at which players continued training in counseling.

In this lesson, the main topic was a detailed study of the application of the tool - Ericksonian hypnosis (or immersion in the trance state of consciousness) and working with the client, using all the advantages of immersion in trance.

Also at the meeting, a rating of consultants was conducted, which, of course, subjectively, reflects the success of training in advising players. Recall that the project "Open Hearts" was launched in 2013, as part of the development of such practices as Service (Karma Yoga), which is an integral part of spiritual development in the Lila Academy.


Monday 01 May, 2017

Building Internet Ashram Oasis Awakening.

At present Sangha Oasis Awakening working on the project of construction of the Ashram Oasis Awakening online space.
Ashram is called "Satya Loka".
Satya Loka is a Sanskrit word Satya-loka - the world is the truth. It was called even Brahma Loka - seventh and uppermost of the seven heavens, the earth surrounding the representations of Vedic cosmography. Satya Loka is the seat of Brahma and never exposed to destruction.


Sunday 16 April, 2017

You are you, and I am me.

Last Saturday, "Open Hearts" again gathered for the next lesson on training counseling.
Rama explained the nuances of the client-centered approach in counseling, how to create a consultant:

  •    Atmosphere that would unleash the client and
  •  Encouraged the self-disclosure and actions of the counselor

Well, the main topic of the meeting was the study of this approach in counseling as Gestalt. The basic postulate of this approach is ...


Tuesday 08 November, 2016

Verification of "Open Hearts".

In 2017, the Academy will conduct verification Leela game levels Leela Academy students, which will allow to perceive their level of play and therefore, more accurately put the ongoing challenges in the game.
The rate of learning "Open Hearts" was originally made for a minimum of practical experience and theoretical information, but the most important archive.
Thus, the monthly with practical experience "hand stuffed" and acquired valuable experience, which is so necessary for successful counseling.
According to the October reports, consultations (or rather the lack of them), a group of "Open Hearts" leave ...


Monday 27 June, 2016

You yourself, the reason for your release.

Each of you knows himself how hard he suffered prior to a meeting with me. Everyone remembers well from which the infernal torments he was torn and covered with me here. But, my friends, my dear children, so ardently sends his gratitude and love me now and send them to me all the time I was there a reason your present achievements or you yourself, your work, found the strength and the ability to free up your heart to liberate its mind of prejudices and the spirit to help her catch fire and burn all the conventions, all illusions, hindering as shackles, to communicate with fire and spirit? Not I, but you, my friends, is the cause of your liberation. You yourself miners, dug up a treasure chest, first among which is the immutable world as a result of your ability to live in Rome, carrying him in his temporary form, and welcoming him as being in each counter.

(Antarova K.)

In an open satsang Okunevo finished frames.

Okunevo Village, is one of the most amazing places on the planet, where it is especially easy to get in touch with yourself.

In this place 19 to 25 June was held open satsang Rama Divine Leela.


Saturday 23 April, 2016

The thirst of understanding the true nature of things.

Meeting "Open Hearts" started with an introduction to Abu Hamid Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Ghazali - one of the greatest religious thinkers of the Muslim Middle Ages, whose name is linked to a whole epoch in the development of Islam - was born in 1059 in Taburane (Khorasan region of Iran) in poor family wool merchant.

First of all, al-Ghazali says that:

"The difference between people on religions and beliefs, as well as the difference between sects within the same beliefs as a result of the abundance of parties and contradictory methods like the deep sea, where many drowned and from which only a few have got."


Sunday 20 March, 2016

Plant and grow ...

Which would be teaching or path you may follow, do not stop until the psychological conditioning will not stop completely.

 Yoga Vasistha.

Results of the playing season 2015-2016g.

Time can be a slow and long, but all the players Leela Academy know that it is conditional.
In reality, the time-being there, just as there is no space, physical beings, and especially of the subject, which allegedly perceives all visible and feels.
The past season was a game marked by the fact that at the Oasis Awakening
  • site was launched,
  • Center for Individual retreats "Samadhi"
  • Game Travel in South Korea, South America and long silent retreats combined with the gaming journey in Thailand and India.
  • Remote Winter Games for the first time were from the personal website of the Cabinet.
  • All current Academy players have been verified Leela game levels. Some players have confirmed their levels during remote play.
  • In 2015, The Ministry of the Oasis Awakening accessible to players of all levels on the project Pablisher, which is now continuing its work. Players for the ministry in the project Pablisher, have been translated and published in texts already two books: the second and seventh knigi.Na stage we are preparing a whole series of books.
  • Throughout the 2014- '15 "Open Hearts" continued to study counseling skills and successfully consulted not only on internal retreats with Rama, but also in Winter for the Remote training system games Leela Academy.
  • In the process of training the players in Leela Academy, we can see the dynamic changes players actively playing, reading their reports, the final part in the sweepstakes or other forces. 

Playing as the main Dar Exemption continues.

New game season 2016-2017 at the Academy of Lila starts and opens its spring intramural retreat with Rama, "Vipassana or accept the reality," Part 1.

At stake is played ...