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Monday 30 July, 2018

Release 10. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018. Final.

Lord, give me the peace of mind to accept,

which I can not change,

Give me the courage to change what I can change.

And give me the wisdom to distinguish one from another.

Well, the satvic energy of the distance games has smoothly flowed into the changes and, together with transformations and awareness, together with all the Gifts gathered by the players from the Life races - has turned into their transformations that are manifesting at the moment.

In this last summary, we can find out what these transformations are?

The real taste of the Remote Game you can receive when you learn to concentrate on the game itself and on the tasks of the games, playing through every situation that arises, drawing up your current life.

Therefore, especially those who played for the first time, be sure to cheer yourself up, praise, regardless of the result, you are moving in the right direction and just like in sports, playing skills - do not come immediately, you need time, you need training, you need training ... and you will have the opportunity to gain personal strength in various activities of the Academy of Leela.


Monday 23 July, 2018

Release 9. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018.

Passing the day, the person most should think how to carry the largest amount of the world into the affairs and meetings.

The world that sheds one soul by another is that glue that pulls down the wounds of irritation, warms the compress to the bruises of raging passions and balm to the distressed soul of the interlocutor.

Never forget that all your activities, however high, will in most cases be difficult for the opposite if you yourself are in rebellion and discord.

The most valuable work will not be accessible to the masses, if the toiler that threw it into the world was obsessed with a constant break in its self-control. His work, even a genius, will remain the property of a few, since only a person whose strengths live in a stable equilibrium can promote a great or small idea into a mass of the people.

Everyone who leaves "from here" or who remains "here", establish in himself now complete tranquility, that the "minutes" spent here were minutes of service to Truth, and not just thoughts of "o" serving Her ...

Well, now we will go directly to the distance game.

At the moment, some players have already approached the finish of remote games, some are slightly behind, but one way or another the game continues ...


Wednesday 18 July, 2018

Release 8. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018.

You are your deep desire motivating you.

What is your desire, this is your will.

What is your will, these are your actions.

What are your actions, such is your destiny.

                         (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad).

The world is a dream in the mind of the Lord, who dreams through us from moment to moment in the endless dance of Creation. This is a great dance, and this is an amazing time in which we live ...

Unconscious healing occurs when a person does not understand the causes of the blocks leading to manifestations of dissatisfaction and suffering.

Late never happens, because you must know that the process of the evolution of souls embraces many incarnations and even a seemingly fleeting awakening is placed in the piggy bank of the next incarnations. Perhaps, someday, in one of the following incarnations, this soul will one day wake up definitively, brightens from the dream of ignorance.

Conscious healing is characterized by the fact that it happens to a person who has started to awaken consciously, and he is aware of what he wants to heal, while he realizes that one can be healed only completely by awakening from ignorance.

All those who want to learn the game, as well as acting players playing on their own, you can play together with us, learning from the examples of the game of active players.

Reading Diary from Remote Games, you can be charged with the ability to play even when it would seem that Life has given you "bad cards" ...


Saturday 07 July, 2018

Release 7. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018.

All experiences, no matter how beautiful or terrible, last only a certain time. This is the nature of all experiences.

They come to the player, last for a while, and then disappear away, just as they came.

But this is not the case in the case of "liberation". If "liberation" came one day, it does not disappear, it is preserved forever.

If someone is RELEASED, he does not need practices that support RELEASE. This is the nature of RELEASE.

The game for the main Gift of LIFE-EXTENSION - continues :)

And now you can find out how the players in their current rallies are fighting for the main Gift:


Wednesday 27 June, 2018

Release 6. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018.

You are mistaken if you think that it is worthwhile for you only to embark on the path of spiritual growth, as all your life will immediately be transformed.
In fact, everything happens like this. You are on one of the lower floors of a skyscraper. You are tired of being so low, so you sit in the elevator and press one of the last buttons. The elevator starts to move, and for a while you feel only movement, not knowing yet what you are closer to, earth or clouds. Then the door opens, you go out and find out that everything looks exactly the same as on the lower floor that you just left. You are disappointed, but it does not last long, until you come to the window. It will be enough for you to look once through the window to understand-you are a completely different kind before you!
At this level, you hardly want to look down at the stormy activities in the very center of which you once were. On the contrary, you will abandon everything that is under your feet, and look your way to the new horizons.
So, not your life should completely change, but only your attitude towards it. Look at the circumstances of your existence with other eyes and try to get rid of attachment to your old role ....
Well, but how the players played their roles in their drawings, now we find out:


Friday 22 June, 2018

Release 5. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018.

The same forces act
On the saint and the sinner
Good and Evil are fighting for them,
As for the souls of all people,
No matter how many of them are on Earth.
Which of them will win?
The choice is yours.
(Paulo Coelho).

When everything is constantly changing, we need to be constantly on the alert, "do not fall asleep."
Now quantum physics says that without a constant change the universe will simply collapse.
Have you noticed how many people resist and are afraid of changes - our status quo? With the first hint of change, we feel the tension - the very essence
But in the end we adapt to new conditions; relax and begin to feel comfortable and then again everything changes, and we are again kicked out of the saddle.
The player in all changes sees the Source hand.
This is just another opportunity to say: "Namaste" an infinite Lila of existence.
On how players play in the Spring-Summer Remote game, read in this bulletin:


Monday 11 June, 2018

Release 4. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018.

Practice and self-discipline are the cornerstone of spiritual development.
You can go to a free non-act only if you have already developed self-discipline.
And, of course, all the ways of self-evaluation of your game are conditional and are a provocative moment reflecting your self-discipline at the moment.
You can be free of these requirements if you can demonstrate self-discipline. But if you can not, then honestly admit yourself to this and play practical jokes related to self-discipline.
Those players who play for the first time, be sure to cheer yourself up, praise, regardless of the result, you are moving in the right direction and just like in sports, playing skills - do not come right away, you need time, you need training, you need training, then there is a practice ...
In this summary, draws played by players in the current game are collected ...