Sunday 02 August, 2015

In the wake of July's retreat (Photo slide show part 1).

Fire separation from the Truth, with Love

                                                 There is the burning pain

Link to photo slide show with the July retreat "Concept and Reality Part 2".


Saturday 01 August, 2015

Meditation in motion in the individual retreats in Nakhodka.

Passive recreation program individual retreats "Experience of Samadhi" and the subsequent retreat "dive within himself" replaced on the active with a visit to the main attractions and Found, mountain sister and a close of the retreat center of the hills that offer panoramic views of the entire landscape of the coastal zone of the North part of Nakhodka Bay. Thus, the program of the retreat "experience Samadhi" Academy Lila, today for the daily richness is one of the most complex known in the different currents of Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, and other areas in which the professed knowledge transfer in silence.


Friday 31 July, 2015

The third edition of the games Diaries Distance spring-summer season.

Players, watching the play of Consciousness, pursued their game, leaving in the past 3 game. Certainly, everyone plays with his level of consciousness, and the key word here is to play! Some seekers have a great opportunity to observe the examples of players and management skills of the game. The players know, for what they are fighting in Dar sweepstakes. Love. In one magical evening you'll meet the elect, the perfect man, who will meet all your expectations and fulfill all your dreams. Correctly? No! This fantasy, which is so loved by poets and writers to distribute songs, rooted in the memory of the womb, where we were safe where we were "in one piece" with his mother; it is not surprising that we so want to go back there all our lives, but, to put it bluntly, this is a childhood dream. It's amazing how stubbornly cling to us for it in the face of reality.


Wednesday 29 July, 2015

Upgrading the site 2015 Article 1.

Upgrading of site As for his work related to the administrative command, exercise daily update site information and supporting his life, and you, users of the site Oasis Awakening. It is about the other side of the changes now taking place on the site, we will tell you in the course of change.


Monday 27 July, 2015

Lord exacts strict, but His mercy is boundless.

Last weekend ended the second part of the full-time retreats with Rama "Concept and Reality" in 2015. Once again, the players gathered retreat, firmly decided to go through the game and awareness through life in this incarnation. The retreat was held in the extraordinary union members. This unity facilitated disclosure and deep knowledge of the infinite essence itself.


Monday 20 July, 2015

The second issue Diaries Distance games spring-summer season.

While many players have gone to play its own game, we publish materials play practical jokes played by them in the second game Remote game. Some of the players in the game at the "warrior", somebody that level yet to master, but as a whole: at whatever level the player was not playing, he must first become a warrior. Few words about this. Way of the Warrior is not like other way known to man. He does not tolerate messiness and haste, and requires a measured and respect. In our time, when the widely advertised all sorts of ways to achieve instant enlightenment, some may be disappointed by the fact that to gain this ability must be a long and possibly difficult apprenticeship. Accelerated courses lead to a short-lived career as incomplete knowledge, as you know - always dangerous knowledge. Few people are willing to hardship, through which you must pass in order to acquire knowledge and achieve the highest levels of this noble path. And yet, only a stepping slowly, step by step, we can move forward on this path, but because any mature person is able to master the basic concepts and the most unimaginable increase their quality of life. Way of the Warrior is like climbing the cliff, and the golden rule of this recovery states: looking up only to find the next hook, and never look down, so as not to succumb to the fear of falling. Long way to the top, but what is it done, what freedom is, what power! And it all starts with basic exercises. But this is precisely lies the first difficulty faced by every student - it looks too easy. And an axiom that all available power, very rarely, if ever - ever, draws attention to itself, for the simple reason that the rational mind stretches to academic difficulty. Paradoxically, the difficulty of the path lies not in academic difficulty, and in its extreme simplicity. And now for the monitoring of the game pupils chose the way of ...


Thursday 16 July, 2015

Live and die on this day ... Parting words to the July retreat.

... This seeming world felt like a dream, it is essentially unrealistic. It - drawing in the void, as the colors in the rainbow. It's like a fog - when you're trying to catch him in his hand nothing is ... July retreat with Rama, will be a middle link in the full three-stage program of study at the Academy of Leela of the season: "Concept and Reality."


Sunday 12 July, 2015

And you know there is not scared ...

This article I would like to devote to his Zhenyu .

    Zhenyu  was a member of several retreats held near Vladivostok. Together with all the participants, he was learning his true self, opens fears.

     I remember how he passed the selection on remote Winter Games, honestly admitting their weaknesses, he realized that oh how much work it needs to do with his own self-pity and laziness, behind which fears.

    Truly great complexity of his life, gave him problems - had the disease: Epilepsy, accompanied by seizures. But the irony is that what this disease was and is, the main motivating stimulus pushes Zhenyu develop. On one of the retreats we only skimmed the reasons for his illness, we were trying to figure out the connection consciousness periodically turned off, what experience, what feelings it to such an extent refuses to live? Zhenyu tried worked, revealed as he could, as best he could, playing ...


Tuesday 07 July, 2015

The first issue Diaries Distance games spring-summer season.

The spring-summer season for the Remote Sensing of the Games is currently nearing completion. Most of the players have played all the game and master the skills of the current levels of the game, are in free swimming and assimilation of acquired knowledge. "Theory without practice is dead" - said the great commander, did not lose a single battle, Alexander Suvorov. The issues of the Journal of remote gaming is this challenge and aims consciousness, wanting to show how the theory is embodied by players in practice, in real, everyday life of the sweepstakes. Players of all levels: the searcher, a hunter, a warrior, a missionary, a shapeless player "Academy Leela", as well as people develop their own, have the ability to Example described drawings, learn to see the game of consciousness, and playing pranks - to gain personal power, in order to once totally "surrender" of consciousness. Spiritual awakening - a remembrance. We do not get anyone, not transform, do not change themselves. We just remember who we really are - as we once knew it, but just forgot. And now, in the drawing of Consciousness watch the game ...


Sunday 05 July, 2015

An excerpt from the new book: Conversations with Rama. Enlightenment.

The project "Publisher" continues to work on the text, which are collected in collections. The passage about the stage of enlightenment, you can read in this article, as well as watch a video about one of the options "go" at the last stage of enlightenment Arhat.