Wednesday 27 May, 2015

The project "Publisher". Book Depository.

The project "Publisher". Book Depository. Upon successful completion of the project "Reconstruction of an oasis in the center of individual retreats", which has already started in the direct use, Music & Pearls again led the project to create a book depository. Book Depository delivery of the project is expected by July 2015. The project is funded by the Oasis Book Depository Awakening.


Saturday 23 May, 2015

The parable of the master and the pupil.

Master smiled and wisely said: - This is your most important lesson in life. Your laziness is quite possible to win wisdom. You do not understand the word "measure". First, I should not have to start watering the first plants that are closer to the well, they could you pour in the end, even if you are completely exhausted. Second: You should not have to type the full buckets of water, when you go to the edge of the garden, it is better to go two or three times, and while not straining to fulfill our plans than overstrain with full buckets reaching to the middle of the way to break out of the forces. Third, as you kept a third of my garden, you can continue learning and to correct his mistake.


Thursday 21 May, 2015

"Dive into yourself" - the project "Transfer" in action.

I'd like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the retreat "dive inside yourself." During meditation retreat experienced the deepest amazing experience out of the body, merging and dissolving in space. It is so memorable, that now I can not get rid of the desire to repeat it :). Play! Grateful for her sensitive Pearls good heart, caring and the environment. Silence - a huge thank you to her and a big thanks. Pearls! All of it is taken, do with creativity and humor! It was light and joy to the soul. What she still needlewoman how everything is delicious!


Monday 11 May, 2015

Parting words of Rama to-Skype retreat.

Today at the Academy Leela there are different forms of the process of awakening members who are organized in the form of training (Academy). Spiritual teaching, as well as apprenticeship training means, exactly like a birth before the disclosure of conscious awakening, we're being forced to what is taught. The learning process - this is our natural need, which leads out to the full realization of the student making the master.


Friday 08 May, 2015

Individual retreats "Immersion in itself".

Retearts "Immersion in itself" is started in May and to come to the end at the end of June, 2015. As on the forthcoming retrita "Immersion in themselves" players from the different cities of Russia gather, in this article we will a little acquaint you with history and sights of the city. The name of the city of Nakhodka comes from a name of nearby Nakhodka Bay discovered by the Russian seamen in the summer of 1859. On a legend, having seen earlier unknown bay, one of seamen of a corvette "America" exclaimed: "This find!". From entry in the mate magazine of a corvette "America", on June 18, 1859: "The open bay isn't marked on the card, and therefore the name harbor Nakhodka is appropriated to it".


Friday 01 May, 2015

Small comma, in your heart. A rating of consultants for May 1, 2015.

Training of players of Open Hearts group will proceed for about 5 years, such time, it is necessary to find steadily skills and experience in consultation. Training of "Open hearts" is based on the technique borrowed by Rama from training in English. Many teachers, it was noticed that in the conditions of the most approximate to practice (without studying of tiresome grammar), students started speaking and communicating in the learned language without efforts and it is easy (a so-called method of training without efforts of "efortless").


Wednesday 29 April, 2015


In Hindu iconography, Shiva is often depicted with beads Rudraksha on the neck and arms, and the tree itself Saivites compared with the "Wish Tree", which gives knowledge, devotion, mystical forces, and health and promotes the implementation of all earthly desires: to achieve happiness, wealth, peace, comfort and good reputation. Shaivites believe that the man who wears Rudraksha gets to "reward" (or "pulls") the religious knowledge and wisdom, long life and a special blessing of Shiva. Rudraksha is used in traditional Indian medicine: According to Ayurveda, wearing necklaces, beads and bracelet on the body good for the heart and nervous system, reduces stress, anxiety, depression, pain, pressure and improves concentration, protects against "evil eye", the negative impact and obstruction by some planets. Wearing Rudraksha slows aging. Rudraksha beads work on different levels: physical, emotional, planetary, karmic. Rudraksha protects a person, and that belief comes from the ancient times.


Monday 27 April, 2015


 The experience is accompanied by joy and bliss of being, the dissolution of the body - the participants to know, just as an experience that is just like any experience comes and goes. But the experience of the experience of "Samadhi" clearly asserts the seeker is what it is not. ..on not the body, emotions, thoughts, personality, form ... Whereas, whoever he is, in fact, no one has yet managed to put into words exactly:) From what consciousness smiles to all who seek, hiding in his secret smile mad focus. After all, the beauty of this focus is that even those who know the secret, no one ever will be able to explain it, or tell it to express ... haha.

Play it!


Saturday 18 April, 2015


You can see the waves in the ocean. They appear; in some sense they exist, but still in a more profound sense, they do not exist. In a deeper sense, there is only the ocean. You can not have a wave without the ocean, and though the waves are observed, there is only the ocean. Waves are the only form, not substance. It is essential to the ocean itself; waves are the only form.


Thursday 16 April, 2015

In the wake of the April retreat (Photo slide show part 2).

If you ask for something miraculous will happen goddess wants to see in your eyes a lot of love and playfulness For they are your greatest witnesses of its essence your soul and my soul once dwelt together in the womb Vozlyublennoy- flirtatious. Your heart and my heart - very, very old friends.